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media Want a new way to find
the ultimate in erotic pleasure?

How about steamy romance stories and hot erotic audiobooks to
download straight to your ipod, mp3 or computer?

We created speakonlytome.com for women who love a bit of spice
in their life and know that a rich fantasy life is the key to
ultimate sexual satisfaction.

Our fun, naughty and sometimes very edgy audio stories for download contain the secret ingredient that will ignite your passion.

Be seduced. You’ll love it!!
Have a taste of our stories here………

Short Story Wolf and The Mermaid
By Lou Kemp
Wolf needs to find out what’s killing
these men but she’s as mysterious as
she is murderous! Erotic Detective
fiction with an X-Files twist!
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Serialistion Going Up
Story 1-The Copy Room
By Jini
Alice is a risk taker, who plays an eroti-
cally dangerous game with someone in
the office. She could get caught…but
that’s what gives it the edge. Hilarious!
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Short Story The Minds Eye
By Geoffrey Armand
Electrifying erotica! If you’ve ever
rel- ished the idea of being bound to a
bed in a darkened room and made
love to by a complete stranger, then
this powerfully written, erotically edgy
story will really satisfy your appetite.
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Novel Master of Charters. Chapter 4
By Vivienne Scarlett
Chapter 4
Brilliantly crafted, this novel runs the
gamut of sexual liason…crime and
punishment being the order of the day.
Jane Austen on Viagra!
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