The 2011 Listening Challenge at Speaking of Audiobooks

Welcome to AAR’s first audiobook listening challenge. For a complete description of the Listening Challenge, please visit the January 11, Speaking of Audiobooks column.

Choose your level of involvement

Level One The I’m Going to Give It a Try Level – Choose 6 of the following 14 categories

Level Two The This Could Be Fun Level – Choose 9 of the following 14 categories

Level Three The I Take Challenges Seriously Level – Choose 12 of the following 14 categories

The Categories All categories refer to romance audiobooks or those containing a romance thread

1. Pick an audiobook that received a DIK grade at AAR in print format.

2. Tempt yourself to find a series that grabs hold and won’t let go by listening to the first in a series.

3. Listen to another listener’s romance favorite.

  • You can find many of our listeners’ favorites in our Favorites and Romance Audio Bests by Author columns. We’re also running a thread over at our Romance Audiobook Message Board at AAR to assist you in choosing.

4. Listen to a book recommended in a previous Speaking of Audiobooks column (and following discussion).

5. Listen to a new-to-you author.

  • We are targeting romance authors or those authors who include a romantic thread throughout the series such as Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse series.

6. Listen to a romance sub-genre you usually avoid.

  • Do you find yourself listening to the same type of book? Challenge your tired old preferences and discover a whole new world.

7. Listen to a romance book released in 2011.

  • Watch our monthly new release columns for suggestions.

8. Listen to an abridged audiobook.

  • Abridged doesn’t have to mean cut up with favorite passages missing.

9. Listen to an audiobook that has been languishing in your to-be-listened (TBL) pile

  • Whether your TBL pile consists on CDs on your shelf, downloads on your MP3 player, or a book you have on your library list – just do it.

10. Relisten to a favorite book

  • Relistening to favorites is not only an affordable audio option, it is also a great way to while away the time.

11. Give a less-than-favorite narrator a second chance

  • So you weren’t impressed with that narrator and others are still praising her? Give her another try.

12. Share in your listening – listen to a book someone else chooses for you

  • Ask for suggestions in any Speaking of Audiobooks column or check the thread we have going over at our Romance Audiobook Message Board at AAR.

13. Borrow a book from a friend or your library

  • Discover a more affordable way to listen. For details on borrowing from a library see our Buy, Rent, or Borrow? column.

14. Listen to a new-to-you narrator

Have fun and come share your progress with us at our twice monthly Speaking of Audiobooks column or at our Romance Audiobook message board.

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