Reviews by Dabney Grinnan

How to Flirt with a Naked Werewolf

This book has a plot pulled from quirky old TV shows with a bit of a Twilight-type love tossed in. The setting of Grundy, Alaska is a dead ringer for the town in Northern Exposure; the hero, hunky werewolf Cooper Graham, struggles with the same issues as did Oz in Buffy (“Am I a killer?” “Why ...

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When Beauty Tamed the Beast

In When Beauty Tamed the Beast, Eloisa James’ second fairy tale based novel, our hero is Dr. Gregory House, the TV doctor with the crotchety brilliant medical mind. OK, so our hero isn’t actually Gregory House. He’s Piers Yelverton, the Earl of Marchant, and he practices his snarky, deductive ...

A Light at Winter’s End

In Ms. London’s latest contemporary, Holly Drake, a 34-year old songwriter with a day job at a local coffee shop in Austin, can’t get along with her older sister Hannah. Hannah is everything Holly is not —polished, professional, and perfect — a fact their mother harped on for twenty years. H ...

Wicked Nights with a Lover

Wicked Nights with a Lover is not a very good book. It has a silly premise, irritating leads, and ick-inducing prose. Surely Ms. Jordan, who has written five other historical romances — I liked One Night with You a lot - as well as several paranormal and young adult novels, can do better than this ...

A Taste of Desire

I had to wait a few hours after I finished this book to write this review — it’s hard to type when fanning oneself. This book is smoking hot — the sexual tension between the two leads crackles on the page and their love scenes are remarkably passionate. The hero, Lord Thomas Armstrong, is absu ...

Scared to Death

In Wendy Corsi Staub’s latest thriller Scared to Death, a book with nary a spec of romance in it, a knife-happy serial killer is plotting to harm not one but three children. I found the angst-filled plot hard to follow and even harder to enjoy. For starters, Scared to Death is a s ...

The Pursuit of Pleasure

The Pursuit of Pleasure is an interesting historical romance. Its author, Ms. Essex, who has an undergraduate degree in Classical Studies and Art History and a Masters degree in Nautical Archaeology, writes with such clear sense of place that her setting, pre-Regency Dartmouth England, leaps from th ...

Rules of an Engagement

The most interesting thing about Suzanne Enoch’s latest novel, the third in her Adventure Club series, is its setting in the South Sea Islands. The islands, with their blood-thirsty natives, spiders the size of small mammals, topless natives, and scary weather, are much more gripping than either t ...

How to Woo a Reluctant Lady

How to Woo at Reluctant Lady is the third book in Sabrina Jeffries’ Hellions of Halstead Hall series and it does not function well as a stand-alone book. That is fine with me because I have read the first two books in the series, but if you haven’t, don’t start here. There are five Sharpe sibl ...

A Season for Scandal

A Season For Scandal is a reissue of two of Stephanie Laurens' regency romances from early 90s. Sensually, they are much tamer than her later full-length historicals, but her prose is already polished and very readable. I have the feeling that these books make it or break it depe ...