TBR Challenge – A Fairytale Romance

cats_tale For this month’s TBR Challenge read, I decided to hit the virtual TBR pile. It’s not as large as the dead tree one, but it still exists. I’m glad I decided to pick something from the Kindle because Bettie Sharpe’s novella Cat’s Tale ended up being wonderful. This inspired retelling of Puss in Boots is definitely a Desert Island Keeper read for me.

The story, told in first person, takes us inside the head of the beautiful and very spoiled Catriona. In the beginning, the scheming, devious Catriona uses her looks as well as a few tricks to catch the eye of the widowed king. This marriage takes her from rural obscurity to a very pampered existence at the palace – until the king dies. At that point, Catriona tries to protect her position by getting mixed up in palace intrigue and […]