Thanks for your patience. Our original poll didn’t, as was strongly pointed out to us on Twitter, include any books by black authors. And, once that was pointed out to us, we knew THAT poll didn’t reflect the values of AAR.

So, using reader feedback and information from Goodreads and Amazon, we’ve expanded the poll to be more representative of all of romance. And, we’ve doubled the number of write-in choices allowed so that everyone can make sure their top ten has a shot.

Here’s how this will work.

This is a new poll. So, if you filled out the poll before, you’ll need to do so again.

There will be four rounds and each will only be open for two weeks. You can vote once in each round.

Round 1: Select as many books as you want from the list provided. It is meant to just be a starting point. There are fifty books on it–the list will ultimately have 100 books. Then, in the write-in section, enter up to ten books that are NOT on the current list you think must be. All book choices will be given one vote so a write-in has just as much weight as one on the list.

Round 2: The nominations from you, our faithful community, will be provided to be voted on.

Round 3: The ranking begins…

Round 4: Once the Top 100 is established, we’ll give you a final chance to rank the Top 10. This will be the only time your vote will be restricted to 1 book.

Spread this thing far and wide – we want it to be as reflective of Romancelandia in 2018 as it can be.

Ready to vote? Start here.

Disclaimers: We’re aware this process is not perfect, and that there will be many contested rankings. We are a site run by volunteers, and there are limits to how much we can scientifically control a poll of this fashion. We thank you for both your participation and your patience.


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