The Best of 2022 – Maggie’s List

A busy, often difficult year called for lots of laughter and joy in my reading and the following novels are those that really delivered what I was looking for.

By the Book by Jasmine Guillory

Beau Towers is former Hollywood royalty with a story to tell but with no idea of how to put pen to paper and actually get that done. Isabelle – Izzy – Marlow is a gal with an eye on a promotion and getting Beau’s book ready for publication is exactly what will earn her that top spot. But they both get a lot more than they bargained for when they start working together. I loved these two wonderful people and their romance, while low key, was a delight to read.

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See You Yesterday by Rachel Lynn Solomon

Barrett and Miles are stuck reliving the same day over and over. Initially, they spend all their energy trying to fix the problem but finding true love along the way has them questioning if they really want their time loop to end. This hilarious, sweet, thoughtful love story made me laugh out loud. If you’re buying books for an older teen or new adult or really just anyone who loves romance, give them this.

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Adult Assembly Required by Abbi Waxman

When Laura Costello meets Impossibly Handsome Bob she is not looking for romance. But sometimes what we’re not looking for is exactly what we need. This is an absolutely charming book about found family, discovering your place in the world, finding out who you are meant to be and yes, falling in love.

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The Wedding Dress Sewing Circle by Jennifer Ryan

This romance disguised as women’s fiction offers three delectable love stories for the readers’ pleasure. Childhood lovers are reunited, old friends turn into new beaus and war brings together a perfect beauty and the beast combo in this sweet tale about finding romance in an unexpected time and place.

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The Hookup Plan by Farrah Rochon

I’m not a fan of enemies to lovers but Rochon is such a great writer she actually made this trope work for me. It helps that heroine London and hero Drew are more rivals than knives out style antagonists and that early in the story they are able to work out the few issues they have. This is a fun, fast paced tale,  perfect for anyone who enjoys smart people making wise choices.

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Better Than Fiction by Alexa Martin

I absolutely adored this story about bookstore owner Drew, who is a self-proclaimed book hater and author Jasper, who is a living, breathing perfect hero that is (almost) too good to be true. Decent, kind people getting everything they deserve is my jam and this story brings it in spades. The tale also emphasizes female friendships and how they enrich our lives. I loved it and think others will too.

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The Librarian Spy by Madeline Martin

A narrative of WWII and two women giving their all and risking everything to make a better world, this is easily my favorite novel of 2022. It contains two romances and while the love stories are low-key the tale of Elaine and Ava fighting for freedom and discovering love along the way is not to be missed.

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Other Birds by Sarah Addison Allen

This is a woman’s fiction novel which contains a truly fun and poignant romance between Charlotte, a henna artist with a dark secret, and Mac, a celebrated chef who’s having trouble letting go of the past. This is a sweet and hopeful book that will have you believing in a world full of magic.

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Almost perfect: Two of my recommended reads this year are B+ grades. One because it is a series book and is sheer closure candy, perfect for fans but not a good work on its own and the other because it was so unbelievable and cute and fun that it was almost blindingly light.

Partners in Crime by Alisha Rai

This caper romance about Mia, a girl afraid to commit, and Naveen, a guy burned by love in the past, is hilarious, silly, and saccharinely sweet. It’s so light it’s practically air but if you are in need of a story that is simply fun without being a thinker, look no further.

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Ruby Fever by Ilona Andrews

This is the conclusion to the Catarina portion of The Hidden Legacy series. I enjoyed it a lot and practically sprinted through it because I was just so excited/anxious to get to the end of Alessandro’s and Catarina’s love story. I closed it eagerly anticipating the next installment, which (fingers crossed) will be Arabella’s trilogy. I’m also hoping they break the pattern and do a trilogy for Leon as well. It’s their custom to make the male cousins’ story the secondary romance but I mean, come on, this is LEON! Ruby Fever is a good finish to this part of the fantastic series and if you are fans of the authors you absolutely have to read it. If you are not a fan but enjoy fantasy romance, this collection is a must-read but you should start with Burn for Me, the first volume in the saga.

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