childhood sweethearts

Love Her or Lose Her

Love Her or Lose Her is the second book in Tessa Bailey’s Hot & Hammered series.  A love story about a marriage on the rocks and about growing into who you were always meant to be, this novel is fun, sweet, intense and heartwarming. It stands very well on its own; Georgie and Travis from Fix ...

The Fourth Summer

As kids, Caitlin McGraw and Seth Street used to meet in North Carolina in the summers, where he taught her to skateboard and became her first love. Then the Olympics pulled Seth away to snowboarding glory, and Caitlin moved on as a graphic designer. Both are surprised to realize they are still legal ...

Into the Blue

Into the Blue is the second book in Chanel Cleeton’s Wild Aces series. Think Top Gun but with a bit of a modern twist. Eric, call sign Thor, is finding things tough after the death of a colleague, which is making him question his decisions, in and out of the air. When he runs into his ex-fiancée ...