The Portrait

The hero of The Portrait is Jonas Whitaker, the leading artist of his day in New York City, 1855. Jonas is forced by his patron to take on as his student Imogen, "Genie," Carter, his patron's godchild. Genie's out-of-state father, who wants to make her into an artist like her late sister, is behind ...

My Darling Caroline

If you've ever been denied the chance to do what you love, you'll empathize with Caroline Grayson. She's a brilliant botanist and an accomplished mathematician. Unfortunately, she lives in Regency England, so her abilities make her an outcast. It isn't seemly for a woman to study the sciences. De ...


I'd like to mention the work of Dorothy Dunnett. This author, though a historical novelist and not a romance author, has had a profound effect on my romance writing, and I'd say that her novel Checkmate is one of the best romances ever written. However, it's the last in a series of six thick book ...