Callister trilogy

The Love of a Lawman

The Love of a Lawman takes place in the same small Idaho town as The Love of a Stranger and The Love of a Cowboy did, but it stands alone. I loved the hero, but found the heroine exasperating - although I understood her well enough. Isabelle Rondeau was always an outsider in Callister, Idaho. Her ...

The Love of a Stranger

The Love of a Stranger is one of those books with a small town setting that baffled me; I'm pretty sure we're supposed to believe small towns are good places to live, and yet the author portrays Callister, Idaho, as hell on earth. All the locals are mean, corrupt, or too weak to stand up to the mean ...

The Love of a Cowboy

I thought I would like The Love of a Cowboy. It's a contemporary romance, with no suspense or crime elements. It's pretty well-written, eschewing purple prose in its several original and steamy love scenes. And it's set in rural central Idaho, where I lived for years. But I did not like this book. ...