Melanie Faber


My three passions in life are my family, books, and China. I’ve been married to my wonderful husband for 14 years, have the loveliest 9 year-old daughter, and we live together in Berlin’s beautiful quarter Prenzlauer Berg. We spend as much time together as possible and enjoy a quiet life — well, next to a job and school… Spending two years abroad in Macao SAR China made me want to change my profession, and so I’ve been studying Sinology since fall 2014. While going back to university with 33 is quite a challenge, I’m sure it was the right decision and I’m delighted to get better at speaking Mandarin little by little. In my free time and on my long commute, I love to read and I like my books to be diverse, surprising, and genre-bending. I will read the occasional contemporary romance, but my heart actually beats faster for genre books like fantasy, science fiction, or steampunk. Since for me, love is love, I read romantic stories about people of all gender and sexual orientation.

Currently Reading

The Butch and The Bautiful (Queers of La Vista, Book #2) by Kris Ripper

Favorite Romance

Everything by Alexis Hall because he is my favourite author. I'm all over the moon for his Prosperity. I could read this for the rest of my life and not miss a thing. A fantastic steampunk world, a captivating plot, the most stunning characters, and the most beautiful language. There's nothing better.

Favorite Non-Romance

Oh this is hard, since romance is nearly all I read. I have a thing for Neil Gaiman, though, and who can resist Harry Potter


What I Love in a Romance

I love to be surprised and to read something new and inventive, something that challenges norms of love, gender, and basically everything. For me, love is love, so I'm reading romance books with all kinds of gender and sexual identities.

My favourite genres are fantasy, sci-fi, steampunk and historical.

What I Hate in a Romance

Stereotypes, the same-old, same-old, prejudices. 

A Bit More About Me