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It’s never too early to foster creativity in your children. A fun and good thing we’ve done with Rachael, who is now five, is encourage her to tell stories. She’s been telling us stories, either recollections of movies she’s seen, or those which have sprung full-blown from her own imagination, since she was around the age of two. And when she’s told us those stories, we’ve written them down for posterity.

As she’s watched my web site evolve, she’s taken her very strong sense of design to heart and now helps me choose graphics and assists in which castle shall be castle of the week. That’s not enough any more; she’s asked for her own page and I said I would give her this one for her stories and some links to her favorite sites, which can be found at the bottom of this page. The stories are presented in chronological order, with the newest at the end – this page was last updated November 11, 1997.

By the way, she says all her stories are rated seven hearts.

Rachael Gold’s Amazing but True Mother’s Day Adventure

The Penguin & the Pebble

As remembered and told to her mommy in April 1995

Once upon a time, there was a grown up boy penguin and another grown up penguin friend. They played up on the ice. And there was a mean, mean, mean, penguin.

The nice penguin, who had the friend, had a green pebble. He would give the pebble to a little girl penguin, who had a flower bow in her head. He gave her the pebble because he wanted to. However, when he tried to give it to the girl, the mean penguin tried to eat it.

The girl penguin thought the boy penguin was dead, and she wanted him to come back — and he did. But, he came out on a ship full of girl penguins (and none of them had anything in their hairs).

The girl penguin was by herself. She thought he was dead again. Then she didn’t know what to do, and she went to sleep in the penguin bed. The boy penguin was out on the ice and was almost home.

The mean penguin was talking to his self, and was saying that he was a mean whale.

The nice penguin married the girl and gave her the pebble.


As told to her mommy in April 1995

Once upon a time, Cinderella, a very beautiful girl with yellow hair, was busy cleaning in the house of her step-mother and step-sisters. Her mean old step-mother and mean old step-sisters were sitting around doing nothing. There was a knock on the door. The king’s man had an invitation for a ball at the castle.

Even though Cinderella was told she could go to the ball, her mean old step-mother and step-sisters kept her so busy helping them she had no time to get ready herself. They laughed at her as they left for the ball. Poor Cinderella was left all alone with rags for clothes and a broom in her hand.

Cinderella was crying when her fairy godmother flew in singing, “Bippity, Boppity, Boo”. She put a smile on the roof and changed mice into horses, a pumkin into a splendid coach and Cinderella’s rags into a beautiful ball gown. She also gave Cinderella beautiful glass slippers to wear to the ball. Then she told Cinderella to be home by midnight because everything would go back to the way it was before.

When Cinderella got to the ball, the Prince saw her and fell in love. The Duke said to the King, “You see? I think the Prince has found the girl he wants to marry.” After they had danced all night, the clock struck midnight and Cinderella ran away, leaving just one glass slipper behind.

Every girl in the land tried hard to put the slipper on. The mean old step-mother and step-sisters tried to stop Cinderella from trying it on, but she did. The slipper fit, her rags turned back into the ball-gown, and the Prince and Cinderella were married and lived happily ever after.

The Bert & Ernie Story

An original story as told to her daddy in April 1995

One day, Ernie was watching television, when Bert came into the room and said, “Ernie, I wish you would not watch so much television. It is boring, especially since there are no shows about pigeons, bottle caps or paper clips.”

Ernie said, “Okay, Bert, old buddy.”

Ernie left the room, and soon came back with a pencil and paper. Bert said, “What are you going to do with that pencil and paper, Ernie?”

Ernie said, “Bert, I am going to write a television show that is not boring. I think it will be about a pigeon who finds a magic bottle cap. And with the magic bottle cap, the pigeon wishes for a paper clip collection.”

Bert said, “Ernie, I do not think it would be such a good idea, if you wrote a television show.”

“Why not, Bert?” said Ernie.

“I don’t know, it just seems like we will get into trouble if you do that,” Bert shrugged.

“Okay, Bert,” said Ernie, putting the pencil and paper away, “then what should I do?”

“Why don’t we take a nap,” said Bert.

“That’s a wonderful idea, Bert.”

So Ernie and Bert, climbed onto the couch, and covered themselves with a blanket, and gathered up their favorite stuffed animals – a Tunni bear; and they also got a snack – a yummy, snacky brownie, that they ate like Cookie Monster. They made a big old mess, and Bert cleaned it up, after having hot chocolate with marshmallows, because it was a cold winter day.

The Fox & the Hound

As told to her mommy in May 1995

The owl was talking to the fox. He said, “Your mommy will come back when you’re growed up”. Then, the cow gave the fox some milk. The fox spilled his milk. He saw two birds flying around. He asked if they wanted to play but they did not. So they flew up into the tree with the owl.

The fox is friends with a hound. They play together in the river. There is a big dog named Chief. He sits next to a mean man. Sometimes he lays next to the mean man. The mean man has a big truck and a big car. One time, the mean man was fixing his big car and Chief was sitting in a big leafy bush with lots of things. Another time, the mean man told the hound to go home after he played with the fox.

There is a giant mean bear. He tries to hurt everyone in the forest. He falls off a big rock and dies.

The end.

The Vomit Story

An original story as told to her mommy in June 1995

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who loved to vomit. She looked like a beautiful princess. She had blue eyes and hair on her head. She loved to vomit on flowers. She loved to vomit on trees. And she loved to vomit on hair. And in mouths. She loved to vomit on drums. And she loved to vomit on the rain and onto computers. And onto stickers. And onto feet.

She loved to vomit on paper. She would eat the vomit. It tasted like poop. She liked to put it all over her hands and not use a fork or spoon. And she loved to vomit on skies. And she loved to vomit on the sidewalk and onto sticks. And pebbles and cheese. She loved to vomit on the sky and clouds and the stars and the moon.

The vomit and the little girl lived happily ever after. The little girl marries a prince and is a princess.

When I Grow Up

An original story as told to her mommy in June 1995

When I grow up I’m going to be a mommy lion. I’m going to have a hundred lion cubs. They’re all going to be girls. No, three will be boys and the rest will be girls. And they’ll all come up and lick me in the face.

And they’re going to marry each other and live in the water when they marry each other. The daddy of all these lions is going to be Mufasa. It’s the end of the story and they marry and live in the water.

That’s the whole story, mommy

When Cinderella Dances with the Prince

As told to her mommy in December 1995

When Cinderella is in the coach, she flies in the air to the ball. She is at the ball now. And she’s dancing with the prince. They are dancing the waltz. Cinderella is wearing a blue gown and glass slippers and a headband. The prince is wearing a cape.

They get married after the waltz, but during the ball. Because this is not the real Cinderella story with a fairy god-mother. It’s just a princess story. That’s all the story.

The end.

Rachael Said

January 1996

“The two raindrops got married. Then everyone in the Sanctuary clapped.”

When asked how Rachael remembered that her pink dress was in her middle drawer, she answered, “Because that’s how little kids are.”

Having Fun with Space

An autobiographical story as told to her daddy in November 1996

Once upon a time there was a little girl and she went to the park and visited the sun, the moon, and all the planets and then she had a snack of brownies and milk.

And then when she got home she had a cookie. Then she wrote a story. And then she played a computer game. And then she worked on her calculator. And then she worked on her computer. She ate dinner and dessert of pudding. Then she played Heaven and Dead and Library and Winter with her friend Sarah.

To play winter you have to pretend to get out of the snow very fast. We play this in the hallway, the bedroom, and the closet. To play heaven and dead we lie down very quietly in the closet and talk to each other. To play library you get some books and pretend it’s snowing.

To turn the closet into heaven, you need to make it messy with stuff like blankets and pillows.

They ate the trash can.

They dressed up in princess clothes and played ball and house. Then we painted pictures. We painted and painted and painted some more. Then we took Sarah home.

And then Rachael and her mother colored pictures of Mercury, Mars and Venus – all the stuff up in the sky. We used infinity colors. And then with my mom we played and played together.

The end.

The Princess and the Kitty

As told to her mommy in June 1997

Once there lived a beautiful princess. She had a kitty and her name was Fluffy. The princess’s name was Katie. She had another kitty named Duchess. She had a puppy named Jewels. And her mommy and daddy, the queen and the king, couldn’t keep up with her pets.

One day the pets got sick but they didn’t throw up. They just laid around doing nothing and the princess and king and the queen took them to the vet.

The vet said, “They’ll have to stay here for a whole month because they are so sick.”

The princess said, “I don’t want them to!”

The king and the queen told her they had to because otherwise they wouldn’t get better.

The princess said, “Okay.”

A month went by and the vet said that Fluffy and Duchess can come home, but Jewels can’t go home for another hour. Then, finally, every pet was home. The princess was happy to have her pets back, and to celebrate, they all went swimming, even Fluffy, Duchess, and Jewels.

Then Jewels had a puppy and she named it Sparkles. Then the princess got a unicorm and a pony and they lived happily ever after.

The princess marries a prince.

The end.

The Cats Grew Up

As told to her mommy in November 1997

Once there was a cat who lived in a big, beautiful castle. Her name was Duchess. And had lots of little kitty cats who lived with her. Their names were Fluffy, Ashley, Katie, Lindsey, Amy, David, Charlie and Dor. A father cat named Carl. The mother cat was Duchess. And lots of children. A princess named Rachael, a prince named Carl, a king named Kingy Daddy Max and a queen named Laurie lived in the castle too.

It had a couple of dogs named Snickers and Tabasco running around. There were some rabbits too, and goldfish in a bowl. There was a big, beautiful moat and they also put treasure in front of the castle. The treasure was gold.

The cats grew up in the castle and had lots of friends. Their friends were other cats, who lived in another castle next door. And then they started school. They learned about Texas, about how to digest food, the four food groups, their bodies, their friends, and about themselves. They learned about Native Americans.

The cats like to draw pictures of other cats and themselves. And their other favorite thing was to climb on mom and dad. They loved when the princess picked them up.

The cats had a special day at school. All they did was eat cat food and watch television. They ate salmon-raspberry cake. They watched Rugrats and Arthur. They went on the playground and went on the cat-er bars. They had a sleep-over and slept at the school with their moms and dads.

The end.

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Rachael Gold’s Amazing but True Mother’s Day Adventure

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