A Quickie from Dara Joy

I just wanted to let you know that the copyeditor struck again! She messed up some of my titles. . . first she changed all my French titles to English ones then changed most back but there are still several errors, inc. using lower case when I referrred to the Count etc . I have been assured this will be corrected on future printings, but as you can imagine, I was pretty upsett. Just thought I’d let you know because I noticed in the mailbag someone commenting on this in regards to other books, including Rejar. It is especially upsetting when they put the errors in! At least the fist fights in the used books stores(?) are over the books and not the copyediting . Been following your columns. . . very thought provoking. The issue of male-biased slant of the media literally turns my stomach. Ah well. . . “let them rave on so that women shall know them mad”! Hmmm. Yul Brynner (pharoah) just sounded better when he said it. (Looked better too)


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