Love and Other Scandals by Caroline Linden is 2.99

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from our DIK review:

Caroline Linden’s Love and Other Scandals is the best historical romance I’ve read this summer. Joan Bennet, the spinster heroine, has a sharper tongue and a sharper mind. The louche hero, Tristan Burke, is witty and wicked. Together, they are an engaging couple whose path to true love is sweet, believable, interesting, and sexy. Plus, there’s a balloon ride!

Joan and Tristan first meet when Joan is eight and Tristan twelve. Tristan is up from Eton for the holiday with Joan’s brother Douglas. Joan is asleep in her room when Tristan bursts into her room, shirtless and carrying a single red rose. The second time they meet, it’s at Tristan’s uncle’s funeral. Tristan, now Lord Burke, is a tall moody man who has already began to garner a reputation as a rake. When Joan approaches him and tells him she’s sorry for his loss, he kvetches to her about the way his relatives […]