Romantic Couples in History

by Teresa Eckford

Life in the past has often been seen as “nasty, brutish and short”, but love still existed, despite the fact that amongst the nobility and royalty marriages were usually arranged. The majority of the couples you will meet in this column are members of the upper classes, not because love didn’t exist for others, but simply because their lives were well documented.

Throughout my study of history I have stumbled across a number of couples whose love for each other seems clear. I say seems, because we can never be certain what was in their hearts, but the records of their lives together do lead to the conclusion that they were more than just two people living side by side. They were friends and lovers.

I hope you enjoy meeting them. For any who doubt my words or who wish to learn more, complete sources and notes are available upon request.

Richard II and Anne of Bohemia

Stephen and Matilda



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