Riley Jensen Guardian series

The Darkest Kiss

Riley Jensen's latest case is complicated from the start: a high profile politician has been murdered, and his socialite prostitute is also dead. It only gets more twisted when she is asked to look into a BDSM-related death that seems to be suicide, but turns out to be only one of many murders commi ...

Embraced by Darkness

Now I’m worried. I love this series, but the ending of this book leaves the reader hanging in some crucial areas, and Arthur's next book, due out in February, isn’t a Riley Jensen book at all! I might start hyperventilating. Seriously. As has been mentioned in previous reviews, the books in t ...

Dangerous Games

This is the fourth in the Riley Jensen Guardian novels. I’m just giving fair warning right away, if you haven’t read the first three books, don’t even bother picking this one up until you do. These books happen in direct succession to each other, and starting at this point will frustrate you. ...