Reviews by Jane Granville

Blackberry Summer

The town of Hope’s Crossing, Colorado is as much a character in Blackberry Summer as the hero and heroine. The author prefaces the novel by explaining that it was inspired by her own community’s outpouring of support during a difficult time in her life. This theme definitely shines through.C ...

Cloudy With a Chance of Marriage

Kieran Kramer’s titles stand out; they’re sort of ridiculous, but in a different way than other romance titles. Cloudy with a Chance of Marriage is the third in her Impossible Bachelors series, and my first with this author. If it’s representative of her other books and her general style, it w ...

My Favorite Countess

I really don’t like mean heroines. (I don’t like mean heroes, either, but that’s for another review.) And for much of the book, the heroine of My Favorite Countess was, well, sort of a bitch. She eventually redeemed herself, but I never really warmed to her.Our countess, Bathsheba Compton, i ...

Deadly Dreams

There’s a fairly even split in this book between romance and suspense, with a dash of paranormal thrown in - probably 40%, 50%, and 10%, respectively. Usually I prefer a stronger romance than suspense, but in this case it is so well done and organically integrated that I really can’t complain. ...

Wild Desire

You may not realize it from the cover or back cover copy, but Wild Desires is a rather intense historical romance set in India with a fairly prevalent paranormal element. I wasn’t disappointed to find this instead of the road trip romp I had expected as it remains a thoroughly enjoyable journey of ...

Secrets of a Proper Countess

Secrets of a Proper Countess is one of those books that has a remarkably accurate title. It is, indeed, about a proper countess with secrets. Those secrets, though, almost prevented me from enjoying an otherwise very good book - you see, they didn’t need to be secrets at all.Isobel Maitland, t ...

The Countess

While reading The Countess I couldn’t help but be reminded of Moliére, the 17th century king of comedy. The novel is quite a farce; unfortunately, it’s not a particularly good one.Christiana Fairgrave doesn’t have the usual reaction when her husband drops dead. Instead of being upset, she ...

Treasure Me

The story of the Stone of Destiny was one of my favorites from my trip to Scotland a few years ago, so when I saw that Treasure Me focuses on those legends, I was pretty excited. Unfortunately, I ended up disappointed by the many contrived and overly convenient situations that drove the plot. ...

Get Lucky

When you read a romantic suspense novel, you expect to spend much of it wondering - after all, there’s a mystery component. That’s the point. But when you end the book wondering, and have more questions than answers, there’s a problem.Granted, Get Lucky by Lorie O’Clare is the ...

Chasing Fire

Nora Roberts doesn’t need a whole lot of introduction. Chasing Fire, her new contemporary romantic suspense, has what you would expect from her: A solid romance, quirky but well-developed secondary characters, and bizarre names. (Gulliver Curry may give Boween Goodnight of Blue Smoke a run for his ...