medieval romance

The De Burgh Bride

Elene Fitzhugh is a termagant, well-versed in the use of sharpened daggers and a sharper tongue. With her long thick red hair hanging matted in front of her face, a shrieking cursing voice, and a reputation for having killed her first husband, men tend to stay as far away from her as possible, inclu ...


Danegeld. Hmm, odd title - clinch cover - the man looks a bit like John D'Salvo with blonde hair. As for the woman - nice jewelry - elegant dress - I didn't know the one shoulder style was popular back then - looks like she's going to an awards show. Let's check out the back blurb. Hmm, I think this ...

Dangerous Gifts

Beginning with a scene in which Claire DePeche is accused of being a witch by her mother-in-law, then turned out of her home by her conniving brother-in-law after the death of her husband, Lord of Compton Castle, Dangerous Gifts begins with a wallop. In order to save the life of her young son, Clair ...