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March 22, 2007:

Our new message board system is very different from the old format, and over the last few days we worked out the kinks. As of this morning, we’ve finished that process.

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We’ve now got one message board – and seven forums (our five original ones, and two new off-topic forums). The message board requires registration in order to protect against spam bots, but each user need only register once, and your user name and password, once logged in, allows you to jump from forum to forum and post at will.

Unfortunately, none of the postings made since setting up this new system at the end of last week could be transferred when we reconfigured from seven boards to one board with seven forums, and for that I apologize. So I’m asking you to start again, today, but it should be the last time I ask this of you. Still, all the confusion that reigned over the past several days is gone…for good. I’ve set up links from the old forums to the new ones and vice versa so that if you want to copy and paste onto the new ones – the permanent ones – you can.

Also, for those of you concerned about annoying avatars, our board was set up so that no avatar is larger than 80×80. To give you an idea of size, here’s mine…in two sizes. To the far left is the avatar at 80×55. To the near left is the avatar at 50×34. And since byte size is limited too, there can’t be a lot of blinking and flashing going on. If it does become a problem, though, we’ll probably mandate a smaller size in terms of dimension and bytes.

I’m extremely pleased at how customer service oriented our new board host is. The only thing they could not do for me is to allow me to input a different banner call for the Reviews Forum. Our advertising policy is that no ad for a specific book or author can be placed on a review page. That has not changed; all six thousand plus reviews, plus search pages and other pages within the “review” section at AAR proper continue to run ads that are not specific to books or authors but instead advertise publishers or those offering other goods and/or services. But in order to create one board with seven forums and eliminate the need for individual registration and log-in, ads for specific books or authors will now rotate through the Reviews Forum. Because Message Boards/Forums are a separate “feature” at AAR from Reviews, I am not violating our policy, but I had hoped to not skirt so close to my own self-defined edge.

If you run across anyone who wonders what happened between earlier this week and today – and why their post from Tuesday is gone – please send them to this page. Hopefully those links I created for copying and pasting will help.

Thank you all for your patience as we’ve made such tremendous changes so quickly. And for those of you who are used to this system of forums, please be patien with those of us, including me, who are newbies the phpbb.

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