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The Price of Innocence

Susan Sizemore's book, The Price of Innocence, takes place in late Victorian London. Sherrie Hamilton is an American - a widow with an eight-year-old daughter, Minnie. She has come to London with her cousins, Faith and Daisy and her aunt Dora to find husbands for the girls. Sherrie is very wealthy, ...

A Perfect Hero

Please do not make the mistake of looking at the cover of A Perfect Hero with its picture of three adorable toddlers and a teddy bear with a Whose Child? blurb on it and say, "Oh no, another secret baby book!" Yes, there are secret babies in this book, but there is so much more! Ian Ma ...

Her Secret, His Child

In Her Secret, His Child, Paula Detmer Riggs confronts the delicate issue of date rape head-on when she brings hero Mitch Scanlon, disabled now but still potently attractive, back into Carly Alderson's life. This book earned its place on my keeper shelves because in Mitch, Riggs created a hero so po ...