Shop AAR Sweepstakes!

May 8, 2006:

Congratulations, Gail Leinweber, M Shaw, and Samantha Wesley! Each of you won in week four, the final week of our Shop AAR Sweepstakes.

Those of you who participated in our month-long sweepstakes but did not win, we hope you’ll swing by Shop AAR and check out our merchandise…we think you’ll find something to buy among our great designs.


Week one winners: Katie Flennery, Terry Blain, and Alma Gonzales
Week two winners: Karen Witkowski, E.D. Isaacs, and Pam Pellini
Week three winners: Laura Kulakowski, Sotheara Keat, and Carol Mintz
Week four winners: Gail Leinweber, M Shaw, and Samantha Wesley

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