Beach Hut Surprise

Nothing gives you instant gratification like reading a short story anthology.  One hour and – boom! – you’ve already finished a book! No need to tell others it was only sixty-two pages, natch!  Beach Hut Surprise Anthology by Louise Allen, Lesley Cookman, Liz Fielding, Joanna Maitland, Sarah ...

Nice Girls Don't Have Fangs

Narrated by Amanda Ronconi Amanda Ronconi is a new narrator for me, just as Molly Harper is a new author. I was very happy with both and found myself laughing out loud throughout this book. Nice Girl’s Don’t Have Fangs is a light, humorous, “Sookie Stackhouse meets Queen Betsy” listen. Sm ...


This book has a lot going for it. First is the surprisingly good-looking and relevant cover. Second is the cast of denizens of Savannah, Georgia's darker side, including tattoo artists, vampires, and Gullah mystics. Third is a plot filled with pop culture, violence, murder, mysticism, sex, and more ...


I have heard a lot about Lynn Viehl's Kyndred series, but Frostfire was my first foray into her very complicated world of vampires, werewolves, and other paranormal beings. While readers who have read the previous books will probably not have any trouble with the setup, I found that I had to concent ...

Blood Red

I guess you could say I was a vampire romance virgin because Blood Red was my first. I will also admit that I have enjoyed many of Heather Graham/Shannon Drake’s historicals and I basically liked the story told in this novel. However, I couldn’t give it a higher score simply because of questions ...