Harlequin Superromance

Molly's Mr. Wrong

I love romances set on college campuses, so Molly's Mr. Wrong seemed like a natural fit, as it features a heroine who is a college instructor. The early sections, in which we learn about the heroine’s and hero’s pasts are interesting, but I had major problems with the romance as the heroine give ...

The Lottery Winner

In The Lottery Winner, Emilie Rose takes a familiar fantasy - winning the lottery - and spins a novel out of it. Even though most of us dream of striking it big, there are plenty of nightmare stories out there of lottery winners who have been exploited or who have run through their winnings and foun ...

Love on Her Terms

Do you avoid category romances, thinking they’re all about billionaires or sheiks? And if you learn the heroine of a category romance has a “big secret” do you roll your eyes, convinced it’s a secret baby? Then you haven’t read Jennifer Lohmann. Love on her Terms features a very real, comp ...