Midweek Minis: The September 2015 edition, part one

Midweek minis! You know you missed them. This is the first one we’ve run since June and we’ve got so many reviews, we’re running half this week and half next week. This week, Dabney, LinnieGayl, Caz, Maggie, and Melanie share their recent reads.


I recently re-read one of my favorite books from 2013, Loreth Anne White’s The Slow Burn of Silence. (I did so because I’d just read her newer release A Dark Lure which I will review soon.) The Slow Burn of Silence was just as enjoyable on my second read and I highly recommend it to those searching for romantic suspense.

Rachel Salonen has just lost her sister and brother-in-law to a terrible fireĀ and beenĀ granted the guardianship of their only child, […]