Reviews by Lynn Spencer

In His Sights

With romantic suspense, fantastic settings and plenty of intrigue go a long way, but a truly good read needs more than that. If the main characters don't come alive on the page and the reader has trouble connecting to them, a promising read can turn lackluster. In His Sights suffers from this issue ...

Not Proper Enough

I'm a sucker for characters getting a second chance at love, so it's no surprise that I'd end up reading Not Proper Enough. As always, Carolyn Jewel's writing is polished and her characterizations delightful. With a story that is by turns very hot and very emotional, I found myself relishing the e ...

The Siren

There are some books I recommend because they charm me and I absolutely adored every moment of reading them. However, "endearing" is not an apt word to describe The Siren because while some portions of the story were very moving, other parts will likely make readers extremely uncomfortable or even a ...


With Tarnished, Karina Cooper gives readers the first installment of a steampunk series with great promise. However, for most of the book, promise is all we get as plot gets sacrificed somewhat to extensive worldbuilding and the laying of groundwork for what one can only presume will be future book ...


The TBR Challenge theme for August 2012 is hot, steamy reads. In a sense, the book I chose, Megan Hart’s Dirty, originally published by Harlequin Spice in 2007 (and being reissued in September 2012), fits the bill. The story contains plentiful sex scenes, and they certainly are steamy. However, th ...

The Sleeping Night

Starcrossed lovers show up often enough in romance, but rarely with such convincing emotion as in The Sleeping Night. Barbara Samuel's tale of an interracial couple in postwar Texas takes readers through a rollercoaster of emotion as we see her characters dealing with love, loss, and poisonous bigot ...

By Royal Command

If you love Medievals, definitely check out By Royal Command. Set in Anglo-Saxon England, a very colorful and under-utilized time period, this novel caught my interest from the dark and moody beginning and held it to the very end. It wasn't perfect, but it was quite good. As the novel opens, we i ...

Bride of the High Country

Having read several of Kaki Warner's books, I had high hopes for Bride of the High Country. I expected adventure, romance, and a well-told story full of genuine sweetness. A tall order to be sure, but as I read the first part of the book, I got exactly this. Then I got to the second half, where b ...

Midnight Rescue

I opened up my newest romantic suspense novel, and what did I find? Well, we have a damaged soul turned kickass heroine and a bunch of hot special ops men out to save the world from the bad guys. Obviously, readers will have seen this plot before. Even if some of the trappings feel familiar, Elle ...

Edge of Light

If you like your romantic suspense dark and gritty, Edge of Light is worth checking out. When I'm thinking of romantic getaways, a dungeon in Cambodia doesn't exactly top my list, so the setting of this book should be the reader's first clue that we're not getting a warm, cozy romp. However, the a ...