User Survey Results – continued

Why Do You Visit AAR, Primarily?

The boards, RTR board, reviews board. reviews.

book reviews

To read the reviews and check out the message boards.

Read At the Back Fence, look for what’s coming, read author interviews, etc.

to learn about new books and authors get info regarding new books to guide buying decisions to enjoy & participate in lively discussions

To join in the general discussions on the Potpouri boards, mainly.

I like to keep up with books and I like reading the message boards for other opinions of books.

reviewa and message boards

Reviews and message boards. Love to find what people are enjoying.

I visit AAR to discover what’s new in romance. I also find out about books and authors I normally wouldn’t try if left to my own browsing, such as older titles like Lord of Scoundres.

Visit message boards learning about new authors or comments on reviews or subject matter pretaining to books.

I enjoy reading the RTR message board, the reviewa and the upcoming titles.

To read new reviews and to read reader posts on the boards.

To check the reviews

The reviews! I trust the reviewers and am always looking for new books to read so go directly to “new reviews” are. Also use power search a lot.

I visit AAR to read the reviews. I used to be strictly a historical reader but have, through your reviews, become more interested in contemporay, and not being as familiar with the authors, the reviews are helpful

I enjoy the discussions, want to find book recommendations and like sharing ideas, thoughts with respect to what I read.

For fun and to find out about new books

to read reviews before buying books


check recent reviews of my favorite authors

For the reviews.

Reviews and message boards.

to check new reviews.

book reviews

The Reviews

To check out what’s new out there, and how you grade it. Just as importantly, your site is a reference to what I look for in older books. And it’s my one link to other romance readers.

To keep up with what’s being pubished in romance. I enjoy the reviews and have found several new-to-me authors through the site.

to read reviews so I know what books are available and to read commentary on the genre

Take a look at what is posted for reviews


to read the reviews of books

When I first started to visit AAR, it was for the reviews. Now I check back several times a day to read several of the message boards.

to find new books to read

First I check for new reviews and then I check for comments made on the differant boards.

To read reviews and the message boards

to read reviews and message boards

To get honest, well written reviews of romance novels.

For reviews and great word-of-mouth about both new releases and older books.

For the reviews

In order of importance 1. Reviews 2. ATBF 3. The annual cover contest – my absolute favorite thing on this or any other romance website. I look forward to it all year. 4. All Time favorite romance books list 5. Annual Reader Poll

To read reviews about books I am interested in and to find new books to read.

To read reviews and discussions.

to be informed of books to buy

for the reviews if i am thinking of reading an author i have not read before

reviews and entertainmaint

To read reviews and message boards to find new books by favorite authors…and to find new favorite authors! I also like the Special Titles Listing to help me locate books on themes that I currently enjoy.

The reviews. It’s great to have at least something to go on before investing time and money.

Reviews, information about upcoming books

Read new reviews

read review of new novels, ATBF, Pandora’s Box, Special title listings. I wish I had more time to spend at your website.

Reviews and message boards.

I love the reviews and I really like the message boards.

to read reviews and other reader comments on books.

I enjoy the message board discussions.

the reviews

To determine which books to buy.

I visit AAR to get pertinent information about books I have read, or to be introduced to books I would like to read. I greatly appreciate the well-written reviews. I have found over time, that the reviews here are very thoughtfully written, with specific information about what the reviewer liked and didn’t like about a book – unlike some sites where the review is simply a basic review of the plot and then mostly generic platitudes that are of little real value to a discerning reader. I like that the reviewers thoughtfully discuss tone, humor, plot devices, and construction techniques. I also read the reviews because I appreciate them for what they are, completely aside from the book they discuss! I have enjoyed many reviews of books I would never read.

To read the reviews.

Reviews, to help me decide if I want to purchase a new release, to help me evaluate if I want to try a new author, and to help me prioritize my TBR stack.

Reviews reflect intellectual – and independent – thought, literature-based reasoning, and no preponderance of fan-speak as seen in other parts of the web. The Special Titles listing and the reviews archive are great sources of benchmarks for choosing new authors, backlist selections, and occasionally new authors to try.

I like romance novels and I like that there is a centralized place to read about and discuss them.

Book reviews and to find new authors

For the reviews

To check out book reviews and for ideas on what to read next.

1. Read reviews. 2. Read message boards. 3. Books coming up for sale.

I primarily read the new reviews. I’m a pretty avid reader of romance novels, and I use the reviews page to keep up-to-date about what books are new and what books I might want to read. I also use the archives to find older books by favorite authors and to explore authors that are new to me. I read some of the other commentary (ATBF, etc), but only when I have extra time.

reviews and list of new releases

Reviews and reader interaction and comments.

Reviews and special title listings

To read the new reviews,and try to find new authors

I like this website because seni-daily additions to “New Reviews.” The reviews are also wonderfully detailed.

I love romance books and reading, hence the natural gravitation to the website. You have heaps of information and I enjoy surfing around.

To find new reading material and to check out what’s going out in the genre.

I like the sense of community. These are books my friends don’t read, and I love to share my love of romance with someone.

To read romance reviews and find out when new books will be released.

To read reviews and read message boards

The reviews and the message boards.

read reviews and message boards get information about new authors

Reviews and discussions

Mostly for the reviews and to see which books everyone is talking about.

To read the reviews and find a book I might want to buy.

I first visited AAR first in 1999 when I was researching for an contracted article on romance novels. I was so impressed by the reviews and ATBF that I became a regular visitor. Since I continue to write about romance topics, I still use the site for research, but I also use the reviews regularly to garner ideas for new writers to try and to check my response to current titles against those of AAR reviewers.

Love your discussion boards, ideas, opinions being exchanged. Like your book reviews. Like ATBF, list of books coming out each month, links. The Potpourri board is my favorite to visit.

Firstly for the discussions on the message boards, secondly for the reviews and thirdly because it’s an honest, thoughtprovoking slice of the romance world.

Reviews!. I love your reviews, however you seem to just REVIEW historicals and I have not been interested in history since school (and even then I was only interested because I needed to pass exams).

To check the reviews.

So I don’t spend money on poorly written, boring books

To find new books to read, and for discussion about books I have read and the romance genre on the whole

to read the reviews

see what’s out, what books are about


To see what and when new books will be released and reviewed.

reviews, message boards

For the reviews. I love to find out what’s up and coming and what someone else thought about it.

The reviews-I like to read other people’s opinions of books I’m reading or thinking about reading.

I like reading the reviews and especially enjoy the message boards because I learn a lot about what other readers like and enjoy.

Interesting discussions on message boards.

to read reviews

love the reviews

To find books that I am almost guaranteed to like rather than waste my time and money on a book that will be a less than satisfying read.

To find out about new romances

For the reviews.

Mostly for the reviews and to see what books are generating the most talk.

Reviews are very, very helpful and reliable; the cover contest is fun, and PPP is a hoot, and also completely amazing.

I visit AAR for the reviews. Whenever I discover an author, I look at the reviews to see if I should really buy her books.

Being amongst other romance readers who are as nutty over romance books as I am

I like the Reviews and the Reader to Reader Comments. I also look forward to the Annual Readers` Poll and the Cover Contest.

I’ve enjoyed Romance novels since I was introduced to them about 30 years ago (yikes — I just realized how long!!!!). I started using AAR primarily as a source to determine which books to buy. I travel for work and can go through a book a day. Knowing which books to give luggage space was important. Now I spend more time reading the Reader-to-reader list than the reviews. I have an interest in a medieval reenactment group and I use the sources and links for research. And I love the history and travel link.

I like to see what books have come out, and to read reviews.

to find new books to read

To get the reviews and new books to be released

To hear an informed opinion about the latest books

Two reasons. A sense of community with a group of like-minded readers; and informed help/inspiration with my book buying decisions.

To read book reviews.

I visit All About Romance because even though I’m a romance novel reader, I like to poke fun at how ridiculous the genre can be.

i love to read romance novels

To read the lastest review and check whether a book has a good review before purchasing.

It’s the only website I trust to provide good, up to date information on the world of romance novels. Living in London, none of this information is widely available via other routes, so I depend on AAR to get me through.

– to read reviews – get info about new books – other people’s opinion – help in finding books

I love the reviews and use them for when I go buy books.

l like the reviews and the special title listing

I like to see what the discussion is all about and what others are reading.

Check the latest book reviews and see what is being published and at the back fence is usually interesting

The most concisive site that I know of for things ‘all about romance’ in reading

For the reviews.

To find new books to read.

To form a ‘to buy’ list based on the reviews


for the reviews

to see what’s new in romance books

To look at reviews, which too many times include reviews on old books I’ve already read. I’d like to see reviews on what is coming out now!

For new reviews and to see what’s been published recently.


See what new books are coming out; check reviews to see if I should read a book; find new books/authors.

I like to read the reviews because AAR won’t give good grades to books that don’t deserve it as is so often the case on other reviews websites. I also spend a lot of time on the messages boards.

Read reviews.

For the reviews , to get information about new authors, and also to know whats happening in the world of romance books

To read reviews and see what people are saying on the message boards.

I love romance novels

Message Boards and ATBF

For the latest book reviews and to find out about older books. I also like to check out the special listings to find specific books.

Reviews and ATBF column

Without a doubt, the main attraction for me is the message boards. It’s good to have such an active forum where all readers can openly express their opinions. I’ve found most of the posters here are very well-read and articulate. Although I also enjoy the opinionated snarky SmartBTrashyBooks blog, it generally doesn’t generate the same amount of responses from such wide spectrum of readers.


Reviews to help me buy books.

#1 reason is for the reviews. #2 reason is the reviews message board & the reader to reader message board. I don’t have time for anything else.

Reviews, review msg board (i like spoilers to help decide on a book)

Reviews of romance books

to read the reviews and to post on the boards

To read the reviews.

For the reviews and the message board posts. They help me find books to add to my wishlist. I also use the STLs and, of course, the PPP is a riot. I also enjoy the Poll, a way to opine on my reading habits.

Book reveiws and message boards.

Laurie’s Blog

I like the reviews! And the author interviews. And the ATFB, although after reading it for so long, it does seem that there are lots of repeats in topics.

message board conversations, reviews, industry news and commentary

To keep informed of the latest information on romance novels and related genres.

1. To find new, quality authors 2. I enjoy reading reviews 3. Keep up with new releases

Reviews and content

Reviews and message boards

I check new reivew on a weekly basis. It’s a great source for new authors as well as info about my favorite authors.


It’s a great site, and seems to be the only place that focus on Romance novels. AAR is able to filter the good and bads from this reading genre, unlike tough critics who compare the romance genre to another genre.

message boards

Reviews; message boards

to check a review or to see about upcoming books.

Reviews, Power Search, and the Reader to Reader message board are the main reasons I visit. I can find reviews on books I’m interested in and interact with other readers on their likes and dislikes.

To read reviews and see what books are on sale every month

To stay informed about romance novels

I don’t have ANY friends who read romance — in fact, most of my friends don’t even know I read romance — so, in a very real sense, AAIR is my community. ; ) I like to read reviews and find out about new authors, too — and I feel that AAR does an admirable job of avoiding hype and bias.

In descending order: Boards Archived (old) reviews

Message board and Reviews

For the message boards. I used to visit a used bookstore on a regular basis. It was a great bookstore, and when it closed I found another bookstore which was good, but not *as* good. It became a not so good store. Now, I don’t have a store. AAR is my used bookstore. This is where I get feedback on new authors, old authors, books I’ve missed, word of mouth recommendations etc AAR serves a valuable place in my book life and I’m glad to have it.

New to reading romance books. There are soooo many romance books to wade through, I check to see a more in-depth review of the books I am interested in before I buy them.


To see what NEW books are being reviewed. To see whats new over on the message board.

To check out new reviews/reviews on books I’m thinking of buying. To discuss/follow the discussion ab. the genre etc.

For your current reviews and the message boards. The ladies who participate seem very knowledgable.

Before I make a purchase I want to know what the buzz is on a book and AAR provides that buzz. There’s only been one instance since I’ve been visiting this site for 4+ years when I didn’t agree with the review. I even remember the book … What do you say to a Naked Elf? The review sounded like this book was right up my alley, but I found it to be incredibly boring. Oh well…nobody’s perfect!

To read reviews and get recommendations from AAR and from other readers.

Keep up to date with romance readers.

to read reviews of books, author interviews, and get information on new releases

I like to read the reviews.

I was looking for a good reviewe site

To read the reviews and upcoming books.

I use AAR to decide which books I want to read. Romantic Times is hardly reliable and qaulifies as a magazine and other romance Websites are unreliable.


For reviews of books

Just to see what others are saying about romances via message boards

For the book reviews.


To read the reviews to find out what books to buy.

To read reviews on books, and to find books that I, as a fairly recent reader of this genre, might not otherwise know of.

To read the reviews of new authors i’m interested in.

To get recommendations on books and authors.

Good reviews, romance community, fun, makes me think about my own reading

to read the reviews

The reviews. Unfortunately, for some reason, you are not reviewing the books I choose each month–I’ve been doing a lot of paranormal/futuristic/scifi romance reading, and y’all are reviewing contemporaries, regencies, historicals, etc. Lately, we’re just not on the same wavelength.

To read reviews and interviews.

For the reviews

get a heads-up, from reviews, of new books

I like reading the reviews and perusing the boards, mainly to get ides for new books to read and hear what others are saying about popular releases.

for the reviews and the commentary

Great reviews

to read reviews

To see what is being said about new and old books.

Because the reviews seem to be very honest. I like that the reviewer will state that they did or did not like a certain novel and the reasons why. They do seem to pander to the authors as other book review sites do.

1. Book reviews. 2. check the boards for any cat fights (I don’t participate – this is just for the entertainment value).

Mostly for reviews to help me find new authors I might enjoy, but as an aspiring author I also enjoy learning what readers think of the various trends and cliches of the romance world.

To find something good to read. To discuss books I’ve read. Searching for book gossip.

To keep up with what is new in romance.

To check out the latest reviews of romances I might be interested in and generally keep track of what is going on in the industry.


To check out reviews of new books that are out and find new authors who are good.


To find out what’s new and look for recommended reads.

To find new romance novels and authors and to learn what others are reading and recommending.


I like to read the different message boards, primarily.

Reviews to see what is worth purchasing

for the reviews and message boards

I visit for primarily for the reviews, although I never miss the Annual Reader Poll, the PPP Contest or the covers contest.


I enjoy the reviews and discussion, especially the different message boards. ATBF is though-provoking. I get suggestions for books/authors to read (and those to avoid). I like the fact that there are fellows romance lovers out there who are thoughtful, intelligent and inquisitive. I learn something new.

to read the reviews to see if I want to purchase that book and the contests

fot the reviews and for information on upcoming releases

Reviews, reading suggestions, boooks on sale, intelligent discussion of genre

Reviews and the chance to find new books/authors.

I visit AAR whenever I’m in need of a good book to read. The Special Title Listings make it much easier for me to choose a book of my interest.

For reviews and discussion

Read the Reviews

To interact w/others who are active readers like me.

To interact w/others who are active readers like me.

To see what’s new and to see why people think and to compare their views to mine. Among my friends no one is an avid such as myself. Of course I have a hard time walking (arthritis) but I the libraries around me provide me with what I can’t find in the market.I keep a list ofbooks I want and there is one place where I can pick up books quickly as they are in alphabetical order.

I’ve never found another site that has as much information about romance novels. I come to this site for titles and authors.

To read reviews of my own books and other historical romances.

To read reviews of not only new books, but of older ones as well

To reaf the latest reviews

For the reviews and reader forums

I visit AAR, because you are so relieable on your all your features and love the construction.

To keep up to date with what’s going on in the romance world. It’s great as I don’t live in the US and am not a RWA member.

To check out the book reviews, to check out new books by favorite authors.

To find out the latest romance novels, and how they are graded. If there’s a book that I’ve gotten and I’m not sure if I’ll like it, I look it up. I used to use AAR every day and it’s where I’d pull my reading material from, but I haven’t done that lately as it takes too much time.

it’s fun

to check out the reviews of books before I buy them

To read the honest reviews and find out others’ opinions about a particular title.

To read reviews and ATBF

Reviews and ATBF

leads for good books

The reviews! They are priceless. It’s great to read intelligent well written material.

Read reviews and ATBF

see what’s good and new in romance

Read reviews of books to see what I will purchase.

To read the reviews and peruse the Reviews Message Board and Reader To Reader

Review and to see which books are being discussed on message boards. I find a lot of interesting but obscure books on the boards.

Reviews, and to see what is going to be released

special lists are great . Hard to find

To read reviews to help me decide what to read; to discuss books and book-related issues with other readers.

To research prospective books to read.

For the reviews

To read reviews and find books I might not have picked up otherwise.

To get ideas for new books that are out and see what people are saying about them. I rarely read the reviews because I don’t use them to buy books. I like the discussion boards.

new releases in romance special title listings

To read the reviews and see what people are talking about on the boards.

This is the best romance book site on the web. It’s packed with timely solid reviews. I very ever disagree (in fact, never) with your reviewers. They are rock solid!

To get the buzz on the newest books.

Your reviews.

For the reviews. Before I spend the money for new books, I want to have an idea whether they are worth it or not. I also can find new authors too.

To see what is coming out, and visit the message boards to see what others think of books.

To read the reviews and new articles.

for the reviews and lists of new books on sale. Also for reader recommendations.

reviews of new books

For the reviews. I find them to be excellent and they often determine if I will buy a book at full price, used or not at all.

To catch up on new releases and check out reviews on books I have read or plan to read.

Reviews and lists of upcoming books.

To pick out books to purchase, discussion boards, read ATBF

Keep up on what is being published, find out what people are reading and what they think of the books, etc, and to read objective reviews of new books.

To find out about new releases

To decide what books/authors to seek out and read. To feel “not so alone” with my romance habit.

to read reviews of new books

To get the reviews on present and past books reviewed. This helps me make my decision on what and what not to read.

AAR Book reviews and book or author recommendations from readers.

I primarily read reviews, old and new: To guide my reading so as to avoid the huge amounts of badly written romance novels; to check your impressions against mine after I’ve read something.

to find out about new books, see what other readers are reading

To find books, new authors, entertainment and reviews


looking for interesting discussions about romance novels and related issues

For the honest reviews. Enjoy the discussion boards as well

The message boards. By themselves the ATBF columns and the reviews are interesting. Combined with diverse reactions from the posters in the AAR forums, they are irresistible.


Because I really like romance novels and i have found over the years that AAR offers me the most helpful reviews. Furthermore, I like visiting a website dedicated to romance. It helps to know that i am not alone in my love for romance novels, because it sure feels that way sometimes.

To help me choose the books I’ll be reading.

I like to hear the buzz about the latest books and join in the dicussions. Also, a great place to get a feel for a book before I buy it.

Reviews and discussion boards

The reviews! Looking for new authors to read and enjoy. Also, the message boards and the ATBF columns are great resources.

To read the reviews.

To see what new books are out and to see what reviewers think of them. I use the reviews on AAR a lot to determine whether I’ll buy a book or not, so they’re a valuable resource.

To read reviews, get suggestions on new books to read.



Reviews & List of New Releases


I’ve now developed the habit of never buying a romance until I have seen a review posted by AAR.

I enjoy the discussions with other readers, get leads on past and upcoming books and read the reviews (remembering that they may not always reflect my taste). The people who post on these boards mind their p’s & q’s and that makes for pleasant interaction.

To look at reviews both old and new, read the discussion boards(on a weekly basis) and find “buried treasures” from years past.

message boards

reviews & message boards.

To check out the new reviews, and then read what people are saying about the books reviewed.

to discuss reading ideas. also, I like most of the posters very much

The reviews, I almost always buy books based on reviews

Book reviews

I keep hoping to find something interesting but I think I’ll just give it up as it has evolved into one meaningless chat room on too much personal nonsense that has no actual bearing on reading when the quality of published books has deteriorated.

To read reviews and see what is new

To pick up a next read To learn about new favorite authors

to read reviews and see what everyone is talking about

best site available. far and away the easiest to use. more authors, more books reviewed. i visit b/c i’m looking for good authors and i’m using your reviews as a guide.


To check the reviews

I’m looking for good romance novels to read.


Discussion of reviewed books

Check on reviews of authors I may want to read. Also to get a list of their books.

For the articles on writing, interviews and history


looking for upcoming titles

Interviews or interesting ATBF article.

To see what new books are coming out and to check reviews and discussion.

To see what other readers think of books I’ve either read or am thinking of buying and to find out what books are being published.

To check out new reviews before I buy.

Reviews Find author backlist reviews

To read reviews


For the interesting discussions!

romance book reviews to make buying choices

To have a reliable and relevant evaluation of romance novels, and to “meet” the authors and the other readers.

Find new authors and books

keep up to date on new releases; read the message boards to find different authors worthy of trying.

To find out what the reviewers think about books that I have read, or am going to read.

Please choose your favorite AAR feature, and tell us why you like it

RTR board. Lively, informative, interesting.

reviews for ideas on current reading

AAK! How can I pick just one. I guess the reviews, because they are very informative. While I may not always agree with the grades once I read a book, I get a good feel for a book before reading it, enough to guess whether or not I might like it. They are also unbiased, the mark of excellent reviews.

List of upcoming titles. Useful for planning my buying.

Reviews–provide valuable info that helps me to use my book buying $$ for optimum enjoyment. Reviews are well written, balanced, thought provoking and provide excellent information on books.

At The Back Fence, because it’s thought-provoking (usually) and keeps me up-to-date on trends in romance.

The history and castle of the week. I wish there was more to that, like comparing a best-selling historical romance to the actual location, so on and so forth.

I like the MB, because of the immediacy of the topic/response

Reviews. I have discovered a number of wonderful books that I would never have read without the recommendation of AAR.

I really enjoy the polls for favorite books and favorite book covers. I have found more “new to me” authors via the polls than any other AAR feature. (eg Connie Brockway, Jennifer Crusie) Love the Top 100 poll.

Reviews. I like to know what book is about before spending money on them as they are getting so expensive.

I would have to say the reviews because whether I agree with the review or not, it is always insightful and helps me determine my buying choices.

Honestly, the boards. It’s nice to belong to a community of readers and to pass around book recommendations & discuss the content. And not to feel censored from dissent or honest critiques.

The reviews, so I can keep up on what people are reading.

Just did above. Review and Power Search. I must hit this 10-15 times a day. Also, the special titles listing is great and I use it quite often.

I like the reviews, even though, after reading a book, i don’t always agree with them. I think, because, i read so many other, different kinds of books, i’m more critical. ex: the new McNaught.

Love the discussion Boards. I use the review section regularly.

Reviews – they let me know how a book is received

reviews. I enjoy reading others’ opinion of books I am interested in or have read.

Reviews, they are very informative

special titles listings

My favourite is At The Back Fence, because I like the in-depth discussion of the topics and examples from books.

The reviews. I love that they tell it like it is, pulling no punches, and that they give a level of detail which allows me to determine whether this is a book I’d enjoy, regardless of the grade it got.

i don’t have a favorite.

book reviews – they’ve introduced me to many new authors.

The PPP is hilarious and a good way to make sure I’m not taking things too seriously. Same goes for the cover contest.

Reviews. I’ve found which of your reviewers I agree with, and thus your site is my guideline for which books I borrow/buy.

Reviews–the main reason I use the site. Reviews say specifically why a book got the grade it did, so I can make my own judgements.

the reviews because they really help me decide what to buy

Reviews and now tied are the message boards. I look to the message boards lately as a way to find new authors.

Reviews section; good forum for discovering new authoers

the reviews, they are ususally really accurate and I like to purchase books that have got good reviews

The message boards. I feel I’ve found an outlet to connect with others who love romance novels as much as I do.

reviews and romances on sale, because they help meto keep a “treasure” to read( sorry for my english, i’m from italy)

I love the reviews. But I wish more contemporarys where reviewed. I don’t read historicals.

New reviews–I look out for books that I might want to read and have missed using RT magazine.

the ppp contest, because it’s unique and nothing that i’ve found on any other site.

The reviews, by far. They’re entertaining and well written, and the reviewers don’t pull any punches.

I love the reviews. I am a review junkie and have found other sites and fanzines (ex. Romantic Times) to be unreliable. I think the reviews at AAR are thoughtful and informative.

The reviews. A big database.

The annual cover contest because no other website or romance magazine has anything like it. It’s fun especially the worst cover section.

The reviews themselves and the Special Titles Listing because I really love being able to go find other books that deal with certain situations, time periods, etc., that I’ve enjoyed in one or more other books. AAR is really the only site I’ve come across that groups them so efficiently (and I love how they all have to be graded a B or above in order to make the lists!).

Reviews; I like to know a bit more than a back blurb about a book before I read it.

readers discussion group reviews and pourporri

The book reviews are very open and honest

Annual Reader Poll new ideas for reading material

The message boards…so much information about romance books and authors. For the most part, discussions are informative and while sometimes passionate, usually civil.

ATBF. I love it because it is thought provoking and entertaining.

Reviews. It’s rare to find honest reviews of romances.

Reader to Reader message board – very active

reviews – I’m careful about what I buy. ATBF & Pandora’s Box – lively & thought provoking discussions, ATBF often lists interesting older titles I have not read. Special title listings, particularly go to the favorite books by favorite authors & the various polls.

Reviews – while I don’t always agree with the grades, they are very nice to have, rather than a vague description. Also, they are unbiased, rather they may be biased by a reviewers personal opinion, but I mean that they call ’em as they see ’em and don’t have to just be “nice”, and the reasons are thoroughly discussed so that I might be able to ascertain whether I would grade the book higher or lower.

I like the reviews even though I generally ignore the grades because I can tell alot about a book by the tone of the review and I take into acount the reviewer´s pet peeves I like the message boards because they are really entertaining and I get more information on the readability of books in question-

Reviews. I like to read reviews on books before I buy – in order to take a pass on books with lower then a “B” grade.

The message boards are fun, and I discover new authors and books to try by reading them

i like the reviews, the list of the current books on sale, and the special title listings.

AARlist. I receive e-mail messages from romance readers that keep me tuned in to the romance world. Many of these topics are very stimulating and Anne Marble is great.

I love the reviews mostly, but I also love the reviews message board. I have discovered many wonderful books and authors because of comments made in the body of a review or on the message boards. I first check the new reviews, and then immediately go the m.b. and read most of the topics and threads there. My fellow readers who post here are, in the main, very insightful in their comments, and I have learned much. I like to read confirmations of my opinions about a book, but I also appreciate differing viewpoints that expand my knowledge – especially when the poster takes the time to explain their position or opinion. Sometimes my opinion has been changed because of a comment here, and sometimes I am more sure of my opinion because of a discussion thread, but I can always expect an illuminating experience.


see above

I have two — The message boards are the most objective place to share thoughts on books and authors. Tone is respectful but, thank goodness, never slavishly devoted. The Special Title Listings are a great resource for finding new books and authors.

Reviews. I like being able to get a feel for a book before I pay money for it. Also I have ‘discovered’ many new authors that I may never have noticed just browsing in the store or library.

Reviews-I many not agree with the review, but I find it useful when looking for books in a certain genre or a new genre

The reviews, because it helps decide on books to read.

The reviews section – it helps me decide what books I want to read next and also introduces me to some books I never thought about reading before.

The annual cover contest. I enjoy seeing the different covers, and choosing my favorites.

My favorite feature is the review board. I like the fact that I can immediately know if there are new reviews by the dates posted on the home page, and I like the ability to sort the review table. I particularly like the summary table at the bottom with the A reviews. The set-up of the new reviews makes it fast and easy to find new reviews and locate good reviews. As compared to “The Romance Reader”, another site that I use on occasion, I find AAR far more efficient and user friendly.


I trust the reviews on AAR to be completely unbiased.

Reviews–I get and honest response, and even if it isn’t my response, I can tell a lot about a book from that.

The reviews. I am always on the look out for new and interesting books.

I like the “Special Titles” feature because it makes it easier to look for titles with a certain theme, and it presents other titles that a reader might like.

I like the ATBF usually, although the last year of topics hasn’t set me on fire as much as previous years. Apart from that I love reading the reviews and checking the titles lists.

Reviews, so I can discover what’s new and notable (or not, in that case).

Reviews are as fun to read as the best of the books they cover. I love reading the plots, and I like the sharp sense of humor a lot of the reviewers have.

Reviews, because they are well-written and informative.

New reviews. I like reading the new reviews to keep up on what’s new on the market and to find new authors

I really like Pandora’s Box because I like having the two view-points.

message boards, I love to see what other people think of different books and also a sense of community

Reviews because it keeps me upto date on the latest books.


The reviews and Pandora’s box, because through them I find new authors or re-find old ones.

I love the ATBF features. I applaud the fearlessness of Laurie and others in tackling the genre-critical issues that few are willing to confront. I am delighted to find routinely evidence of the intelligence and variety of the romance-reading community.

Discussion boards are my favorites. Not many places, that I know of, can one exchange opinions on romance reading related ideas. I usually just lurk, but enjoy it immensely.

The message boards.

I love the reviews (when they don’t feature historicals), special title listings and ATBF.

reviews. I can use them for reference.

Reviews, see above.

ATBF, because it’s insightful and made me be far more thoughtful about romance novels as well as relationships, actually.

reviews is all that I look at besides I do read ATBF and Pandora’s box


special title listings. I wish these were updated more often


review discussion–great feedback

Special Title listings. I like it because sometimes I want to treasure hunt books in a specific category (like the two hanky reads).

I like the reviews, but I also really like the romances on sale section. I especially like the way it is organized now.

Gosh, it’s hard to pick one. I guess I’ll go with the Annual Reader Poll because there is a lot of discussion before and after about it, and it incorporates the message boards and ATBF.

Different takes on romantic fiction (and by extension mvoies and television) on discussion Boards. ABTF is particularly good at initiating thought-provoking discussions.

review page listing of new reviews. because it lists the title, author and grade and you can immediately access the review


Reviews for the reasons stated above

I like the reviews. They definitely give you something to think about when you plan to go book shopping

it is good to know what to expect from a book. I can decide if the plot is to my liking more acurately using the reviews than by the backcover alone. That way I don’t spen my money on books that bore me to tears.

The reviews. I can trust to AAR to give ‘real’ reviews.

Just one? The reviews because they are so well written and reliable. I usually check here before I buy any new book.

I like the reviews the best, for the reason above.

The message boards. I love that there are 4 different ones to choose from and each one has it’s own style

I like that you keep the Reviews up to date so I know who has a new book coming out and what it is about.

Reader-to-reader — it gives me a chance to interact with other people to see who’s reading what … and why. The reviews are still important — but I haven’t gotten used to the new format yet (I will!)

Definitely the reviews; I love them.

Its a tie between the reviews and the bulletin boards


The PPP contest, but the reviews are the feature I use most

It’s a toss-up between the reviews and the message boards; I end up finding so many great books and new authors because of reviews, recommendations and discussions.

The reviews so I can choose which books I wish to purchase and read.

My favorite would have to be the Purple Prose Contest because it’s so much fun to see people who understand romance novels enough to make fun of it in a light way. I also like the cover contest because of all the commentary.

annual readers poll

The reviews of course! My main reason for visiting the site is to read the reviews.

The reviews are my favorite feature, simply because I rely on them to let me know if I can wait till a book comes out over here, or whether I need to order it from America. Also, the reviews help me to find new authors– over recent months I have discovered Lisa Kleypas through a reivew of her latest book, and am now glommed out. They also allow me to check friends recommendations.

Reviews and message boards info about books I might buy ( I rely on online info)

ATBF, because I like hearing what’s up for discussion and I think the writers touch relevant topics and state many things I think but don’t have time to formulate and process.

reviews there are honsest and fair give you an idear of the books you ar looking for

The AAR List through Yahoo. It is so much easier for me to talk on the list than to visit the site…Time is not always on my side when trying to visit the site and join/read discussion threads which can be very lengthy, but I check my email daily and can join discussions that are there when they interest!

Reviews are thoughtful and give a nice synopsis whether I agree or not with the grade

ATBF – entertaining, seems to stem from many discussion lines from other sites – making it relevant to what us readers are really interested in, very thought out, and intelligent.

Got to list two: the reviews, and ATBF. The first keeps me aware of what’s out there to be read; the second makes me think.

Special title listings. I like the ability to find more books with the feature that appealed to me in an earlier book. ATBF articles are also very good, and reviews – these tie for second.

Reviews and Pandora’s Box as I trust the reviewers to not hype a book that isn’t worth my time

Reviews, helps me to select books I may want to read.

the reviews-they’re the best romance reviews in the business

history and travel articles, like traveling,hope to do so this year

The message board about reviews; I like to see what others are saying besides the official reviews

The annual covers poll – very funny.

Reviews because they are in-depth, usually a good guide to whether or not I will like a book, and very entertaining to read

Reviews – I tend to agree with reviewers, so I will avoid ones that didn’t get a good review.

The message boards. There is always an interesting and thought-provoking discussion going on. Readers will give you an honest opinions of the books they’ve read and it’s great to see people debating in a civilized manner.

Reviews – I like to see if a book is worth buying.

ATBF well written, diverse subjects, variety of opinions, up to date also the cover polls and features and the ppp contest ..these are the things that make aar unique

Reviews, because I like to read about a book before I purchase it.

Special titles listing and the Review pages. I love these two pages and depend on them in choosing my next novel :p

Message Boards. It’s where I can get recommendations I’ll actually read.

My favorite feature are the reviews. I can check out what your reviewer has graded a book and that helps me decide if I’ll read it or not.

This has to be the reviews. I appreciate the reviewers’ honesty and that the grades are distributed along a bell shaped curve. I also love the DIK reviews.

Message boards. See above. I’ve been moving away from romance for the past couple of years. However, I’m always open to recommendations especially from the readers on these boards. Although it seems lately, no books have really generated a lot of excitement (postive).

cover controversy; because it helps me educate the people I serve

Reviews. There’s so much published in romance, much of it not very well-written. The reviews help me spend my money wisely, since I enjoy reading the genre.

It would be the reviews. They are informative and from them spring discussions with other readers who agree/disagree. Depending on the reviewer, I’m also entertained. However a book is graded, some reviews just make you smile and smile. I’d rather read an entertaining review than watch the funniest comedian on TV.


Reviews, to help in my next selection

the boards to chat as well as to learn from other readers why they like a particular book and author

I like reading the reviews. I have found many new authors after reading an interesting review.

The review hub. I’m constantly looking for new reads so it’s a great source of info on a book, whether or not I agree with the reviewer.

Book reviews because they often lead me to discover an author I normally wouldn’t have tried.

Reviews give a great intro of different writers. Before I buy a new author for me, I check their track record with AAR. I usually agree 85-95 % with the reviewers.

Definitely the reviews. I like those a LOT, very helpful.

The cover contest, because it highlights the good and the bad and the feedback is funny. Reader polls are also very interesting, and I like the Upcoming Books for Sale feature.

The message boards are my favorite feature, b/c one can either choose to interact directly with other readers or observe what others discuss. The discussions are usually interesting as well as informative.

Probably new reviews. I’m very selective about what I read and spend my ‘book money’ on — the reviews help me focus my time and money on the books/authors that I most likely will enjoy.

Reviews – I use this feature to recommend new books and authors and also like to compare my likes and dislikes with what the reviews say. They also spark some interesting conversation occassionally.

It’s a tie between reviews and boards. With a few exceptions, AAR reviewers are a major influence on my buying decisions. I rely on the information they give me on a book’s content as well as their critical analyses in deciding whether the book is for me…or not. The message boards are just plain fun and I love the interactivity with fellow readers. I do a lot more reading than posting, but I always try to keep up because god forbid I should miss anything juicy.

Reviews. Great insights into the books and authors. For me, it is also a source for finding new authors.


I really find the top 10/top 100 books and fav.books by fav.authors extremelly useful. It filters out a lot of books that isn’t worth the read, and saves time reading reviews(or spoilers in reviews)

special titles listing.

Reviews – to help me choose what to read and what not to!

the reader poll because i like to see what everyone else thought of the year’s books

The reviews are definitely my favorite feature. I get an honest opinion from a reader like me who has no agenda. Whether the review was good or bad, I can usually tell whether that book will work for me or not.

Reviews-so I have an idea if a book has the type of storyline that I like

Bulletin Boards, also like the Special Title Listings. Good for themed readings and the discussions always make want to check something out.

Reviews — but I have to say that I feel the quality of the reviews has dropped significantly in the last year or two. I’ve been a regular visitor for 4-5 years — and I’ve seen many reviewers come and go — and I think the current crop produces reviews that are pretty ho-hum. In years past, I could count on reviews that were well-written, lively, insightful and fair. Now I feel like many of the reviews sound the same, regardless of genre or reviewer or grade. — ALSO, I have to give props to ATBF.

Message boards are far and away the best feature – interactive, egalitarian, insightful, interesting.

Reviews – I know they are honest and come from a reader’s point of view. It is not a vehicle to promote all romance books but a useful tool to find books that are well written, with great characters and a wonderful romance.

The boards. These are my places for finding new authors, books etc

Reviews – Very helpful for weeding out the crap. Haven’t had many bad books using your reviews. I love that I can just type in a surname and it brings up everything from that author.


I have two, the first is your message board I find them so complelling especially when there is a hot issue. 2nd – Your Romance For Sale – I love the fact that I can see what’s coming out next month. I like the format for that too!!

Reviews. An absolute must for me: before I buy a book I want to be reasonably certain I’m not waisting my money. There are so many books to choose from, you know! ;) Also, I like the fact that there can be several reviews of the same books at AAR and that those reviews can present totally different opinions of that book.

I love your Annual Readers Poll. It helps me to find more books that I might have missed during the year.

The reviews, for the reasons stated above. I also like the author journals.

The new review database

I usually find ATBF stimulating both in its content and in the postings produced by AAR readers afterwards. Every now and then it is dull or too US-centred. Also all the writer interviews and writer tips are very interesting, whether you are a writer or not.

Special titles listing – gives me good ideas about books I’m unfamiliar with but will probably like, based on the theme or “listing” feature

Reviews. They are well written and informative.

Reviews. With the cost of books it’s good to go into the store or order on-line knowing what the book it about. The reviewers give just enough information about the book w/o giving the whole plot away and if you really want spoilers there is always the Review message boards to help out with that.

The reviews. Even though I don’t always agree with them I find that the reviewer is true to their guidelines. It can be very thought provoking to read them.

I love ATBF coming out twice a month. I know it’s a lot of work for you guys generating new ideas every few weeks, but I’m a huge fan of the column. Even when I don’t find a particular column all that interesting, I find great tidbits of information about various books.


Comprehensive reviews.

Annual Reader Poll

New reviews so that I know what to buy or to avoid.

reviews………….helps me winnow down the shopping list!

Reviews, because they are well-written and usually a fairly good match (within a grade) of my grade for most books. Other reviews (Amazon, other magazines) are too gushy — every book is just wonderful. I’ve learned that a book graded D or F isn’t likely to be a book I’ll enjoy in any genre, whereas a book graded A,B, or even C in my preferred genres (contemporary & suspense) will likely be a good read, and a book that is an A or A-, even if it is in my non-preferred areas of Americana, Western or European historical is likely to be very enjoyable too.

The reviews, of course. I like that the spicyness of the book is also included. I do not always agree with the grade, but I can determine whether I want to read a book or not.


I like your special listing part.

The reviews. I may not spend as much time on them as on the boards but they really inform my reading choices and I have had a lot fewer misses and a lot more hits since I started using them.

the reviews message boards, because I like the opinions

The reviews, by far. After that, the forums are sometimes interesting.

Reviews, because they’re always complete, timely and trustworthy ^_^

The rating systems

PPP contest; it’s freaking hilarious

I really like ATBF because I often learn about new books from the column. For the same reason I look forward to the Special Titles Listing updates.

My favorite is the reviews — it gives me an idea of the books coming out and if they’re worth plunking down my money :).

Reviews and reviews message board–very informative, help me learn about new authors, and decide if I should buy a new book.


Special Title Listings: I like to see what is on the lists, to see what I want to read when I’m in the mood to read something with a theme.

The latest reviews for suggestions on what books to buy.

Special Titles Listings followed by pseudonym dictionary. I like to read from topic to topic as well as through a series. For instance, when I was looking for more guys like Jamier Fraser, Special Titles Listings was the place to go. Ditto vampires, tortured heros, less than perfect. Yeah. I spend a lot of time there.

I love the Annual Cover Contest because it’s so much fun to reward the best and snark at the worst.

Review, Upcoming releases (please don’t delete this feature.) Discussion

The message boards, because there are many intelligent, thoughtful readers who interact regularly talking about romance books and other issues.

The reviews so I can find out what books I may or may not want to read.

Reviews – help me make decisions about book buying

reviews. please see above.

Books on sale for next month- helps me plan my book purchases for the forthcoming months

Special Title Listings – Great idea. Gives plenty of suggestions for reading a favorite subject.

The Reader-to-Reader. It helps me to find other books that aren’t listed in your data base but enjoyed by others.


I like the Reader to Reader MB. I like it because the people that post seem very friendly and helpful when a fellow reader is looking for information on a book, title, etc.

Annual Reader Poll- lets me know what others think

the tool bar at the top of the page it is easy to use and no matter where I go on the site I can easily access other area fast

It’s all about the reviews. I come here first for the reviews. I find your variety of reviewers provide an excellent cross-section and that your reviews are always honest. I might not agree with every review, but they give me information from which I can draw my own conclusions.


My favorite feature is the Reviews. I get an idea of what’s available and a usually reliable description and opinion of the book. I have been persuaded and dissuaded from buying a book based on the review. The reviews at AAR are the most thorough and reliable ones available, compared to other romance sites. I appreciate a critical review.

The reviews, because I have become more selective in what I read and like to have something to judge the book by before I purchase

reviews, to find new writers and for insight in books i might want to buy

Reviews–introduce new authors, give reliable unsponsored reviews

Reviews, message board

I enjoy the special title listings. The Cover Contests are very entertaining, and I like to look at those. I like looking at the Reader Polls and compare the list to my very own.

Reviews, like to see different opinions on books

Pandora’s Box – I love reading the discussions about books I’ve read and comparing my experience to others.

Message boards…I meet new friends there & it’s fun to read what others have written about an interesting topic.

Message boards…I meet new friends there & it’s fun to read what others have written about an interesting topic.

I like the book reviews and compare them to my opinion. I buy paperbacks only so I can take them with me when we go out shopping–in case I have to wait. (Doctors appointments, waiting for my husband at Home Depot etc. I still have trouble trying to express my two cents worth on the boards. Love blogs!

I love the Special Title Listings because I have found many new authors and titles by reading the lists. Such a help!

The only feature I read is the reviews, so that’s my favorite.

Search engine feature. I love having the ability to search on an author and find all the reviews you have for him/her. I also like searching based on reviewer since some of them have similar tastes to mine.

Reviews to read what others think about the new releases

Toss up between reader forums and castle of the week

My favorite, is the reviews, because they give loads if information and so many catagories.

Upcoming titles is brilliant. I adore it and have been using it for years.

Reviews because there are many to look at and I like the ratings system.

It used to be the way at the beginning of the reviews it would list the series relevance of the specific title, as well as the order of the series. That’s not included anywhere, but I suppose it’s something that it says “part of a series”.

ATBF–when it’s a topic that interests me. I tend to like the ones that use specific authors and books to illustrate examples, rather than the more general ones.

reviews==see above

Reviews — the reviewers give their honest opinions – they are not always positive like other sites.

Reviews. I have very little time for reading these days; while I have some “autobuy” authors, I don’t want to close the door on someone new — but I don’t have time/$ to waste on dreck or on a book with a theme I dislike.

Reviews. Because I live in a remote area I buy all my books by mail order. This means I cannot browse the bookstore, read the blurbs etc. so I rely on reviews to get an overview of what is available. It does not matter if the review is positive or negative it is still helpful, sometimes I buy a book that has a negative review because I like what the reviewer did not like. It is especially helpful to know if a book is tedious, drags in the middle and either does not wrap the story up at the end or does so very abruptly.

i have no one favorite. i have had favorites at other points in time but i eventually get bored with the current one and move on to another. i suppose the most consistent feature I return to is the DIK reviews though so that is probably my long term favorite. Your new design is ranking very high with me too. HUGE improvement over the old one.

Reviews of my favorite authors and the lists of their books.

I came to AAR for the reviews initially and its still my favorite feature. The reviews are some of the best writing out there and I really care about the reviews opinions even if I don’t agree with them.

reviews… it gives me an idea of what to get from the library, but not always reliable in terms of what is good and what is bad

Romances on Sale – see what books are coming out so I can budget for purchases of books.

Reviews and the new way you have of searching your archives

I like the reviews. I am now better able to judge whether or not I will agree with a reviewer based on reading many, many reviews by each reviewer. When I was newer several years ago I was disappointed quite often based on good reviews that I’d read and I am certain I missed books I would have liked based on poor reviews. It gets easier once you know the reviewers tastes.

Reviews, they present diverse enough opinions and even if I don’t agree completely, the discriptions are usually tight enough to let me know if I will like the book or not.

alot of things that are great.

The message boards, without a doubt: the chance to discuss books with other people (like-minded or otherwise!) is invaluable, and I couldn’t get this any other way.

Reviews to know what kind of book I’m about to read.

Cover contest because it is really interesting and entertaining.

Reviews, because I like reading honest opinions about new books. I would rather read a bad review of a book (even if it is one of my favorites) than just read gushing reviews. If the opinions in the reviews are honest, it is easier to trust that the content of the book is accurately portrayed in the review. I can accept that someone doesn’t have the same opinion I do and choose a book based on the description of the basic plot/theme in the review, despite the grade the book received from the reviewer.

The reader to reader board – I get lots of ideas for books to buy from them and what people are thinking about them.

special tile listings because it tells books i may have missed for my romance collection-best books!

The reviews. They are consistently entertaining and informative. I check every day for new ones, and a day without a new review is a bummer.

Desert Island Keepers – this has helped me a lot! 2nd favorite: Special Title Listing

I like the bb. They’re a great place to get different points of view on the books out there.

Your reviews…I only wish they came out sooner…Similar to when the reviews I find on Barnes & Noble come out…Before I buy the book.

same answer as for #7.

The reviews and the message boards–tells me what I might like, and might not like, in new books.

The reviews because I lie to see what other people thought about a novel I read.

Reviews – helps me to find new authors and books to read.

reviews of new books–most unbiased I have found

As stated above- I love the reviews. I also enjoy the annual cover contest.

The Purple Prose contest. It is always hysterical. The reviews are why I come back to the site the rest of the year, though.

Reviews! Provides clearly organized, current information that helps me decide on purchases.

Reviews, definitely but then all things that go with the reviews, like the message boards, romances for sale, special title listings

The reviews – I find that the reviews are well written, fair, and unbiased. If negative comments are made, they are explained thoroughly and are never mean spirited. I have come to rely on the reviews a great deal when choosing books. I have also discovered many new authors that I might not have tried.


I like the reviews and the annual polls and the cover contest.

new book reviews – it is a good gauge of should I make a special effort to find/buy a book right away or just whenever I happen to see/find it

I liked the archived reviews section that listed the authors alphabetically, however it seems you have done away with this feature which makes me very sad. I don’t get a chance to look at the new reviews as often as I like so it was nice to go back through the archieves and see what I missed.

Book Reviews. I really appreciate the fair, honest, and thoughtful reviews that help me decide whether or not to read a particular novel or try a new author.

Reviews; message boards; old ATBFs when I want to follow up an interest.

reviews- gives me a chance to find out more about books and spend money on titles I will like more. Especially as blurbs are not ususally a good gauge of whether I will like a book.

Reviews–because although I may not always agree totally with the review (after all they are subjective) it gives me a good overall indicator whether or not this is a book I would enjoy.

reviews are thorough

Interviews with authors and publishers because of the behind-the-scenes insights

Reviews = honest, clear, tell enough about the plot without spoilers to make my own decision.

Oh no – please don’t make me pick a favourite.

Reviews – information on upcoming releases, comments on new publications

The reviews. I have favourite authors but i like to read authors which are new(to me). I like scrolling through the reviews-section to see if anything catches my eye. Although i may not always agree with the reviewer, i find that the reviews are always truthful.

The reviews. I find the reviews are most heplful in the books I read.

The reviews, very useful for information about a book before I purchase it. I also like the Reviews board and reader to reader board so that I can also have the input of other readers.

PPP Contest! It’s just so much fun.

The reviews and the responding message board. I appreciate the honesty of reviewers and the views of those who respond. Before I purchase a book, I like to know what someone has thought of it – it might affect my purchase or it might not. Either way, it gives me that little bit of information and I can make an informed choice.

The reviews, hands-down. I almost always agree with your reviewers, after I have read the book. I also look forward to reading an author, that I normally wouldn’t choose, after reading a very positive review. I sometimes feel that reviews on other websites I have visited are all “happy” (for lack of a better description), and don’t reflect the “true” value of a book.

Reviews – see above.

If you like & Special Title sections. Love the different categories and always gives me new books to read

Message boards because of its fabulous interactivity.

ATBF–great thinking about the genre.

ATBF-I always read it, and usually find the discussion leads me to think about romance novels from a different angle.

I find the reviews almost invaluable particularly of new authors.

My favorite feature are the reviews. I thoroughly trust them and this is how I’ve expanded by reading list and determines which romances I’m going to buy next.

The three main boards.

Reviews, because my book budget is limited, and I only want to spend my money on highly rated books.I have rarely felt like I wasted either time or money when I buy or read a book AAR gives a high grade to.

Message boards — discussion with other romance books lovers

reviews – gives me greater insight to the books I might want to read.

New reviews MB is my most visited feature because of the intelligent discussions. I have found many books I would not otherwise have read, and avoided some others based on posts on the board. Books are expensive, and my time is valuable!

all of the boards except for ATBF.

The reviews, I read and buy many books a year. I want the most value for my money. I have been introduced to many new authors that I would not know about if it wasn’t for the reviews and the discussion boards.

Book review section, the reviewers are honest, no glowing “OMG this bok is GR8T !” stuff. Having read them for a while now it’s becoming easier to mesh certain reviewers taste (most times) with something that I would enjoy as well. I also can appreciate the time and effort they put into it.

I have none now as it has become predictable and boring. Please do forgive my bluntness.

reviews-to help me decide what to read

Reviews: There are so prenty I rarely fail to find the one I want to know about. And they meet my tast well. The most trustworthy reviews.

reviews – helps to find out more details about what book is about

author search gives books reviewed and direct link to reviews.

Reviews, am usually looking for several opinions on the same book it is one place I stop by for an opinion

Reviews-time’s too precious to waste on bad books

Readers’ choice


Reviews – both for new releases and older books. I find new-to-me authors by reading what other readers say about the quality of writing, etc.

The reviews list. It gives me both the time period (I prefer Regencies) and a quick reference to the quality of the book by using A,B,C, etc grades. I sometimes don’t agree with a review but it’s always interesting to see someone else’s take on a book.

History and Travel articles because it helps with my own research.

Reviews- I like honest reviews. I wish there were more.

Frankly, I don’t like the new format and rarely visit the site anymore.

Interviews, special title listings

New reviews….lets me know what’s coming out and to “prioritize” my reading list.

The reviews. See answer to question 7.

Special Title Listings because I can choose a book to fit my mood

Reveiews-gives a true synopsis of the book and one person’s opinion Reviewer Bio’s–this gives me an idea of what the reviewer is like in comparison to me (for example the movie critic in my town news ALWAYS loves movies I hate, so now I know not to go to movies he loves)

Reviews: good overview of plot, range of books reviewed, and why the reviewer liked/disliked the book

The yearly book cover poll. Always fun and interesting.

The ATBF. It is always thought provoking and insightful and sparks truly interesting discussions.

The reviews provide clear story summaries and unbiased opinions on the story. With so many romance books out there, I use these reviews heavily to buy new romance books.

My favourite feature, reviews aside, is the Pandora’s box, because it gives an in-depth analysis of the book, often with the help of the author, and it is often very funny to read.

I love to read the At The Back Fence discussions. While I don’t participate (everyone seems so much smarter than me), I love to read it- I find 90% of the discussions very thought provoking. I have always loved romance but was a little embarassed by it, until I read all the interesting and intelligent banter on it. I get the mass e-mail version, so I savor it & can’t wait for the next one. I also like the Potpourri (sp?) for this same reason.

message boards. Find a lot of different authors this way. Stay up to date easily. Conversations mostly worthy, intriguing and definitely erudite

The reviews, because I enjoy seeing whether my views are the same as other readers.

What Is Your Least Favorite Feature at AAR, and Why?

Navigation. Fiddly and confusing.

the new site design since I use the MSN2tv box and the cursor box doesn’t go up to the top strip of links and so I can’t seem to access many areas

The fact that Laurie no longer does reviews (although I can definitely understand why she doesn’t.)I love her voice in the reviews that she used to do.

Don’t really have a least favorite. Don’t use the reviews, because I’ve stopped reading reviews anywhere.

special title listings–don’t dislike them, but personally don’t use them.

Sometimes the site is a little slow, I suppose, but that happens to most places.

ATBF simply because I find them too dense to read and I find the graphs and boxes visually tiring.

The new navigation is problematic

I can’t think of one.

I don’t really spend too much time on features like “Castle of the Week”.

The reader polls with percentages and how many read what book, etc.

Tough one…probably the Writer’s News MB. I used to visit there from time to time, but I didn’t like posts. Some of the writers are just too self-serving and smug and I find that I can have a difficult time separating the writer from her works.

Writers board. Bored by the promotional stuff (which they can do on their own Web sites) & I rarely see entries from authors that I’m interested in.

I mostly stick to the reviews and check out the message boards. I like to see what the readers are up to.

Don’t really have one. They’re all good I’m just not as interested. Probably Annual Reader Poll the least visited.

History and Travel. It just doesn’t interest me.

I don’t identify any area as my least favourite area, however I don’t use the ppp or some of the contest stuff.

Purple prose – I know it is for fun, but it does’t really work for me.

purple prose paradoy. I am not a fan of parodies in general


not enough current reviews

There is nothing I “don’t” enjoy and so I would have no least favourite.

Castle of the Week, probably. I’m just not interested in it, and I guess I kind of resent it because I remember, before the redesign, going to the “what’s new” page, seeing it had been updated, going “yay!”, only to be let down when I saw all that was new was the Castle of the Week. ;-)


I don’t have a least favorite.

I don’t know.

The history and travel articles. You have so far not hit on any places or eras with great interest to me.

Castle of the week. Just not interested.

i don’t really ever go to the castle of the week, probably because i’m just not interested

Not so much least favorite- but never visit- is the PPP

Special Title Listings: not too useful

ATBF sometimes the topics are redundant

I honestly don’t think I have one. There are lots of places at AAR I haven’t visited yet. I tend to find something I like and plant myself there even if there may be other things I’d like if I kept on going.

there isn’t

Never go to the history and travel articles

The history and travel articles—I’m just not a history buff nor a traveler.

atbf, usually too long

Well, many of the pages in the Reader section are pretty out of date. Will they ever be updated?

Probably “Castle of the Week.” I don’t frequent the site to look at castles.

Haven’t got one.

Nothing– I haven’t looked at everything on the site, but I like what I’ve seen so far.

There’s nothing that I really dislike. I just haven’t looked at a few things.

ATBF; I think it’s too long, and repetitive


At the back fence it can sometimes be to lenghty

History and Travel articles, being a European I am very familiar with the historic background

There is no feature that I dislike, just some that are more useful or interesting to me than others. I only occassionally visit the Castle of the Week (though I like seeing it when I do visit.) Pandora’s Box actually doesn’t work as well for me a regular review does.

I wouldn’t say it is my least favorite, but the travel and history articles aren’t something I regularly seek out.

I have mixed feelings about the message boards. They have lots of interesting information, but I rarely read them because they’re so hard to read. It’s so hard to tell which threads I’ve read, to find new posts in the middle of a thread, etc. (Probably inherent to message boards.)

history and travel – just not interested

I don’t read your history and travel section. My time on the computer is limited so I check out new reviews and then rush over to my favorite sections. I should give this section a look see.

Mmm, hard question. There is no area that I don’t like. But I rarely go to the history area. I have read it, but there’s been nothing new.

I really don´t have a least favorite feature.

Pandora’s Box. I just don’t care for the back-and-forth in written form. And it’s not really a review – it’s a discussion – which usually doesn’t interest me.

I used to enjoy the reviews, but rarely read them anymore, because my tastes and the current reviewers are so far apart. (both positive and negative.) I also find looking up old reviews more awkward than it used to be.

pandora’s box. I really am only interested on the grades that you give the books.

Probably the PPP. I never read the entries and I don’t have much of a sense of humor in that direction.

There is nothing here that I don’t like. Some features I don’t use often, but I’m glad they are here just in case.

Pandora’s Box

The search feature for reviews. Once you search on an author’s last name, you cannot sort the resulting list.

Pandora’s Box doesn’t work for me.

History and travel? Its not that I don’t like it, I just don’t feel the need to use it.

ATBF, I don’t read it. Just not interested

History and Travel articles, just not interested.

nothing really

Castle of the week. I looked once, but was not interested after that.

I wish that there was a way to export a list of all of the DIK reviews. I want to see how many I’ve read and how many of my favorite authors are on it. I want to use it to discover new authors. I ended up making a list rather painfully by cutting and pasting into Excel, and I now use it frequently when I’m looking for a new book. It’s great to be able to sort the A reviews by Publication Date or Period. I also like to keep track of which I’ve read. I would love to be able to export a list of DIK books, maybe in CSV format, on a regular basis. If that’s not possible, an option to “view all reviews on one page” would enable me to just copy and paste in one step.

purple prose parody….. it offers nothing … if i don’t want purple prose in my books why would i want to read it here

I wasn’t aware that AAR had history and travel articles. How did I miss those?

The travel and history articles. Most of the history is wrongwrongwrongwrong. It perpetuates stupid myths.

Purple Prose

I don’t care for the “Castle of the week.”

The purple prose competition. I find it ridiculous, I’m afraid to say, even though I have a good sense of humour.

I don’t have one–frankly there’s nothing else close to it on the web and aar is an all-round treasure.

I’ve never really liked Pandora, mostly because the majority of books covered there are not books that I’m interested in reading.

nothing really

It seemed easier to navigate through your site in the old format.

Writer’s message Board. I do like to enter contests occasionally, but that seems to be all that is ever posted there.

castle of the week

don’t have one.

Don’t really dislike anything, thought I don’t visit the Special title listings.

Castle of the Week. Don’t ever look at it.

Castle of the Week–it’s just not something I am particularly interested in.

Oops, do I have a least favorite? I can’t name one. I love this website, just like it is!

The writer’s board. I don’t get its purpose.

too many reviews of historical romances (No one my age – 30 – reads these ever). More features on new/up and coming authors. The Noras, Judiths Suzanne’s are not the future of the industry, its merely the present. Fresh new talent should be just as important.

pandora’box. Usually, I am not interested in the books chosen.


I like them all! But Pandora’s Box seems very opinion-orientated, so I’ll have to nominate that.

I really don’t look at anything else besides what I named in #8

At the back fence and pandora’s box. Think they are often biased and I don’t really care about them

none that I can recall.

Do not have one

site layout.

I don’t get a whole lot out of Pandora’s Box ironically. Even though I like to read the reviews, it reminds me a lot of point/counterpoint and I don’t get a lot out of it. I also don’t spend a lot of time at the Writer’s news board. I don’t really care for contests, just opens my email box to more junk mail.

Message boards-I just don’t ever participate in those on any site.

I can’t pick one.

Don’t really have a least favorite.



history and travel articles. Just no too interested I guess

Don’t really have a least favorite feature

I’m not sure, I really like the site.

History and Travel. It’s a bit dull.

Everything is done well, but I generally skip over the history/travel articles, which are well written, but not what I use AAR for.

I do not like the new way to search for reviews. I was more than happy with the old one. It was much easier.

I wouldn’t say it’s my least favourite because I’ve never actually used it, but that would be the history and travel articles

Sometimes I find Pandora`s Box silly and not especially helpful.

ATBF — and I don’t know why. I read it — maybe not every time but I do. I’ve gone to the ATBF MB, but it just hasn’t clicked with me. But I wouldn’t ever like to see it go!

Although I think Pandora’s Box is well done, the books never capture my interest; I think my tastes might be different than the two ladies’.

I don’t really read the historical information and travel articles- just not of much interest to me

PPP – dumb

The message board software is cumbersome to use.

I just don’t have personal interest in things like Castle of the Week, PPP, historical notes.

PPP Contest because I lack the time and inclination to either read the entries or participate.

The discussions on ATBF because they can be too long to read

keep us up to date with novels that are must reads

I like all the features at AAR. However, I do find the ATBF a big long to read.

Probably all the hisptry and travel stuff– esp castle of the week. It’s not that these are bad features, it’s just that they are of no interest to me at all, and I do understand that many people find these extremely fun!

I rarely read travel info and blogs – sorry, don’t have the time.

I don’t have one

do’t know

I’m not big on message boards, forums and blogs…just don’t have time to utilize them properly.

Purple Prose I guess….Not much purple prose in the books I read these days. It certainly was an issue not many years ago but don’t see it much anymore. I’m sure many find it still humorous tho.

Writers Side – am just not interested. Don’t really care to get to know my favorite author’s too intimately – as it tends to then colour my views of thier books.

Maybe the spoof. It was fun at first, but the novelty’s worn off.

Hard to say – I don’t bother to visit things that don’t seem like they’d interest me. I come here for reviews, listings and ATBF articles.

Annual Reader poll never seems very relevant

I don’t have a least favorite feature.

not sure I have one

nothing i can think of…

There are a lot of features I don’t check so this is really not an issue

The message boards – confusingly divided, repetitive, have to click on each separate message to read making it hard to follow a conversation. The kind of software used at a site like Television Without Pity would make the boards easier to read. As it is, I don’t use them at all.

I don’t read the History and Travel articles because I feel there are better sources for that information out there

History & Travel

Probably At The Backfence. It usually doesn’t cover subjects that interest me.

Reviews message board – lately there have been too many negative comments.

Pandora box..not as entertaining or informative as a well written review

Pandora’s Box. I find that only Big Name author’s are usually discussed and that is not particularly useful, because I am usually familiar enough with that author that I know if I will buy them or not.

THE SEARCH FEATURE SUX BIG TIME. Before it was easier to searh but now it says either page not found or please try again, which is really frustrating!

I don’t use a whole lot of the site. I enjoy visiting, the site is great, but it’s the chance to discuss books with other readers I find the best.

I enjoy all the features and don’t have a least favorite.

I never look at the history and travel articles because I get this information elsewhere.

Well, I don’t use the Special Title Listings or read the PPP Contest.

no comment

I don’t pay much attention to the contests.

I’m not sure because I haven’t used all the features.


Purple Prose….just not interested

there isn’t a least favorite feature for me

I am not too interested in the PPP contest. I am not sure why.

Castle of the week, not interested at all for all the historical romances I read, LOL.

PPP contest. I have no interest in it.


Since I don’t visit some of the areas, I cant’ comment on them. I like what I have visited. OK, I do have one least favorite feature — the very small print on the headers of the Potpourri Message Board and the RtR boards — they have been much less readable since the changeover, and the other boards don’t seem so small… Those make me crazy. I’ve reduced my reading of both those boards because I can’t see what’s being talked about!

At the Back Fence (see below)

PPP contest; I have not visited that feature yet.

Don’t have a least favorite.

Well, I don’t use the speacial titles listing and find the new review platform a little intimidating.

It’s a tie, again. Pandora’s Box and ATBF. Pandora because it seems out of step. To be really honest (you asked), Linda too often comes across as indiscriminate and even evokes the dreaded fangirl image. This is painfully out of tune with Blythe’s more insightful and thoughtful comments. ATBF because I already have a full time job and when I pull it up on the screen and see what looks like a billion tiny, scholarly words, I quake in fear and turn off the computer. I’m sure there’s good stuff in there, but I don’t have the time or the desire to try to find it.

User dialogs – usually there just isn’t much there in useful content.


The Power Search. Ack! I’m sorry I understand that AAR spend a lot of time updating it, but without the archive reviews, it’s harder to cruise randomly. Also, it doesn’t offer a double search, like only A-ratings, by this author and such.

dont have one

? There’s some features I don’t use, like Castle of the Week, though I don’t know if I’d say they’re least favorite – more like just not interesting to me.

im really not a fan of the style of message board. I like the type of message boards offered at, for example, better.

History & travel I very rarely use because it has a lower priority than my interest in finding out about books and what readers have to say about them. To be honest I forget that it is even there most of the time, but when I accidently stumble upon it, I have found it entertaining.

Don’t really have one

The Poll because it’s just majority rule and I don’t always like what everyone else liked. But that’s me, not you guys.

Pandora’s Box. For a point-cointerpoint feature, it often reads like idle chat to me. There’s no tension. I’d prefer to see some sparks. Not argument for the sake of argument, but the energy of real people comparing ideas.

New reviews – most of the AAR reviewers whose tastes coincided with mine have ceased reviewing and I’ve disagreed too often with the current crop to find much use there.

PPP Contest – I don’t always understand it. Other’s do quite well with it though so I don’t think it needs to go.

I don’t utilize most of the AAR features. I don’t really have a least favorite.

Don’t have one. Fairly new to site and haven’t really explored it yet.

reader to reader

Your new Power search.

So far I’ve never been able to finish a Pandora’s Box article. Don’t really know why that is. Perhaps it has something to do with the layout of the texst and the page, because I usually enjoy debates. At some point I just lose interest on the discussion.

Hard to say because I just won’t frequent them as often (history & travel articles) as I do like your message board or review section.

I usually only visit the reviews and discussions on those reviews, although from time to time I have skimmed other areas. I can’t say what’s my least favorite because it’s all about time. I don’t have enough of it! I really don’t want to pan another section of AAR that I haven’t had time to investigate. It’s not fair to AAR.

I don’t really have a least favorite feature; there are features that I use and features that I don’t use, but none that I dislike or think are poorly designed.

Pandora’s Box – it doesn’t add much new and seems a bit smug.

reviews, especially of desert island keepers

pandora box. I would like to see a new format, updated.

Don’t really have a least favorite. There are features that I don’t use, but not because I don’t like them just becuasse they aren’t of interest to me.

The purple prose. It just isn’t my thing right now.

Castles—It’s just not my thing.


ATBF It doesn’t interest me as much as the other features.

ATBF-mostly because I don’t take my romance reading as seriously as some. To me it is entertainment only not for factual reference.

PPP, not into it.



I have only checked the purple prose area once. It was fairly amusing; however, I can fall under the author’s spell in a good book and entirely overlook any purple prose. This seems to be unfairly showing something out of context.


Too hard and confusing to navigate site. Didn’t even know there was a Annual Reader Poll, PPP Contest or History & Travel articles.

Special Title Lists – not because they aren’t useful but simply because I don’t read based on them so they aren’t useful to me. I know other people find them really valuable so I make a point of keeping an eye out for books that should go on the lists.

the other message boards, too segregated

I pretty much don’t pay much attention to the travel stuff.

Purple Prose Parody, because I’m not interested.

The message board rules. I’m afraid I’ll post on the wrong board

special title lists; just don’t use them

Hard to say. I don’t have unrealistic expectations for AAR. You do an excellent job in providing readers with up-to-date information on romance novels (with other genres thrown in on occasion – also appreciated!). Some of the issues that seem to inflame people on the boards just don’t resonate with me, so my criticisms are few.

I don’t have a least favorite. I don’t generally look at the history articles, as I have a master’s degree in history. I don’t use the special title listings, as I generally know what I like and where to find it.


message boards, not the easiest just to surf without participating

Annual Reader Poll: I just don’t do it. I don’t know who to vote for and such.

Message boards – too much to go through but I know a lot of other people really like them.

I don’t have a least favorite feature. Overall, I think you guys do very well as a webzine.

There’s nothing I really dislike, but I rarely find the Pandora’s Box column as interesting or helpful as a regular review.

Purple Prose…Just don’t care about it. Also, when posters get nasty in the comments. (Not your fault) Also, when ADMIN leaves notices that someone has posted something on the wrong board. That is so OCD…leave it alone. Ya’ll get too uptight about posts going on the right board.

I wish there were more features/articles dealing with history and/or with similarities between authors.

I can’t say I have a least favorite of the parts of the site I’ve visited. There are parts of the site that I don’t visit, but that’s because they don’t interest me.

Castle of the week – just not interested

ATBF, only because I seldom read it.

Historical pictures, castles etc – not interested

Having to go through reviews before getting to message boards.

Definitely your new data base format. I find it hard to navigate. I much preferred your previous listing of book titles. For instance, I wanted a list of all your DIKs and the list I got was by date. Is there a way to change it so I can get this list alphabetically by author?


Although I like to read the message boards, I never ever post to them. I find the “rules” hard to follow on where I should post – and I’ve read AAR for years and years! For example – I don’t always know when a book has been reviewed. I always fear that I’ll post on the Reader to Reader MB when I should have posted to the Reviews MB instead. I dread the thought of the Admin. on my case asking me to “move” my question. So, I just never ever post.

History and Travel articles

all the blinking book advertisements I find them distracting when I’m trying to read text

Although I love to look at your castles, I rarely think do do so.

I don’t know, my use of the site it’s not so extensive

My least favorite is the PPP contest. I just don’t enjoy it much. I would rather read a book or other areas on the site.

the message boards don’t like to spend the time to read

special title listings because i’m not interested in them

don’t do the history articles much; not what I use the net for (fine with others liking!)

PPP Contest


Forums/boards, because they are so strict. Too many rules about what to post and where. It should be more relaxed/casual.

I would say its my least favourite its just the only feature I don’t actually use and that is the history and travel articles.

I don’t have a least favorite feature, really.

I don’t have a least favorite feature, really.

When people do not respects any one else’s opinion make it sound as if they were two youngsters fighting for the last piece of cake!

History & Travel articles

Reviews. They often seem to be mean-spirited and sometimes downright rude.

Search engine feature. It limits you to one criteria. Often I’d like to search on 2 or more criteria rather than wade through all the information I have no interest in.

Castles. They are nice to look at but that is it.

Sometimes ATBF is too long of an article

I guess I don’t have a least favorite. I like it all.

The PPP contest – I agree that’s it funny but I like everything else better.

I don’t use all of them so I’m afraid I can’t really say. No complaints about what I do look at.

Pandora’s Box. Because it’s usually a very very short discussion, and often more about the two reviewers peculiarities as opposed to the book that they’re supposed to be discussing. Not enough information about the analysis/discussion of the book, and it seems the only thing they give is a straightforward summary at the beginning, but then it goes into a “well haha you usually like etc.” to each other.

I don’t pay attention to the castle of the week. I don’t often read the history articles either.

don’t have one

I don’t have a least favorite – only some pages I don’t visit often, like the writers’ pages.

I don’t know that I have a “least favorite”; there are features I don’t spend time on.

I do not really have a least favourite. There are bits I do not visit often but my time is limited so I tend to just do the reviews, ATBF and Pandora’s Box. With the occasional look at a castle.

the inner workings of the authors. that usually detracts from the reading experience for me rather than adds.

I don’t participate in any contests or polls normally but I have no issues with them.

There is probably a lot of stuff I don’t use at AAR actually. I guess the History and Travel because its boring to me though I feel that everything at AAR is useful to someone and does relate to Romance.



I hardly ever read ATBF. Not sure why, it’s a nice feature. Perhaps I’d rather concentrate on what books I’d like to be reading. I am not very interested in the romance writing industry.

I think Pandora’s Box is pretty useless. And it is frustrating that a book will be in Pandora’s Box and then be reviewed by another reviewer when many books aren’t reviewed at all. Do three reviewers all need to give their opinion of one book?

Much of the site is too wordy, does not utilize enough web capabilities (links, etc.)

special lists especially terrfic

There are plenty of bits that I use very infrequently – but I don’t think I’ve come across anything that I dislike!

Haven’t found one yet!

I am not really interested in the Purple Prose contest.

ATBF. I used to read all of them regularly, but it seems like it’s gotten too big, too long, too much information. I liked to be able to read it all in one sitting. Now, if I try to read it, I feel like I have to take a break and come back, so I usually just stop somewhere in the middle. Or, more frequently, just don’t read it at all.

I don’t know that I have a least favorite as I don’t visit all the features on the board, not because I don’t like them but don’t find them helpful for what I want out of the board.

getting to the reviews

Pandora’s Box could be stronger. The discussions seem rushed and superficial. I generally find them disappointing, with a tossed-off feeling that isn’t terribly interesting to read. It seems a wasted opportunity for an in-depth article featuring two contrasting opinions of the same book written by two experienced reviewers, with each participant willing and able to back up her opinion with quotes from the book, discussions of themes, etc. I realize that quotes are used now, themes discussed, but it doesn’t feel as if a great deal of time or thought goes into the writing of it.

The new website design! What happened? I just think the homepage is awful and maneuvering through the site is cumbersome now. I used to visit the site a lot more before the “reconstruction.” This is a mess!

I don’t think I have one.

No real interest in the History & Travel articles.

ATBF. I am not really in to controversial or thought provoking topics. I don’t care to discuss my opinion about those topics. I think that ATBF is very well written and loved by many. It is just not my cup of tea.

Pandora’s Box. I just don’t usually read it.

None really

castle of the week. Boring.


I find the reader to reader message board to be very klunky to move around in. Compared to other on-line web forums it is primitive. I could also live without the PPP contest.

I don’t really have a least favorite.

It’s not that I dislike the travel section or the writers; I simply am not interested in the topic.

The features I rarely look at are the castles and the historical cheat sheets and such – I am just not interested in real life, just the books!

I don’t really have a “least favorite” feature. There are some links I don’t really use but that is simply a matter of taste and what I need from the site.


I like the concept of ATBF, but in execution is always seems too long, too hard to read, and isn’t very wide-reaching. There is also a historical and regency fixation that keeps the site from being my go-to resource. I understand that key editors on the site like those genres, but I don’t always feel like the site understands that I really don’t.

purple prose – I have no interest

You did away with the archieved section and that makes me sad….

I don’t read the Writer’s message board because I don’t recognize any of the contributors and it sort of seems like a lot of ads for ebooks, which I don’t buy.

I’m indifferent to the castle-and-history bit here. I’d go to other sources for that information first.

History and travel articles

Reviews – something for everyone

ATBF columns are often rambling. Over the years, I’ve become much more likely to skim them than read them.

If I had to pick one: Purple Prose Contest. After the first year the humour had run it’s course. Now, I don’t even read the entries.

the power search I appreciate the search; I like to read comments and quickly locate a review for the book. BUT, when the power-search came online, one of my 3 top reasons for visiting AAR disappeared. I loved the old reviews sorted by surname. The reviews were open; it was like browsing through a library – I stumbled across some wonderful books this way; not by type/rating/date/reviewer but by other unquantifiable relationships. The new reviews database is definitely more business-like but the serendipity factor is gone.

all those history lists it just seems like a huge waste of time to figure out a book’s exact proper historical placement I like history, but this is just to particular

The special title listings. It’s okay…but i had to pick something. I do not care very much for lists i have not made myself ;-)

Can’t really think of one. There are features I don’t usually read but I’ve checked them out from time to time.

ATBF, I just don’t have the interest to read every column.

Castle of the week. I never look at it.

Quite honestly – none.

Urrrgh! The drop down menus!!!!! (Not really a feature, but it’s my least favorite thing about the website.)

History and Travel articles – I don’t dislike them, I just don’t need them so they’re not that interesting to me.

Don’t have a least favorite

History and travel articles. It just doesn’t interest me from being in a country that features in these articles rather heavily. I do like the American ones, particularly the Gilded Age articles.

I don’t read the travel stuff.

I still find the navigation tricky at times. I haven’t used the search engine since the re-work was started.


I really miss the OLD AAR in terms of navigating to different reviews. Before, you could access the other books in a series or other books by the author directly from the review site. Now it’s not as easy. You are forced to use the search engine feature instead of clicking on a link. Why did this change???

The writers’ board because it doesn’t seem to elicit any back and forth discussion.

Don’t spend much time on the travel features, they just don’t interest me.

I don’t have one but I haven’t been to all the features.

Don’t know. Probably one of those that I have never seen the reason to visit.

I never use the history and travel articles.

ATBF. It seems very hard to enter a conversation in that area. I hardly ever visit that board because of that.

I enjoy all of AAR, I like the reviews, the discussions, the ATBF, and author interviews.

ATBF, but only because I seem to always come in late on the issues and feel that I can’t comment on the topic at hand.

See the above answers.

I don’t know because I only use what I need


narrowminded posters on the message boards

can’t search reader comments for author/title. or i can’t…

“Castle of the week”


Sometimes I get worried that it is driven by publishers and not readers. Also, I like to read readers’ opinions, but I don’t like it when they put each other down. Everyone has a right to her own tastes. So far this site seems fair in that regard. I hope that will continue.


Don’t have a “least” favorite. I’m sure that there are many features with which I’m unfamiliar, though.

Really can’t say. I don’t use some of your features but that doesn’t mean they’re my least favorite.

I don’t have one.

Purple Prose Contest

The format. It is ugly and not userfriendly.

The way your site is organized.

I don’t necessarily have a “least” favorite….due to time constraints I usually only visit the new reviews (or archived reviews to check out backlists) and the Reviews Message board.

I wouldn’t say I had a least favorite feature just ones I don’t use.

History & Travel articles, just not interested

The site is fairly confusing to navigate–where is stuff and what is it

History & Travel articles: I never access them

I don’t pay any attention to special title listings or the writer news board.

Don’t really have one.

I wouldn’t say it’s my least favorite, but the least used feature is the Castle of the Week. It’s nice, but it really doesn’t spark much discussion or comment.

History and travel, because I’m not very fond of history, and I like to travel only in real life

I don’t really use the travel/history part, I didn’t even know it was here until I took this survey.

I didn’t know you had travel articles.

Sometimes your message board can become rather catty in it’s comments about books and authors.

What Would You Like Us To Change?

Site layout, navigation.

additional links for the above

Hmmm…can’t really think of anything. You’ve made so many unbelievably useful changes over the past year, with the new search features, the new look…can’t think of anything at the moment.

Can’t think of anything.

Would love to have listed in reviews all the books of an author’s series, but I know that this is very time consuming. You already provide such a wonderful service to romance readers, I can’t ask for more!

I know that I found AAR when I was doing a Google serach to find out more about a particular book. Now that many of the reviews have been transferred to the new database I wonder if some people who might have found AAR the way I did won’t be able to do so so easily. I was under the impression that the new database doesn’t create static pages in the same way, so a search engine wouldn’t be able to find them. But maybe I’m wrong about that.

I’d like to see more history, as mentioned above. I’d also like to see some discussion (maybe in ATBF) about books made into movies. I’d like to see articles about the differences, was the story made better by the movie, so on and so forth. Also, I think it would be great if there was an occasional spotlight on real-life romantic couples.

Site navigation and color scheme

Can’t think of anything.

Reading and navigating through the posting boards still feels a little clunky. Would like to be able to see more than one post at once.

Going back to old format if book is part of a series and being able to link the connecting series instead of having to do a power search. Bring back cover contest.

I am happy with the site. Nothing I really would like to see change.

I always want more & more reviews.

How about guest reviews from either authors or editor or agents.


More Pandora’s Box reviews. I like seeing more than one opinion on a book.

I am always grateful for reviews of books like the Historian and am happy that these are covered as well as the usual romance stuff. Would a



Can’t think of a thing at the moment


The only changes I would like to see is making At the Back Fence more frequent and ensuring new content everyday in other areas, such as the reviews. I hate sometimes going 5 days with no new reviewss. I get discouraged going to your site then.

Can’t think of anything right now.


More reviews – read & write faster!

More special title listings

Maybe slightly simpler guidelines for the message boards?

Nothing really comes to mind.


You’re doing well

In the old database, related books had links to other books in the series. I like to read series sequentially and miss this function.


This is purely cosmetic and others probably disagree, but I don’t like mouse-over menus. If my mouse just happens to be in the “wrong” spot, the menu pops up and obscures the text underneath it. Since you usually have some text there, it’s annoying to move my mouse to get the menu out of the way. I’d rather click and get a drop-down menu. But that’s me.

in the reviews, you must recreate the link to all the book of a serie

review more contemporarys

Nothing—you’re doing a super job!

why are there no links to previous castle of the week pages?

The server is often kind of slow from my experience, especially the review search engine.

This is silly, but I miss the Desert Island theme for the DIKs. I wish, too, that message boards other than ATBF were available in email (digest) form.

More e-book reviews.

Nothing–I like the new improvements to the reviews. They are easier to find and easier to use.

I think it would be great if you had all the books in the Special Titles Listings linked back to their reviews, though I know that would probably take a lot of time to do. Oh, and more reviews would be wonderful ;)



I dont think there is any thing I would specifially like to change i enjoy the site as it is

more reader polls throughout the year

I know Laurie has addressed this a million times, and that there are very good reasons why it won’t change, but in a perfect world I would love to have the related series links brought back. (Ducking and running!)

Not that you do not have enough and a large database, but more reviews are always helpful.

More reviews, especially of series books and lesser known authors.

not so much a change as an idea. Might be interesting to have a way for readers to agree or disagree with the reviews right on the review page – like a poll or blog comments. So could be just a function that said 5 readers rated this book an A, 3 a B, 6 a C, etc.

Add more reviews please. In the old web version it was particularly useful to have series information include under the title when reading reviews. It was easy to see the series order and flip back and forth to the reviews. Now it takes guess work to find books in a series. For an example look at Dark Melody by Christine Feehan. Who knows where that novel fits into the series. When an author does not repeat a key title word (Feehan repeats Dark)finding the others in a series is even more difficult.

Faster review times. I would like a book to be reviewed by the time it comes out. I know this has been explained, but you did ask….


can’t really think of anything.

Keep the discussions to books. Too much space is now given to TV shows and movies, and there are hundreds of other sites where these topics can be discussed.

I would really like to search by the authors’s first AND last name with your new search engine.

I have a harder time finding DIK reviews than I used to.

You are doing a wonderful job. I express my deep-felt admiration and appreciation. This site has given me much enjoyment over the last two years that I have been a regular visitor. Thanks to you dedicated reviewers and site managers, I have greatly expanded my reading repertoire and have found some wonderful books which will be forever dear to my heart. It seems selfish to ask – but even more reviews would be wonderful!


Make the outcome list of searches sortable by Author’s name (there is more than one Alexander), by grade, by date, at least. Of course, I’d also like it if you added new reviews a bit faster (g) and reviewed backlists of selected authors as well.

Hmmm. I think At the Back Fence is a good feature, and it has been the source of wonderful discussions. However, it would be better if held to word limits — it can tend to run on a bit.

not sure

I wouldn’t change anything.

Can’t think of anything

I like the new changes the site has undergone.

I like being able to sort the review list. I wish I could sort it by sensuality, and in the archives, too.

See above comments about DIK features. I’m also always looking for new authors to try, so I be interested in some type of “new authors” feature. Maybe just a list of new, noteworthy authors to try?

lighten up…… we read for entertainment

Site navigation isn’t clear to me.

Have more author-focus features–something a little different than the usual interview. Maybe let readers ask questions. Maybe have them do something a little…unusual.

expand on the types of books you review and try to branch out from just the more mainstreem authores you do the reviews on.

Nothing really.

I would personally say some of the ‘political comment’ about the romance book industry, *but* it’s an important part of things, so no… ! I think Pandora’s Box sometimes doesn’t get down to the nitty gritty – perhaps a fresh look at that. I find when looking up reviews, and they’re not listed, having to go back instead of a ‘search again’ box is frustrating. So that ‘search again’ box might be handy.

I really enjoy the author interviews, and would love to have more of them!


I sometimes have trouble accessing older reviews.

You’ve already addressed this several times, but I really appreciated and constantly used your listing of connected books in your old review format. I realize it takes many hours to keep this up, but I’d say about 1/4 (250+) books I have in my TBR pile were purchased based on them being part of a series and ONLY knowing that from your website. Some authors don’t have their own websites and on reprinted series, it’s hard to tell what book to read first, second etc.. perfect example for me was the Fallen Angels series by Putney.

I would reallllly like a direct link to the reviews of the books in the Special Title Listings section. I know there is a search field on the botton of the page, but there isn’t always a review for the books listed. Also I think it would be great if the public had some choices in what books get reviewed.

more author interviews

I miss the old format of being able to randomly read reviews. I discovered new authors that way. The new search system is great, but…..

More reviews would be great. (That’s just me being greedy)

I’d love to have more author interviews.

I am not sure that you can change the one thing about the site that bothers me. The message boards sometimes seem to be a closed community with the regulars interacting with one another and often ignoring attempts by newbies or lurkers to enter the conversation.

Some board, ATBF maybe, required one to log in. Fine, but that is never easy for me and I wish I could read it without having to sell my soul.

As much as I love ATBF, it’s grown a bit boring over the past five months or so (barring the discussion on the role of AA romances in the greater scheme of things). LLB is great, but it seems as though the topics have become a bit passe because it seems that a lot of readers want to become writers and discussions about the staleness of the genre, genre conventions, etc etc feels as though we’re going round and round in circles since (a) the publishing world does what they like & (b) even though dissatisfaction is voiced frequently, visitors aren’t proactive thus rendering those types of discussions as moot. The romance genre is as different as it was five years ago as it is a year ago and it sort of feels as though, besides reviews, etc, AAR hasn’t evolved or remained ahead of the game as it could be.

More reviews please – even though I hate the historicals, I can forgive you if you feature more reviews across the board. I am based in London, England and I would love to see more international authors (not just Brits, but Aussies, Ziwi’s , South African’s etc) featured. Also more books listed for “special title listings”. Some of the ones you have listed are so old, and its impossible to locate them or find a review for them.

-get more reviewers from various backgrounds. -let a book reviewed by more than one person. -introduce more new writers.

More reviews.

The format of the forums. It’s much harder to navigate than any other forums I’ve been on, and looks messy/unattractive. I actually didn’t read the forums for a long time simply becuase I couldn’t be bothered to navigate it! A format such as those vBulletin provides would be vastly preferable for the following reasons: a) Easier to give general notices b) Easier to sustain longer general chat threads c) More threads appear on the screen at one time d) New posts on threads will automatically ‘jump’ the thread to the top of the page (and those that don’t receive attention can be ‘bumped’ up to the top by the first poster if necessary for example in reader to reader thread–which I do, incidentally, find easier to use) Most websites have a forum style like vBulletin, and it might be that I’m used to it (but if I’m used to it, I’m sure many others are!), but I think that it will encourage people to post more, and a greater variety of topics could be discussed. Also, usernames will become fixed–which I doubt is a problem at AAR, but impersonation regarding names is bound to happen at some point. Also, regular posters will receive special status because of large post counts, again, something that will encourage more widespread posting.

I personally do not read series books or some other books that you review which are boring for me to have to skip over

too many discussion boards

The design and navigation of the site. It’s not well created and needs a complete makeover. However, your information, reviews, insight, overall content are my guides in purchasing my books.

Sometimes it takes several tries to find a particular book on the search engine. Maybe a more consistent engine?

make it easier to get around

I know you guys spent A LOT OF TIME on the search engine (and I mean absolutely no disrespect) but I miss the indexing by last name and I miss info on ‘part of a series’ stuff. I know, that it has already been explained why it is the way it is.

I don’t like all the pop up ads.

I’d like to see more reviews and I would also like more polls.

Can’t think of anything. Maybe to update the info for all the reviewers.

on the homepage, put a link to immediately jump to the most commonly used pages rather than hunting for it in the bar of choices at top.


Sometimes a reviewer may refer to a personal bias or bit of information such as “It was too ___ for my tastes”. Being that I don’t know the reviewer well enough to judge their tastes with mine…

I can’t think of anything at the moment. Maybe larger print, but other than that. Nothing

Well, sometimes I find a reviewer with tastes similar to mine, but its hard to find other books reviewed by the same person.I would really like to be able to find books by reviewer.

To make it easier to browse the reviews once again. I used to just pick a page at random and choose an author I’ve never heard of to get new ideas. The new format makes it impossible if you don’t have a specific search in mind.

Besides updated links, I really miss the old archive pages where all the reviews were actually listed out. I realize that with the new search feature it is still possible to come up with various lists, but I definitely miss the sheer browse-ability of the old archives. And I have to say . . . I kind of miss the glaring turquoise colors of the old DIK reviews, too :) The new format is very nice and wonderfully searchable, but I’ve come to associate the little palm tree graphics with a good read.

I would like the search engine to change back to the way it was, but it really wouldn’t make any difference to me.

Honestly? Nothing. For example even if I don’t use the history and travel articles, it’s nice that they are there for visitors who might use them. What might be nice is to get to know some of the regular posters better. But then again, I can see where that might not work because some of them might not be comfortable sharing more information about themselves.

This is one of my favorite sites and I don`t need any major changes.

I can’t think of anything — as a friend of mine says: “It’s all gooood”

I like it all! I would love to see more reviews, but I also realize that takes a lot more effort and everyone is volunteering. So I’m happy.

the only change I can see is that I would like more of everything. By this I mean maybe updating some older information like links (some are either outdated or new authors aren’t listed), favorite books by favorite authors, top 100 romances, etc

nothing, really

The message board software. Adding more reviewers and more books would be wonderful.

Nothing. It’s a wonderful website, run by volunteers who work hard who seem to get a lot of grief for their efforts. I enjoy 85% of the site, and I visit it every day. I’m an addict.

The Special Title Listings are sometimes confused and inaccurate. I like the idea, but the execution is lacking.

Nothing really.


I liked some of the formats of the old review pages. For example, on those pages, you were able to see the links to related books, such as those in a series. So you know what the books in the series are. The new pages simply tell you that it is part of a series, but not what other books are in the series, so it’s a bit hard to figure out. I also liked the links to the other books of the series.

Not much, though I do wish some of theo ld hyperlinks could be fixed. Maybe some more author interviews!

Hm, let me think a year about this.

More reviews please!

trying to find an old book reviews

Hey, you don’t have to change anything! But it would be great if the discussion threads were introduced on the AAR list also.

Nothing really

Sometimes have a hard time navigating site.

Get the reviews up before or right after a book comes out. Sometimes it’s weeks or months before a review appears, and what help is that?

Link the titles in special title listings to reviews, or at least give a short description of the book so we’ll know if it’s worth looking for.

More reviews

Perhaps more of if you like this author/storyline, try this other author/storyline.

More reviews

have no idea-will write if i think of anything

I don’t care

Message board format

Try to review even more novels, please

Would rather the reviews were available before the books came out, but that’s probably not always possible.

I would very much like to be able to search for the author’s full name instead of only last or first name. It’s really a pain to type in a last name and find that there are 4 authors that share it, especially since the reviews are not even arranged by author names but by date. I also very much miss the links to reviewed books in the Special title listing. I also think that there are too many series books reviewed while the number of reviews for historicals is disminishing. And, also concerning reviews, I’ve noticed that they take longer to appear and a lot of times the book has already been released when the review appears (ie Kiss Me Annabel…) I like to read reviews in advance so I know if I should buy the book or not.

I miss the old site where you could search for a review of a book listed in the Special Title Listings.

update some of the old stuff like fav bks by fav authors

I’d love to see newer authors get put to the Pandora’s Box test.

Search feature… Make it easier and work like before

Whatever you are the most tired of dealing with. If you’re not having a good time doing a feature, the visitors aren’t going to. Oh, wait. There’s a problem when using the message boards. Most times, when using the back button to correct a post, it tends to erase what you’ve written. It would sure save time to only have to go back and fix, not completely rewrite what I’ve already written.

I liked the feature on the old site where if a book was apart of a series the books were listed and the correct order of the series.

Because I am primarily looking to read new romances that I can easily buy at a new book store, I would prefer a higher concentration of reviews of books published in the past couple of years. For me books published 5-10 years ago are difficult to find and so the reviews are less relevant.

Probably nothing you can do abou this, but I wish Rachel would post more reviews. I usually like the same types of books she enjoys. I find that my tastes don’t correlate with that of most of your other reviewers. A couple of books that have received high marks here from reviewers, I have found disappointing.

heavy on the text, would like more pictures

If possible, more reviews, more quickly.

Believe it or not, I liked the old method of looking up an author alphabetically and the links to that author’s books. The new search engine on this site is something I’m still getting used to.

i’m not into reviews of non romance books. like mysteries. i dont get why they’re there.

Have a least two people review each book, one reviewer is to one sided.

i am not that picky so i don’t have anything i would like to see changed

I think everything is fine.

the first page could lose the boxe for the updates, and less text or at least font variations could be added. I’d also like to see a review date added, and the same as a search feature on the review page.

Not a thing.

Nothing much I don’t care for purple, but that’s all

I really hate the small print for the headers in the Potpourri Message Board and RtR message board. As an older person, the bigger the print the better! It really has cut down on my time on those boards.

I really think that the At the Back Fence feature would be more interesting if it had a more magazine-like feel to it – shorter articles, quick polls and the results of previous polls, short interviews or recent author news, intros to the staff or highlights of a newbie author. Also, it could really use a visual touch – more photos, etc. I read women’s magazines in very large part because of the visual appeal. I almost always start reading this feature and end up skimming or abandoning it.

More special title listings or comparative book lists (i.e. “books similar to this one are…”, perhaps related to plot or theme).

This is a very selfish (and really quite unreasonable) request, but I would love to see at least one new review posted each day. Not finding a new review is like discovering I don’t have a new book to read.

Nothing, I think you guys do an amazing job!

More reviews, please! Don’t miss the BIG RELEASES! Too many series reviews. Who cares?

Allow search on mulitple fields.

it would be good to be able to sort the reviews by column headings (e.g. click the heading to sort by grade, etc)

The mentioned Power Search and perhaps the message board? It’s not terrible, only I had some difficulty understanding where to post, and reading all the posts was complicated as well.

everything is fine

The format of the message boards is not my favorite type of format for readability – I prefer a format like the Avon Authors board. But I don’t know if that’s feasible for you, and I know a lot of people don’t like the Avon type format.

the style of message board

I would love to see an update of Favorite Books By Favorite Authors. Get rid of some of the categories in the Annual Reader Poll. Some of them I never have an answer to: Authors Others Love Who You Don’t, Purple-est Prose, and where do you put a nomination for a historical set in India or China?)

I don’t know

Nothing. I think this site is great for what it does and for the sheer volume of coverage.

This is minor, but… I don’t really like the image of the people in the hammock at the top of the home page. It’s peaceful and romantic in a soft-focus way, but it doesn’t really capture what I read romance — or what I like about this site.

Broader review staff. Reviews of old(er) or OOP titles. Must (pretty please) go two months (or more) out on upcoming title listing.

Break out a bit and have more fun with ATBF.

I can’t think of a specific instance, but I have had trouble finding some things in the drop down menus. The presentation is too “pale”. It’s pretty, but it looks very bland. I don’t want an in your face presentation, but my first impression of the home page is that it looks faded. Hope that makes sense.

Not sure

lay out. font size is too small.

Your new Power search, go back to the old format.

Message boards’ layout: I find it difficult to differentiate the newer additions from the old, which makes it harder to follow the discussion step by step.

It was easier to find your review section before the current website changes had been made.

I think you do a valuable service to countless people free of charge. I thank you for the hours you put into the site. I’m not going to tell you to change a thing. If someone thinks they can do better, they are welcome to try.

Nothing comes to mind right now

More interviews with writers and publishers, tighter ATBF – it can drag on a bit. The reviews are not reliable – at least not for me. I have bought based on AAR recommendations, but have given that up – my tastes on the whole don’t mesh with reviewers’ tastes, I guess.

I still find it difficult to move around on the site – I think it should be clearer on the home page, and improvements in finding material in the archives are still needed.

see question 9

When threads are started they start with the first one (obviously) and then are in reverse response (newest first). When it’s a very long thread it’s difficult to follow the thread from the beginning unless you look at posted dates and times. It would be nice if all the responses were in order that they posted or somehow numbered.

I would love to see more interviews and contests. I would also love to see more of author chats if that can be done.

The reviews in general are wonderful, but I would like to see them provide more plot details. I know this runs into potential spoiler issues. I would also like to see more author interviews, maybe two each month and I would love to hear from authors you haven’t interviewed in a while.

When a book is in a series, you used to list the other books in that series. I loved that and wish you’d bring it back.

I would like you to change your power search engine to give you multiple simultaneous ways to search, such as instead of being able to look up just DIK reviews, you could all at once look up historical reviews of grade B or above, or DIK reviews TT with authors whose last name start with G, stuff like that.

more exciting visually. The purple and white is rather boring.

Nothing at the moment.


I would love to be able to “mark” books I want to buy/read and print a list of them, organized alphabetically, with enough information to purchase them (author, title, pub, and, if it is a series, the series abbr and either the month/yr or # in the series) to take to the UBS as a shopping list. It sometimes takes months before a book I want is at the UBS, so I’d like the ability to keep the list updated. I’d be willing to pay for that on an annual basis.

Gee. I really would like to know why Judith Ivory/Cuevas is not writing any more books. I don’t know how you would follow up on authors who do not have websites, as she did not, the last time I checked.

I would like you to go back to the old website. I find i don’t like this new one.

Not letting the posters to be flamed, also, I feel the admin is very blunt (to the point of rude)when something is posted on the wrong board.

Can’t think of anything

too many message boards

I really hated the change to a search engine for past reviews. I very much preferred browsing through past reviews that were listed alphabetically by author, and not having to look up a specific book. I found a lot of good reads by browsing in that manner, and it was really fun to read the F reviews. Now, you have to know exactly what you’re looking for.

You may review some romantic Japanese comics (other than the Harlequin manga). I would start with MARS by Fuyumi Souryo, it’s a keeper ^_^

I would like to add a “wish list” feature so that we may save the name of the the books would like to read someday. Also a more advanced search option or better yet a sorting option for more than one sort by author, grade, sensuality

As many reviews as possible! Also any additional historical cheatsheets would be very nice

Perhaps I’m a bit of a luddite but I have little to no interest in e-books so I tend to steer clear of those discussions and articles. Also I’m so over erotic/romantica/whatever you call it. Been there, done that, time for me to move on. Consequently, I pay no attentions to those authors/books/features.

You’re doing a great job!!!

To review even more books!

complete the archives, don’t drop the older reviews

I can’t think of anything.

More current reviews. I realize you network is all volunteer but it would be nice to have reviews about current books when they come out.

It would be cool if you guys could standardize the sensuality rating system. Hot for some people is Warm for others, etc. Because of this, it’s difficult to tell what you’re getting yourself into (or what you didn’t get yourself into, for that matter).

Especially on the main homepage, the pull-down menus are very slow to load.

I sometimes like to read older books but it is hard to find reviews on the older titles. It would be great to know if the older recommendations are worth searching out a book or not. A current review that says if the story holds up over time.

There is nothing in particular I would change right now, but I think it would be really cool to see AAR do a group blog, with comments from all of the reviewers/editors.

Possible review more of the lines that don’t get a lot of attention. For example, in the series romances there are lots of reviews about Blazes and Bombshells and others. But what about other lines like the Medical Romance line or the American line or even SSE’s? Those lines sometimes get neglected.

I’m pretty happy with the site and can’t think of anything significant to change

I’d like the titles in the Special Titles Listing to be hyperlinked so when I click on them, they go to the review. I like certain types of books, and when I find it on a list I’d like to check out the review staight away.

The serach functionality on the reviews does not always work properly and I often have to do the search in various ways tpo loacte the books/author I’m after. Wish you had retained the information about books being part of a series and the link to the author’s other works at the bbottom of the page

You seem to have a lot of unnecessary rules and one gets the feeling you will get your knuckles rapped if you go to the wrong board. Also, the print and color scheme is faint and hard to read. Why not more bold colors like

Your *new* data base. Please bring back the old. I know this isn’t going to happen, but truly the expression “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” comes to mind.


I like things, for the most part, just as they are now. I have no major complaints.

Features for new authors.

I can’t think of something major that I would want changed

The massive architectural changes you have recently made make the site so much more accessible. You have a tremendous amout of valuable content and now it’s much easier to fine. I’d sit back for a while and enjoy a job well done.

the old rewiews were more useful

I would like to have more reviews and in a shorter time from book release. I would also love ATBF more than twice a month, but know that is difficult with all the hard work that goes into the colum. I also realize that time needs to be set aside for the discussion.

nothing so far

i like the site a lot so no change needed

not sure. maybe more sci/fi fantasy romance reviews?

Everything is OK with me.


More flexibility about where you can post…it’s too strict and discourages discussion. Also allow users to share links to other sites that may be interesting to romance readers. Search engine is still somewhat difficult to use.

The only minor quibble I have is the order that when using the power search for books the results are not listed in alphabetical order by authors last name.

Well, it’s a small thing but, if you’re calling it “At the Back Fence”..shouldn’t you have a photo/picture of two people chatting over a fence instead of two people laying in a hammock by the beach? Also, I’m not sure how to post messages on the Reader to Reader board so, I’d like to see that be a bit more user-friendly.

Well, it’s a small thing but, if you’re calling it “At the Back Fence”..shouldn’t you have a photo/picture of two people chatting over a fence instead of two people laying in a hammock by the beach? Also, I’m not sure how to post messages on the Reader to Reader board so, I’d like to see that be a bit more user-friendly.

Long discussions and some of the knit-picking that goes on–everyone has a right to their opinion.


Review policy: don’t change opinions, but use more tact and less venom.

Add the links back to the Special Title Listings page. It was so much easier than typing the title in the search box at the bottom in order read an available review. Plus you knew which books were available to review.

Doesn’t matter to me.

Along with castle of the week, add “Romantic Hunk of the week”! I would also like to see a little bit more monitoring of the reader forums. There are times when certain subjects are not appropriate on a romance website and there are times when some get too rude and insulting in their comments. Obviously, no one peruses the netiquette guide! You folks do a great job monitoring, but I tire of the net surfers who swoop into the site for a few weeks, make their snotty remarks and insult some of us site old-timers and then swoop back out, thankfully never to be heard from again. I know this situation exists all over the net and is not just an AAR problem, but I for one am weary of these types of snotty people flugging up my favorite sites. Quite frankly, some comments take up way to much space, are a waste of time to read, and put some of us off from expressing ourselves the next time an interesting topic arises.

Nothing. because I have tried other sites and was not pleased with what I saw.

I can’t think of a thing except the “if it ain’t broken don’t fix it” school of thought!

Maybe add something to link my favorite authors to other similar authors.

Make the archiving of the Reviews Message Board longer — I used to be able to go back quite a few threads while scrolling down, but it seems to have gotten much shorter of late. Or! Keep a standard for length of reviews — I hate the really short ones that seem more like a summary I could get off of B&N then a real review.

Sometimes it feels as if things are being “over-explained” to users. For example, bulletin boards have tons of text before getting to the threads.

I do think it is somewhat hard to find reviews of older books

Suggest putting a large link to the search engine at the top of the home page, instead of the bottom as it is now. Also, there should be a large link to the detailed search page.

The one thing I miss about the old format is that when I read a review, the link color changed — and *stayed changed*, so i could find where I’d left off easily. That’s a small gripe, not anything serious. :) Now, I’d rather not see non-romance reviews, because that’s what I come here for. :)

I would like more reviews but I understand the difficulty involved in getting them out.

pandora’s box was a favorite until the last 6 months or so. that needs a shake-up of some sort to revitalize it.




Can’t think of anything.

It would be nice if you’d update your author links page. Maybe let us inform you of an author’s web address if you haven’t listed it already? Actually, perhaps you already take this input and I just haven’t realized it!

I find it frustrating that when I open the message boards I am opening up a whole new window in my browser and the orginal window remains open as well. I feel like my computer becomes littered with pages if I am not careful to close things as I go. I know this seems nitpicky but it didn’t used to be this way and I’m not sure why it was changed. And, honestly, I think that some of the posts by ADMIN can be a bit abrupt. I know this survey question was directed at format and content, but that is really the one thing that I can think of that could be easily changed. I can imagine it is annoying to the staff to constantly have to redirect people to the correct boards for posting, but a gentler reminder would not be inappropriate. I wonder how many new people leave the boards after making a newbie mistake and feel like they have been reprimanded?

layout, some of the sections are so run-on that I can’t easily tell where one ends and another begins (ATBF)… Format changes are desperately needed here!


More reviews would be good, but I realise that there are limitations on what is achievable for the site.

I enjoy the site the way it is. If anything, maybe more reviews.

The cover contest should be held later in the year to include more covers for that year. The variety of the book reviews is really improving.

I think the way the navigation is set up now, with the new format, the site is harder to navigate. It is more difficult to find new features, and sometimes more difficult to find the old features that you know are there, but just can’t figure out how to get to them.

I found out about this poll on Laurie’s blog, but I could not see the banners either just as Cindy could not, finally when I got the email with the URL and saw the URL on the blog eventually I got to the poll. Don’t assume because you use a banner or other device that everyone is going to be able to see them on their computer, please always put a URL where it is visible on the board. People may miss out on something because you are assuming everyone saw the information when they did not.

make it easier to get reviews on new releases only

Is there a way for authors to participate more? I know that many of us hang out on the boards–maybe we could contribute something to the site. You might consider posting questions (perhaps in Writer’s News) that authors could respond to (i.e., inviting rants on this subject or that and then seeing who turns up to answer–under their own name). As a writer, it would be fun, and you never know who might join in or what they might say. Could be interesting!

The cumbersome, drab homepage! How boring can a site entry be? This is such a great souce of info that the site entry is a travesty. It looks like an amateur effort. I would love to see some listings and recommendations of what your reviewers/readers consider to be the “classics.”

I’m very happy the way it is.

Visual appeal could be better…A new top of the page header..The couple in the hammock has got to go…..How about some color?

Since I am mainly interested in the reviews, I wish for more of them. I realize that you all are working as hard as you can and I really appreciate the work that you do. But if I was going to give you my ‘wish’, it would be more current reviews. I don’t care for Chick Lit and thus don’t want to see the finite number of reviews wasted on a Chic Lit novel.

The layout of the reviews. It can be hard to read because the sentences run across the entire page.

I wish some of the articles were updated. A lot of the interesting ones are from 1997 but there aren’t many from 2000 forward

I don’t like searching by author last name only – because I can’t include first name, I get authors with the same last name. Also, I miss the links in reviews to other books within a series.

easier to use search engine

I would like a reader to reader board that is easier to use. Check out a forum style like: You could have subject headings like: “Help for Wannabe Writers”, “Medievals”, “Non-Fiction”, etc.

Everything works for me.

Nothing! The site is accessible, I use what I enjoy and I’m sure other people love the sections I don’t.

Let’s see – I like the series romance books, so more of those – but I believe you have been doing more reviews of series in the last 2 years or so. Just more reviews please.

It might be interesting to occasionally read multiple reviews of the same title. You get some of this in Pandora’s Box and I’d like to see more of that.

reverse to old layout

I’d like it if ATBF had a zippier style, maybe have it be more of a blog with shorter chunks and more opportunity for topics to develop over time. I also wish that I had more of a feeling that someone “on the masthead” was a true fan of contemporary romance.

easier to use search engine/form – the page is very confusing to me and seems to be asking for more information than I have – I am looking for a particular book so I do not have a lot of info on it

Bring back the archieved section ….. PLEASE

After all the work you’ve done on the reviews, I hate to even say it, but I wish the search features would allow for more specific searches. I would like it if two or three of the options could be used at the same time – search for a medieval with a grade of B or higher or search for books with 2005 copyright date in a particular genre. But overall, I still love the reviews and can live with the powersearch.

I would like this questionaire to allow me not to answer or fill in all the blanks if I don’t have a relevant answer.

Its a good site, just because I don’t use all the features doesn’t mean I don’t recognise that others will.

Search engine to look up past titles for authors

The effort that goes into deciding whether a book is middle-late Victorian as compared to late-late Victorian, which few readers have expressed an interest in, could be better spent on identifying which books are parts of a series, which numerous readers used under the old system and have expressed an interest in.

You should have to read the book before being allowed to comment on it on the Reviews Message Board.

Please, please, please – the ability to search the database by the first letter of the author surnames. A search that found all of the “B’s” would bring back the ability to browse through the reviews database.

a better messageboard would increase interactivity – have one messageboard with individual sections that way old topics wouldn’t disappear and you don’t have to constantly go through the individual sections – with the segregation into different boards and the strict posting policies, I feel that conversation is often limited and sometimes even stifled – as can be seen in how quiet the ATBF discussion sometimes is Oh – and bring back the info and links to an author’s series in the review… yes, I know that you often say that you won’t…. Well, how about creating a static page where you keep the information on all the series by an author, with links to the reviews, and just paste the link into each review where the book is part of a series? I know that using that feature, I used to look at old author interviews and other reviews far more often. Honestly, leaving through the database trying to find connected titles is a pain, to the point where I look at the author’s website, or Amazon or other booksellers and I don’t rely on AAR.

Well..nothing really. I love the new look.


I used to think that AAR was really hostile to any authors that posted, especially if they didn’t like their review, but that seems to have improved. I think authors should have just as much right to critique a review as a reviewer has to critique a book and I welcome their presence on the boards. When I see the readers ganging up on an author that has posted I think it reflects poorly on the site. Again though, I think this is improving. I would also like to see more new books reviewed in a timely manner. I really like your reviews but maybe some variation to the way they’re set up. I can almost always expect them to say start with the heroine and say something like.. Paige Witherspoon is a shy libraran that’s looking for some excitement in her life…then on to review. I don’t know, it’s just very repetitive in style.


Would like to be able to search old message posts.

The drop down menus! I’m an “old school” vistor to your website (been visiting for almost 10 years!) I really liked the design BEFORE it was changed.

It all seems pretty good to me. Although a few more reviews would be nice! :o)

Not a change but maybe enhancement. On the search screen, I wish it were possible to choose more than one setting. (ex. book type & setting, or grade & sensuality)


I think the new interface is clunky. I liked the old review interface.

The Reader’s Poll is great, but a huge amount of time is needed to “get it right” when answering all of the questions. I would definitely participate if there were a list by button selection for each of the nomination areas. It’s much easier to remember the year’s releases if there’s a list to choose from. Granted, it would be a long list – maybe just for certain questions like favorite historical and not for favorite hero/couple – so it could be done quarterly and then combined – or not!

I miss the cross reference to reviews of author’s linked works,ie: Balogh’s”Simply”series

I would like you to change back to the OLD SYTLE of reviews where you can access other reviews by the author or other books in the series by simply clicking on a link within the actual review or at the bottom of the review.

Right now, I can’t think of a thing.

Not much- I really like the new format. I wish there were an easier way to look at all the books in a series, but i realize that is very difficult to do.


I would like the special title listings to have links to the reviewed books.

Most of what you currently have works for me.

Make ATBF more inviting. Also discourage political discussions. I think they can get out of hand and nobody seems to step in and stop it.

Because I read so much, I wish there were more reviews.

Maybe have an active topics on the main page or a hot topic notification.

A lot more emphasis on changing publishers greed and increasing high prices for books, maybe even urging the viewers of your site to write to them with the publishers snail-mail or email addresses to protest book prices, poor plots, etc.

No opinion

I prefer the former layout for the reveiws. I noticed that the new layout lacks sequel info,which was really useful for someone new in this genre like me.

more author reviews and remind posters to be open minded to all ideas

i would like to respond to reviews or comments and i can’t figure out how to do it. more reader interaction. more access to older reviews.

Better review consistency. When a reviewer raves over a book and then gives it a “B” with no real explanation as to why a book described as “pretty darned good” was not given a higher grade,it is a little hard to take said reviewers review seriously. It also pushes the reviewer lower down my list when it comes to reliable reviews.


Sometimes, I don’t understand why reviewers like certain books so much. I hope you will get rid of any reviewers who are driven by any kind of self interest.


Can’t think of anything.

More reviews.

More articles on fiction writing.

Format of message boards so that all messages show up when you click on a heading. For example, I really like the boards at

The format

You should have a site map. I don’t visit regularly and it’s a pain to remember how you organize things and figure out which link to click to get to the place I want. I’m on dialup and it’s SLOW so several times I’ve gotten annoyed at not finding what I wanted and given up.

Convince my favorite authors to write faster :-)

Please allow sorts of reviews by more categories such as publisher and time period in historicals.

I really liked the old format in Special Title Listings that would link a book to the review. Sorry that’s gone

Make the site clearer to navigate

Maybe a choose your font size feature; larger fonts might be easier to read

You should allow people to discuss what they like on at least one of the message boards, for instance movies, (as long as the discussion is polite and not offensive). You should allow links to other romance novel sites – very bad idea not to let people link where they want or discuss other sites. Most of all, I’d like to see more articles on trends in the romance industry, interviews with editors, and so forth – more activism on improving romance novels, less self promotional fluff from writers.


It would be nice if ATBF were written once a month. The topics are always so interesting, but due to lack of personal time, it’s hard to read 2 ATBF a month.

It would be quite handy to put a link to the rewiews, in the special title listings.

Not a thing


I would like to bring back the links at the bottom of the page that you used to have, that showed other books in the same series as the review being read, or other reviews by the same author. It makes things a lot easier when trying to find a series.

What Would You Like Us To Never Change?

The boards.


Keep those reviews unbiased!

Don’t change the upcoming titles feature.

Keep doing the wonderful job you’re doing! I don’t want to lose your site!

I do like the ATBF a lot, it’s like the editorial in a newspaper. I know it’s changed over the years, and that’s not been a problem, but it would be sad if it was ever decided not to have an ATBF at all.

The reviews! I think you guys are spot-on. I trust you move than any other review site.

Everything else


Love the polls and I really appreciate the variety of topics on the ATBF.

Reviews and message boards.

The reviews and the wonderful sense of community here.

Please: Never let yourselves be dominated or intimidated by publishers or authors who are disgruntled by readers’ freely voiced opinions.

nothing comes to mind

Reviews and special titles.

Can’t think of anything.

I love the discussion boards and the reviews.

Keep the reviews coming!


Please don’t discontinue the PPP Contest. It’s great fun to read them.

only to make it better

Never change the way you review books. This is a very informative and entertaining feature.

Your review philosophy and the free-wheeling ambience of your message boards.


Don’t stop writing reviews.

The cover contest and PPP

The review format and the ATBF

Honest reviews.

keep the reviews and atbf

Reviews and message boards

ability to sort reviews by date, grade, and author

The new reviews on an almost dailly basis

The reviews & message boards.

your enthusiasm

More contemporay reviews

The reviews section and the message boards

message boards special title listings ppp contest

Keep the reviews as is!

The quality and honesty of reviews.

The big database of reviews

The cover contest–it is perfect

The reviewing. I think it’s great how it is.

Message boards


The review data base

review format

The honest reviews and the free exchange of ideas on the message boards. I think the mods do a good job of intervening when necessary, but only when necessary.


Keep writing honest reviews!

The last updated note on the home page

ATBF is wonderful. Keep doing polls.

I think everything is fine as is, but I’m okay with change too.

the reviews, the message boards and the special titles listings

the policing of discussions to keep them from becoming too political or flamming.

The variety of message boards.

having to the old serch engine option on your site. I like the new one, but sometimes I can only remember the book was about Paris, a dog, and someone named Fred; the new search engine would not be able to find that book for me.

Never change your attitude. AAR is honest.

Never change the way you write the reviews. They are each of them wonderful little essays with pertinent comments, and some are so amusingly well-written I chuckle out loud.


The reviews themselves. I love their candor and the voice they are written in.

Desert Isle Keepers — Great concept that, I imagine, forces reviews to remeasure their book grade before posting.

The honesty. I feel like I’m getting the reviewers true and informed opinion. Also love the usual free exchange and respect of ideas on the boards.

Special Titles listing Book Reviews New book listings


The format of reviews and ATBF. They are so insighful and I love how it’s just regular normal people who are writing and giving their opinions about these books we read.

Posting reviews.

I love the way the new review board works, and I would hate to see it change.

good reviews

The independent, unbiased nature of the site.


The fact that you are honest in the reviews and if a book is a wall banger you say so..

The new power search.

I love the lists of books – obviously as they expand and update. I’d like an ‘If you like… you’d like…’ link for them (wow, fancy getting that going!!!).

Your reviews!! They are so much more in-depth and better written than the majority of reader-written reviews published online or in print.

Never change your willingness in the reviews to say exactly what you think about the book.

the quality of the reviews

Keep your message boards…please

The well thought out reviews!


the pandora box, it’s entertaining and fun.

The trust-worthiness & honest reviews!


Your independence and your openmindedness. I love your refusal to be intimidated and your willingness to listen both to voices that affirm your own ideas and to those that challenge them.


The honesty.

ATBF (love it!), Special title listings (just more recent books!)

reviews for newly released.



I have no idea


your content is good.


quality of revies

the grading and sensuality scale.

Change is good. I can’t complain.

The message boards, the reviews, the annual poll, the Purple Prose contest.

Openness of discussion, diversity of opinions, wide ranges of novels reviewed (from strict genre romances to other types of romantic fiction).

at the back fence articles


The ratings/sensuality scale. Very helpful.

Change is always good so you should feel free to change anything and every thing


I love Special title Listings and the new updates.

PPP, cover contest, reviews. :)

Please don’t change the Pandora’s Box.

The message boards first off. I think they are wonderful. The reviews. Even if I don’t agree with a reviewer, I am very impressed that they explain why or why not a book works for them. They give enough information that I can still make a decision on whether it’s a book I would buy

The Readers` Poll and the Cover Contest. These are always fun.

The combination of friendliness and professionalism. You’ve got a great mix going on.

The honesty of the reviews, the PPP.

the annual readers poll, the annual favorite book covers, the bulletin boards, the amount and quality of the reviews


The frankness of your reviews. Please don’t turn into one of those sites that are just mouthpieces for the publishers/authors.

Please always continue grading the reviews and including sensuality ratings; please keep the message boards. Also, even though it seems to have been a struggle the last year or two, I hope the annual poll stays.

The amount and variety of reviews.

The Purple Prose Contest and the Cover Contest

annual reader poll…top 100 romance novels should be done every year

Having reviews and the purple prose contest!

The reviews, with their impartiality

Reviews that really give grades and not fawning praise. Message boards that let you express your opinion (within the bounds of courtesy) even if others don’t agree.

The writer’s and their opinions. I love the variety and humor.

how to find new book reviews

Never lose focus of what AAR is all about!

review format and special catagories are both great for informational purposes Also the cover contest and favorite books of the year are excellent and I look forward to them

the extent of your content.

The nature of your site–it doesn’t feel like experts making pronouncements, but like a community having a long, involved discussion.


Honesty of reviews

The reviews.

candidness and fearlessness of reviews

keep book reviews and travel section

I don’t care

Annual contests

Quality of your reviews

Keep up the good work!

The honesty of the reviews. Maybe it’s bad of me but I actually cheered when I saw that Celeste Bradley’s latest had gotten a ‘D’. No other reviews site would have dared. I totally agreed with the review by the way.

Quality of reviews.

the diversity of of views and reviews

The candid nature of the reviews. I don’t get the feeling that the reviewers care what the author will think. This is a good thing.

Reviews and Special title listing :D

The message boards.

The search engine for finding books by title and author name, the reviews and message boards.

The honesty and integrity of your reviews.

Message boards. Monitoring seems a lot less intrusive and heavy-handed than it used to be. (I had no problems though with JenniferL’s recent post on the RtR board and it seems a lot of readers were glad she posted).

change has to happen, never stagnates

Never take away the reviews. I also like the bulletin boards; I browse them every once in awhile to get ideas of other authors to read, since the Reviews often aren’t as timely as one would like, or some authors/books may never get reviewed.

Never change the priveledge you so graciously give to every reviewer and reader who agrees/disagrees about a book.

keep reviews

To review books


I like the fact that the reviews aren’t just promotional pieces like the ones in Romantic Times (which I stopped reading after I discovered your site).

The message boards and the review

Don’t delete older book reviews. I often search out an author’s older works using your database.

Poll and PP Contesr

I have no idea.

Please continue the reader polls. I really like the Top 100 Romances feature too and wish that could be updated again.


New reviews

The review section. It’s my favorite.

Your honesty, trusworthiness, integrity and generosity in providing the forums. Thank you.

Current reviews quick summary list.

honest reviewers that say what they think

Never change the polls except to make more of them. I really enjoy reading the “Top” whatever.

message boards

Keep bringing those reviews!

the reader poll

The way book reviews are presented, very professionally with the reader in mind at all times.

Doing reviews

Don’t take the special title listings down or the bulletin boards, please. And add to the special title listings.

The Reviews archive. Please don’t ever take it down! ; ) It’s an invaluable resource.

Ease of use of the message boards.


The message boards

Not sure


Your message boards and Special Title listings.

Name and/or adress: I don’t want to lose you! =)

Future releases section and your message boards.

As stated above. Whatever you give me, I’m grateful for. This is the best romance review site I’ve come across.

Change isn’t a bad thing *shrug* and everything changes eventually. There isn’t anything that has to stay the same, except the quality of the reviews, which seems consistently good to me.

PPP – great fun.

good sense of humour and generous interpretation of “romance”


Never changing is not a good thing.

ATBF and the reviews. They have always been helpful to me.

See question #8.


Your detailed reviews, rating systems, and daily updates.

Annual Read Poll & Cover Poll

I really like the usefulness of your reviews table. It gives a reat first glance at books and their ratings.


The grading system. The cover contest — especially the bad covers, which provides great fun for everyone at my house. The writing about the romance fiction industry, which never seems to get serious coverage anywhere else I see.

At the Backfence column. I do not always agree, but it is always thought provoking. And I love the covers contest that you have given to another link. And of course, the reviews!

The content of the website, esp. the reviews.

I like the way the message board has a blinking icon to show which messages you haven’t read yet.

As long as none of the features disappear … :-)

the fact that you give negative and honest reviews

I love the yearly cover ratings, it’s very amusing.


nothing really

overall dedication to romances, including interviews and news about the industry, authors, etc.

The timely reviews!! I love them!

Keep the reviews and the coming attractions lists coming!!!



Special Title Listings: Please keep this feature, just keep it growing!

Your honesty and forthrightness.

Please never stop supporting special title listings. Followed by the book review system. The bulletin boards are a little dated in technology, but you guys are the ones who have to live with the technology, so I’m not going to pound the table over that topic.

The style and quality of your reviews. And I’d hate it if you ever stopped having the cover contest!

Don’t close this website.

Never, ever change the quality, thoughtfulness, thoroughness, and timeliness of your reviews.

How easy the site is to navigate.

Honesty in reviewing

The format of your reviews.

The message boards, Specal title listings

Special Title Listings

Your Reader to Reader format.


I hope that the Purple Prose contest is around for a long time to come! :)


I can’t think of anything at the moment

Number 10 being said, I think that every web site needs to be refreshed occasionally. Nothing is so good it should never be changed.

special title listings

I do not want to change the honesty and integrity that are the essential aspects in AAR, it seems, from the inception. Those attributes are seen in the revies, ATBF, Pandora and the boards. This is the best romance reader site around because the supporters and participants don’t kiss up to anyone.


the reviews and the list of upcoming relases

unsponsored independent reviews; atbf; poll; ppp contest; author interviews

Reviews, message board


Reviews are updated frequently, big plus. Also there is no spam and arguments are kept at a minimum.

The honesty and quality of the reviews

I like that there’s a bit of freedom of expression on the boards so, I’d like to see that stay the same.

I like that there’s a bit of freedom of expression on the boards so, I’d like to see that stay the same.

Lisr of the latest books.

The helpfulness of the website

Reviews…doing them in the first place.

Annual Readers Poll and Cover Contest! I look forward to them every year!

Message to message

DIK listings, except to make additions — Love this list!

Your reviews. No other site reviews like you do.

The respect that you have towards everyone in the genre. Authors, readers, reviewers and publishers.

Review archives.

The number of reviews, the grading system, the intelligence of the reviewers.

tone of site

the reviews–they are relevant and timely

The reviews! Keep them honest.

The open, civil nature of the message boards, but *especially* all the reviews!

I do not really know.

the DIK reviews and the way we can access all of them together.

Reviews – except to add more

ATBF. Its an awesome article with really interesting topics.


New and Updated at AAR section.

Don’t go offline, I’d be devastated! :)

Everything should always be open to change.

The committment to the community, and the diversity in option!

special lists. more reads would be great

Don’t take away the message boards! Please!

Keep on putting out the reviews!

The site is really well organized and easily navigable.

The reviews

Don’t change the discussion boards, they are informative and always interesting even with the flamers.

special title listings

The review structure. The messasge boards. The PPP contest. Pretty much everything, now that I come to think of it!

I wish you hadn’t changed the site entry. I guess you can tell that I really think it’s a turnoff!

Change is good but I do love the bb and would be very sad to see them go.

Please never stop your reviews…just get them out ASAP. Thanks!

the rating system of the reviews

The review policy. Always be honest about what you think about the books.

The purple prose and cover contests.

Reviewing books.

keep those new reviews coming

The way you handle reviews. Your dedication.

Keep your reviews current and your DIRs online! You’ve got a wonderful database of good information there.

Keep publishing those reviews. Also, I like how you organize it by publication date for the new reviews and don’t separate the reviews by category.

Continue to be about romance – resist the urge (which the site indulges from time to time) to stray into mystery, young adult or other categories of fiction.

Your commitment to the romance reader and the genre.

old layout

I like the graded reviews, and I like that you aren’t wishy-washy when it comes to issues.

the reviews rating system – especially the sensuality rating, that is an important measure for me

The awesome reviews and the desert isle keepers….

The fair, honest, and unbiased reviews. The message boards. The ATBF columns.


the message boards

I enjoy the message boards and the reviews the most


Honesty in reviews. I don’t read reviews before reading books because too many reviewers have a looser definition of spoilers than I do, but I enjoy reading them afterwards.

The reviews.

Keep up the good work!

uhm…. the fact that you are doing reviews and interviews

At the back Fence, the reviews, Pandora’s box, the annual reader poll, and of course the PPP contest.

The reviews.

I really like the tone of your reviews, informative and sometime funny but without coming across as mean spirited.

The interactivity.

The reviews format.

Your reviewers, they’re the best!


Only the Power Search section. See above



List of new releases by month

Review “scoring”

Never change the quality of the reviews. They are very thorough and very accurate. I think I’ve only disagreed with one rating out of the 100’s I have read.

That’s another difficult one to answer. Sorry.

Love the reviews and message boards. The ATBF archives have yielded many titles for my To Be Found list and I’ve learned quite a bit about the art/history of the Romance novel fom those columns. Thanks for making my reading experience great!

No answer

Not sure.

The honest reviews, whether I agree with them or not, are unique and valuable.

The reviews and the all around friendly feeling.

The excellent quality of the reviews. They give a nice summary of the book and the reviewer clearly explains why he or she liked or did not like the book. I especially enjoy the F reviews.

The book review section…except have more :)

Hard to state as the site has become a sounding board for aimless chats among regular participants. But a little more direct activism in behalf of women who read toward the publishers.

no opinion

Sincereity, intelligence, passion and love.


the basic format. (comment: some features i don’t use or haven’t used so i graded them n/a)

no opinion


I love the polls. Readers’ choices are the most important part of this website for me.


Reviews & the Reviews Message Board, natch


The interviews, history and travel articles

Honest Reviews

reviews, lists and author info.

Your Forthrightness.

Candid reviews!

The honesty of your reviewers.

The diversity of reviewed books

The reviewer bios and the reviews

Quality of reviews

Don’t get rid of the reviews or the boards or At the Back Fence!


Reviews, ATBF content, not frequency (see above answer for why), Top 100 Romances, polls, author journals, message boards, Coming Attractions (Romances for sale)

Your reviews, your humor, the ATBF…

At The Back Fence

reviews and message boards

Your reviews. It’s the reason I came to the site.

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