Rachael’s Amazing But True
Mother’s Day Adventure (May 1997

When I woke up on Mother’s Day, I walked into the kitchen and my daddy told me to look out the window toward the pool. I got such a surprise! There were nine baby ducklings born from the mama duck who had been visiting our pool since early spring rains. I ran to get my own mommy to show her.

We watched the ducklings and their mama swim in our pool and took video and pictures. After breakfast, we watched the ducks take a sun bath and a nap with their mama outside our pool. Then they got back inside and went for another swim.

My mommy called Animal Control to take our sweet baby ducks to a safer place for them. My mommy and I got into our bathing suits and went inside the cold pool to help daddy and the Animal Control lady catch the ducks. My mommy had to grab each one and hand it to the lady, who stood by the pool and put it in a box. It took a long time. To catch each of the ducks, my mommy had to dive under the water – we were all surprised how deep the ducklings could dive and how fast they could swim!

After all the babies were in the box, I got very sad and started to cry because I knew I was going to miss those babies. But the lady told me she was going to take them to Samuell Farm, where I knew they would have lots of cousins and friends to play with, and good water and good food.

My mommy said I could pet one of the babies before the lady left, and I did. The baby was sooo soft, the baby’s foot was soooo soft. She was the cutest, most adorable thing you ever saw! She was the prettiest duck ever!

The mama duck had to stay behind because she wouldn’t let us catch her and had to say goodbye to her babies. She said, “I’ll miss you but I know you’ll have a good time at Samuell Farm! I love you ducks and I’ll never forget when I had you last night.”

The Animal Control lady left and I cried for a long time. And then we watched the video of the ducks and I didn’t feel so sad.

Rachael is my five-hear-old child, who has brought so much joy to my life. Rachael, her daddy, and I have shared memorable Mother’s Day adventures in the past, but they have all either begun or ended in a hospital or a call to the doctor. Yesterday was our first illness/injury free Mother’s Day and we are very proud!

After a wonderful breakfast, which would have been in bed had we not wanted to enjoy watching our ducks, I opened my presents. Rachael told her daddy she just knew I wanted the Castle Explorer CD-rom she found. Amazing insight for a 5-year-old, I think!

After our impromptu swims with ducklings, we were off to paint pottery, have an early dinner, and cap off the day with some ice cream. When Rachael went down for the night, my husband and I toasted ourselves for our first no one got sick or hurt Mother’s Day. Perhaps we’ve broken the circle.


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