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Kelly Landis is the winner for our Villains Trivia Contest
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Our weekly trivia contests will be on hold for several weeks as we participate in a special contest sponsored by Dorchester Publishing. You can learn all about it here. We also need to catch up on mailing prizes to previous winners.

(October 25 – October 31, 2002) Winner Kelly Landis announced November 1 for Villains
AAR started awarding a “Favorite Villain” category in its 1999 reader awards. Please name the characters, book title, and author for AAR’s Reader Awards for 1999, 2000, and 2001. Favorite Villains

Which author wrote a Write Byte for AAR focusing on villains? She worked in a large downtown church for a number of years and did what? This author wrote that her editor was aghast at her choice of villain in which book? She discusses a scene in a famous book toward the end of her article; what book, and which scene Elizabeth Thornton wrote Write Byte on villains. She gave pastoral care to the congregation of a downtown church. Her editor was aghast at her choice of villain in Dangerous to Hold. She talks about the scene in Lord of the Rings wherein Frodo and Gollum are climbing the mountain and Frodo’s virtue begins to crack. What /wp-content/uploads/oldsiteimages accompany our Special Title Listing for Villains?

Boris and Natasha from Rocky & Bullwinkle.LLB went on a walking tour last year to learn about one of England’s most notorious villains. What is this villain’s name, and what were his/her crimes? She went on a Jack the Ripper walking tour. Jack the Ripper stabbed five London prostitutes. Why was Prince Vlad III also known as Vlad Tepes, and what does Vlad Tepes translate into? When and where did he reign? For what reason did he acquire his nickname? Vlad Tepes translates into Vlad the Impaler. He reigned in Wallachia (located in current-day Romania) in 1448 (briefly), 1456-1462 and again briefly in 1476 before being killed. He was known as “the Impaler” because it was his favorite form of execution, and he was often quite elaborate with the process.

(October 11 – October 17, 2002) Winner R.Srinivas announced October 19 for Barbara Samuel/Ruth Wind
Barbara Samuel/Ruth Wind has won how many RITA’s, in which years, for which titles, and under which names? She has won three RITA’s for Reckless (Ruth Wind – 1998 RITA), Meant to be Married (Ruth Wind – 1999 RITA), and Heart of the Knight (Barbara Samuel – 1998 RITA)How many AAR Readers awards has she won, and under which names? She has never won an AAR Reader Award. For how many books has she received DIK status? What are their titles, which names are they written under, and in which years were they published? She’s received DIK status eight times, for the following books:

  • Meant to be Married (Ruth Wind – 1998)
  • Beautiful Stranger (Ruth Wind – 2000)
  • A Bed of Spices (Barbara Samuel – 1993)
  • Breaking the Rules (Ruth Wind – 1995)
  • Black Angel (Barbara Samuel – 1999)
  • For Christmas, Forever (Ruth Wind – 1998)
  • In the Midnight Rain (Ruth Wind – 2000)
  • No Place Like Home (Barbara Samuel – 2002)
  • For how many books reviewed at AAR did she not receive DIK status? What is the lowest grade she’s received at AAR? She’s not received DIK status for three books reviewed at AAR. The lowest grade she’s received has been a B. Barbara Samuel reviewed a work of historical fiction for AAR some years ago? What is its title, who is its author, and how many times had she read it when she wrote the review?
    How many children and pets does Barbara Samuel have?
    She reviewed Anya Seton’s Green Darkness for our DIK section. When she wrote the review, she’d read the book 18 times.How many children and pets does Barbara Samuel have? She has two sons, three cats, and two dogs.

    (October 4 – October 10, 2002) Winner Jill Gorcey announced October 11 for Connie Brockway
    Connie Brockway won a 2002 RITA for what 2001 book? The Bridal SeasonEarlier this year Brockway and what other author did a “themed” collection of four stories. In addition to naming the other author, what is the name of the book, what are the names of the stories, and what time periods are covered over the course of the book? The other author is Christina Dodd. The name of the book is Once Upon a Pillow. The four stories are titled The Bed Is Made, The Bed Is Unmade, The Lady Makes Her Bed, and The Bed Wins All. The settings for these stories are Medieval, Elizabethan, Regency, and present-day England.Which Connie Brockway title features an epistolary relationship between the hero and heroine? What is the setting for this book, and when was it published My Dearest Enemy was set in Victorian England and was published in 1998.One of Connie Brockway’s books features a dyslexic hero. What is the title of this book, where is it set, and when was it published? As You Desire was set in Egypt during the Victorian period. It was published in 1997. Connie Brockway had two “hit” releases in 1997. What are their titles, and which AAR Reader Awards did they win (no need to mention honorable mentions)? Brockway won four AAR Reader Awards for As You Desire and All Through the Night. As You Desire won for Most Luscious Love Story and Favorite Hero. All Through the Night won for Most Tortured Hero and Favorite European Historical Romance.How many times has Connie Brockway received DIK status, and for which titles? She’s received DIK status for four books – All Through the Night, As You Desire, McClairen’s Isle: The Ravishing One, and Bridal Favors

    (September 27 – October 3, 2002) Winner Susan Diaz announced October 4 for Johanna Lindsey
    How many full-length historical romances has Johanna Lindsey written? Johanna Lindsey has written 39 romance novels.What is the name of Johanna Lindsey’s first published romance, when was it published, and what was its setting? Johanna Lindsey’s first published romance was Captive Bride, set during the Victorian era in the Arabian desert and England.Name all the titles in Johanna Lindsey’s Malory series in order, and include their original publication dates.

  • Love only Once – 1985
  • Tender Rebel – 1988
  • Gentle Rogue – 1990
  • The Magic of You – 1993
  • Say You Love Me – 1996
  • The Present – 1998
  • Which Johanna Lindsey title includes the infamous scene wherein the hero is “raped” by the heroine? Why did the heroine do it? The scene is in Prisoner of My Desire. The heroine’s greedy and evil step-brother had married her off to an old man who’d died on their wedding night. In order to secure the heirship before it is realized the old man is dead, he captures the hero and forces the heroine to impregnate herself with him. If she fails, he vows to beat her mother yet again. Where does Johanna Lindsey live, and when did she move there? Lindsey has lived in Hawaii since 1964. How many times has Johanna Lindsey received DIK status from AAR, and for which books? Only once – for Prisoner of My Desire Name a title that fits each of these nine these settings or types:

  • Medieval England – Defy Not the Heart, A Gentle Feuding, Prisoner of My Desire, Joining, Surrender, My Love, When Love Awaits
  • Viking – Fires of Winter, Hearts Aflame, Surrender, My Love
  • Pirate – Gentle Rogue, A Pirate’s Love
  • Sheik – Captive Bride, Silver Angel
  • Regency England – Gentle Rogue, The Heir, Love Only Once, The Magic of You, The Pursuit, Say You Love Me, Tender Rebel
  • Victorian England – Captive Bride, Love Me Forever, Man of My Dreams, Secret Fire
  • American Frontier – All I Need is You, Brave the Wild Wind, Angel, Hearts of Thunder, A Heart so Wild, Savage Thunder, Tender is the Storm
  • Civil War – Glorious Angel
  • Futuristic – Warrior’s Woman, Keeper of the Heart, Heart of a Warrior
  • (September 20 – September 26, 2002) Winner Laura Luke announced September 27 for Author Aliases
    What are the aliases for these eight authors?

    (September 12 – September 19, 2002) Winner Sharon Laird announced September 20 for Kathleen Woodiwiss
    What was the first book published by Kathleen Woodiwiss? How many times was it rejected? Which publisher finally bought and published the book, and in what year was it released? The Flame and the Flower was Woodiwiss’ first book. It was rejected 8 times before being bought by Avon. It was published in 1972.How many romances did Kathleen Woodiwiss have published in the 1970’s, and what were their names? Four – The Flame and the Flower, The Wolf and the Dove, Shanna, and Ashes in the Wind.How many romances did Kathleen Woodiwiss have published in the 1980’s, and what are their names? Three – A Rose in Winter, Come Love a Stranger, and So Worthy My Love.What was the reason Woodiwiss stopped writing between the 1980’s and 1990’s? She started writing again and contributed to two anthologies. In between the two anthologies, something major happened in her life. What were the names of her two stories, the two anthologies, and the major life event? She had a variety of medical ailments. She wrote The Kiss in Three Weddings and a Kiss and Beyond the Kiss in Married at Midnight. She had part of a lung removed in between. What year and what book marked Woodiwiss’ return to single title historicals? What is the setting (time and locale) for this book? Petals on the River was published in 1997, set in colonial Virginia.The Flame and the Flower is the first in a series of books. What are the titles, in order and with publication dates, of the other full-length books in this series? The Elusive Flame (1998) and A Season Beyond a Kiss (2000)

    (September 6 – September 12, 2002) Winner Joan Pravatiner announced September 13 for Susan Elizabeth Phillips
    Name three of SEP’s books which are also song titles. Lady Be Good, It Had to Be You, and Dream a Little DreamWhat is the name of SEP’s first book, which was written in collaboration with another author? What is the pseudonym for the writing duo? SEP’s first book was The Copeland Bride, written as Justine Cole.SEP’s second book was re-written and released under a new name last year. What was the original name, the name of the re-write, and what does it share in common with the book in the previous question that none of her other books share in common? Risen Glory was rewritten and released as Just Imagine. Like The Copeland Bride, it is an historical. In my 1997 interview with her, SEP said that these four books were written as women’s fiction and not romance. What are their titles? One of these books spawned a sequel that is a romance. Name the original, non-romance title and its romance novel sequel. Glitter Baby, Fancy Pants, Hot Shot and Honey Moon were written as women’s fiction, not romance. Fancy Pants spawned Lady Be Good. Name, in order, all the titles from SEP’s football series.

  • It Had to Be You
  • Heaven Texas
  • Nobody’s Baby But Mine
  • Dream a Little Dream
  • This Heart of Mine
  • (August 30 – September 5, 2002) Winner Kathy Liu announced September 6 for Opening Lines
    “England, 1802. It was only a matter of time before the wedding guests killed one another.” Julie Garwood’s The Gift“Merry Patricia Wilding was sitting on a cobblestone wall, sketching three rutabagas and daydreaming about the unicorn.” Laura London’s The Windflower“It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.” Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice“Mr. and Mrs. Dursley, of number four, Privet Drive, were proud to say that they were perfectly normal, thank you very much.” J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone “There are some men who enter a woman’s life and screw it up forever.” Janet Evanovich’s One for the Money“Summer, that vicious green bitch, flexed her sweaty muscles and flattened Innocence, Mississippi.” Nora Roberts’ Carnal Innocence

    (August 23 – August 29, 2002) Winner Nancy Carrigan announced August 30 for Bertrice Small
    How many books has Bertrice Small written? Bertrice Small has had 29 books published.How many RITA awards has Bertice Small won from RWA? According to her website, and aside from the Reviewer’s Choice awards, what are the awards she’s won from Romantic Times? Bertrice Small has not won any RITA’s. Her RT awards – aside from the Reviewer’s Choice awards – are for Best Historical Romance, Outstanding Historical Romance Series, and Career Achievement for Historical Fantasy.Also according to her website, Bertrice Small has the distinction of being “the most ____ member” of the Long Island chapter of RWA? Bertrice Small is the “easternmost” member of the Long Island chapter of RWA.How many titles are in Bertrice Small’s Skye O’Malley series, and what are their names, in order? The six titles in the Skye O’Malley series are as follows: All the Sweet Tomorrows, A Love for All Time, This Heart of Mine, Lost Love Found, and Wild Jasmine. Not part of the series itself (and not required for the answer) but part of the Skye’s Legacy series are these titles, in order: Darling Jasmine, Bedazzled, Besieged, Intrigued, and Just Beyond Tomorrow. Bertrice Small has contributed to three erotic romance novel anthologies published by Kensington. What are the names of her novellas, and the names of the anthologies? Her story in Captivated was Ecstasy. Her story in Fascinated was Mastering Lady Lucinda. Her story in Delighted was The Awakening.

    (August 9 – August 22, 2002) Winner Charlotte Zimmerman announced August 23 for Cassie Edwards
    According to Cassie Edwards’ web site, how many novels has she had published – excluding anthologies – through August 2002? She’s had 77 books published through August 2002, excluding anthologies.When was Cassie Edwards’ first book published, and what was its title? Her first published book was Eugenia’s Embrace in 1982. How many books will Cassie Edwards release in 2003? Cassie Edwards will release four books in 2003.How many titles are in Cassie Edwards’ Savage series? What is Edwards’ goal in this series? There have been 35 in her Savage series so far; her goal is to write about every Indian tribe in the U.S. If you join the Cassie Edwards fan club, how much are yearly dues, and what do you receive for joining? Yearly dues are $12.00, for which you’ll receive: membership welcome package; quarterly newsletter; birthday card; gifts from occasional surprise drawings; access to fan club website; and updated booklists available upon request. What is the title of Cassie Edwards’ sole contemporary release? The title of Cassie Edwards’ sole contemporary release is Island Rapture.

    (August 2 – August 8, 2002) Winner Deborah Fluehr announced August 9 for 2002 RWA Conference
    What sub-genre of romances are getting a complete make-over? Here’s a hint: to save it from extinction, some are considering soliciting orders from retirement homes. The traditional Regency RomanceWhat series romance author was reported to have her first contemporary single title release upcoming? Leanne BanksWhat author took a year off of writing and will have a new release out later this year? Laura Lee GuhrkeKeynote speaker Teresa Medeiros compared a writer’s life to what classic movie? The Wizard of Oz Which AAR staffer co-lead a workshop, and with whom did she lead it? Blythe Barnhill led a workshop with Cissy Hartley of writerspace.comWhich author said the synopsis is the tool of the devil? Susan Elizabeth Phillips

    (April 26 – May 2, 2002) Winner Cathy Diaz announced May 3 for Sandra Brown
    How many times has Sandra Brown received DIK status at AAR? AAR does not have a DIK Review for what 1990 release that Sandra Brown is very famous for having written? She’s received DIK status twice. The DIK title I was going for was Slow Heat in Heaven, which, according to BYRON, was published in 1990. However, according to Brown’s web site, it was pubished in 1991. As such, Mirror Image or Sunset Embrace are acceptable answers. What other names has she written under besides Sandra Brown? Sandra Brown has also written under the names Laura Jordon, Rachel Ryan, and Erin St. ClaireSandra Brown has written some connected books. There are four duos and one trio. What are the names of the titles in these duos and trio? Sunset Embrace/Another Dawn
    Led Astray/The Devil’s Own
    Breakfast in Bed/Send No Flowers
    Fanta C/Adams Fall
    Texas! Lucky/Texas! Sage/Texas! Chase
    On her web site, Brown says she sold her first two books within 13 days of each other. What are their titles and when were they published? The two books are Love’s Encore and Love Beyond Reason, published in 1981. What award did Sandra Brown win from RWA, and when? She won RWA’s Lifetime Achievement Award in 1998.

    (April 19 – April 25, 2002) Winner Teresa Baldaras announced April 26 for Jo Beverley
    How many times has Jo Beverley received DIK status at AAR? What are the titles of these books? Jo wrote two DIK’s for AAR. What are these books’ titles, and who wrote them? Beverley received DIK status three times, for Forbidden, Forbidden Magic, and Lord of Midnight. She wrote DIK’s for Dorothy Dunnett’s Checkmate and Georgette Heyer’s Powder and Patch. What are the titles (in published order, and include publish dates) for Jo’s Malloren series? My Lady Notorious (1993), Tempting Fortune(1995), Something Wicked (1997), Secrets of the Night (1999), and Devilish (2000).There are twelve men in Jo’s Company of Rogues. How many of them died before their stories could be written? Of those who “survive,” how many have had their stories written? Two died before their stories could be written. Of those who “survive,” six have had their stories written.How many RITA’s has Jo Beverley won, and for what books? She’s won 5 RITA’s, for Emily and the Dark Angel, An Unwilling Bride, My Lady Notorious, Deidre and Don Juan, and DevilishJo Beverley started her career writing traditional regencies but soon pushed the envelope so far that they were released as single title historicals. What was the first of her single title historicals (hint: it was fourth in her Rogue series)? Forbidden.Which historical period is this snippet from Jo Beverley about: “They loved color, for example, and I think if we were dropped back…, our first impression would not be gloomy but gaudy.”? the medieval period

    (April 12 – April 18, 2002) Winner Jennifer Turner announced April 19 for Julie Garwood
    How many times has Julie Garwood received DIK status at AAR? What are the titles of these books? She’s received DIK status 12 times, for The Bride, Castles, The Gift, Guardian Angel, The Lion’s Lady, Heartbreaker, Honor’s Splendor, The Prize, Mercy, Rebelliou Desire, Saving Grace, and The Secret. In AAR’s Favorite Books by Favorite Authors poll, which of Julie Garwood’s titles was the favorite among our readers? The BrideHow many titles did Julie Garwood have in AAR’s Y2K Top 100 Romances poll? Of the titles on this list, which had the latest publication date? And, of her titles on the list, which was highest on the list, and what number did it rank? She had eight titles listed. Saving Grace, published in 1993, had the latest publication date. The Bride was highest on the list, coming in at number 11. Julie Garwood has written a number of connected books. She wrote two duos set in the medieval period, a quartet set in the Regency, and a romantic suspense duo. What are the titles, the connections, and their publish dates? The Bride (1989) and The Wedding (1996) comprise a medieval duo. Another medieval duo is comprised of The Secret (1992) and Ransom (1999). Her Regency-era quartet is comprised of The Lion’s Lady (1988), Guardian Angel (1990), The Gift (1991), and Castles (1993). Heartbreaker (2000) and Mercy (2001) are the titles for her romantic suspense duo.In my interview with Julie Garwood, she talks about a Young Adult book she wrote at the beginning of her writing career. What was its title and what true-life experience inspired her to write the book? (BONUS: She also published another YA book under yet a different name. What is the name of this book and her pseudonym?) A Girl Named Summer was the YA book she mentioned in our interview. The inspiration came while watching her son talk to an elderly neighbor. Bonus: She wrote What’s a Girl to Do? as Emily Chase.What was the eventual name for Bradley’s Place? Rebellious Desire

    (April 5 – April 11, 2002) Winner Marie Niles announced April 12 for Anne Stuart
    How many times has Anne Stuart received DIK status at AAR? What are their titles? What is the lowest grade she’s ever received at AAR, and for which book? She’s received DIK status 4 times, for Angel’s Wings, Cinderman, A Rose at Midnight, and To Love a Dark Lord. She got a grade of D+ for The WidowIn my interview with her, which period in history did Anne Stuart say drew her into romance? In that same interview, she mentioned three authors from romance’s past who influenced her. Who are they? The Victorian era drew her into romance. These three authors influenced her: Victoria Holt, Phyllis Whitney, and Georgette HeyerHow long does it take this author to write a novella, a series romance, and a single title? It takes her a couple of weeks to write a novella, four to six weeks to write a series romance, and four to five months to write a single title. Which author does Stuart say writes “so good she’s an alien?” Laura KinsaleWhat is Anne Stuart’s “real” name? Anne Kristine Stuart Ohlrogge

    (March 29 – April 4, 2002) Winner Jennie Schiller announced April 5 for Mary Balogh
    How many times has Mary Balogh received DIK status at AAR? What is the lowest grade she’s ever received at AAR, and for which book? She’s received DIK status 11 times. She got a grade of D for UnforgivenMary Balogh has written a number of connected books. One such trilogy begins with the title Courting Julia. When was it first published, and what are the names and first publish dates of the latter two books in that trilogy? Courting Julia was first published in 1993. It was followed by Dancing with Clara in 1994 and Tempting Harriet, also in 1994A Christmas Bride is a part of two separate series by Mary Balogh. One has three titles and the other has five titles. What are they? Trilogy of:

  • The Ideal Wife
  • A Precious Jewel
  • A Christmas Bride
  • Quintet of:

  • Dark Angel
  • Lord Carew’s Bride
  • The Famous Heroine
  • The Plumed Bonnet
  • A Christmas Bride
  • What is Mary Balogh’s maiden name, and where did she grow up? Where does she live now? Before she married, her maiden name was Mary Jenkins. She grew up in Wales and now lives in Canada.Which of Mary Balogh’s traditional Regency Romances was voted as our readers’ favorite hint: check our Favorite Books by Favorite Authors poll) The Notorious Rake

    (March 22 – March 28, 2002) Winner X. Robertson announced March 29 for Elizabeth Lowell
    Aside from the name “Elizabeth Lowell,” this author also writes/has written under three different names, two with her husband and one by herself. What are these three names? Ann Maxwell, A.E. Maxwell, and Annalise Sun (One entrant got bonus points for including Lowell Charters, but missed elsewhere.)Elizabeth Lowell has re-written nine of her series romances as single title contemporaries. Please match the re-writes to their originals by name and provide the first publish dates for both (not all of the re-writes have different names, although all are “enhanced”). Eden Burning (2002) was originally Fires of Eden (1986)
    Beautiful Dreamer (2001) was originally Valley of the Sun (1985)
    Remember Summer (1999) was originally Summer Games (1984)
    To the Ends of the Earth (1998) was originally The Danvers Touch (1983)
    Where the Heart Is (1997) was originally Traveling Man (1985)
    Desert Rain (1996) was originally Summer Thunder (1983)
    There was no name change to A Woman without Lies (1995/1985)
    There was no name change to Lover in the Rough (1994/1983) (This was another toughie as BYRON gives a pub date for LITR as 1984. Lowell’s web site, however, gives 1983, as does myunicorn.com, so that’s the date we used here.)
    There was no name change to Forget Me Not (1994/1984)
    How many times has Elizabeth Lowell received DIK status at AAR? SixElizabeth Lowell wrote a trilogy of medieval romances – what are the names of the books in this trilogy, and when were they first published? What is the reason a fourth straight medieval was not written/published? What did Lowell write instead? Untamed (1993), Forbidden (1993), and Enchanted (1994). As her current contract is for contemporaries only, she wrote about Erik in a contemporary setting in the romantic suspense novel Moving Target. Elizabeth Lowell relays a wonderful and romantic true story in the afterward of one of her medieval trilogy. Which book contains the afterward, and what is the gist of it? The afterward is in Enchanted. She and her husband were in England doing research and decided to visit Scotland as they both have some Scots heritage. They happened upon some ruins (quite by accident) that had been a Maxwell Clan stronghold and after talking to some people in a pub they decided to visit a nearby museum. While touring the museum they discovered that the ancestors of her family and her husband’s family had been intermarrying for 900 years.

    (March 15 – March 21, 2002) Winner Kay Tindel announced March 22 for Lisa Kleypas
    What is the name of Lisa Kleypas’ 1994 single title historical? What is the name of its prequel, and when was it published?Dreaming of You. It was preceded by Then Came You, published in 1993.Lisa Kleypas competed in a national competition in 1985 – what is the name of that competition?Miss America pageantHow old was Lisa Kleypas when her first novel was published? What year was that and what was the name of the book? What was the name of its sequel, and what year was it published?She was 21 when Where Passion Leads was published in 1987. It was followed by Forever My Love in 1998.Lisa Kleypas wrote a duo of romances set in what city in the US? What are the titles of these two books?Only in Your Arms and Only with Your Love were set in New Orleans.What is the name of Kleypas’ Texas-set historical, and when was it published?Give me Tonight was published in 1989.

    (March 8 – March 14, 2002) Winner Rosario Ottati announced March 15 for Mary Jo Putney
    Mary Jo Putney wrote a very successful series of romances beginning with Thunder and Roses, published in 1993. What is the name of this series, and, in order, what are the rest of the titles in it? This would be her Fallen Angel series. The titles, in order, are: Thunder & Roses, Petals in the Storm, Dancing on the Wind, Angel Rogue, Shattered Rainbows, River of Fire, and One Perfect Rose.Mary Jo Putney wrote a smaller series of very successful romances wherein each of the titles included one similar word. What is that word, what are the titles of the books, and what are the unusual settings of two of them? That word would be “silk.” The titles of those books are Silk and Shadows, Silk and Secrets, and Veils of Silk. The unusual settings include Persia and India.Mary Jo Putney has re-written some of her traditional Regency Romances as historicals. What are the names of these books, both in their original incarnation, and as re-writes? The Rake and the Reformer was re-written as The Rake. The Rogue and the Runaway was re-written as Angel Rogue. The Controversial Countess became Petals in the Storm. The Would-be Widow became The Bargain.Mary Jo Putney had her first contemporary romance published in what year? What was its name and why was it considered controversial? What is the name of its sequel? Her controversial contemporary debut was The Burning Point, published in 2000. It was controversial in its handling of spousal abuse. Its sequel is The Spiral Path.How many times has Mary Jo Putney received DIK status at AAR? How many times has she received the RITA from RWA? Putney has received 7 DIK’s from AAR and 2 RITA’s from RWA.

    (March 1 – March 7, 2002) Winner Erin Fang announced March 8 for Georgette Heyer
    In what year was The Nonesuch first published? Who is “the Nonesuch,” and what does the moniker mean? The Nonesuch was published in 1950. “The Nonesuch” is Sir Waldo Hawkridge, known by that nickname for his “athletic prowess, wealth and fashionable life.”One of the first author-written DIK’s for AAR was written by Jo Beverley of a Georgette Heyer. What is the book, and what is the name of the other author-written Heyer DIK? Jo Beverley wrote a DIK review of Heyer’s Powder and Patch. Author Leigh Greenwood later wrote a DIK review of Heyer’s These Old Shades.Georgette Heyer is considered the mother of which romance sub-genre? What other genre of books did she write besides these types of romances? Heyer is known as the mother of the traditional Regency Romance. She also wrote mysteries.The Franklin Mint created a porcelin figuring for one of Heyer’s heroines. Which one? The Franklin Mint created a figurine of the heroine Arabella from Heyer’s book of the same name.Georgette Heyer apparently was not fond of what color and mentioned it in several of her romances? Heyer was not fond of the color puce.Name at least two authors who said they were influenced by Georgette Heyer’s writing (hint: you might find some names in AAR’s ATBF devoted to Heyer). Judith McNaught and Catherine Coulter were both influenced by Georgette Heyer.

    (February 22 – 28, 2002) – Winner Elaine Clifford announced March 1 for Stephanie Laurens
    Which book in 1998 both kicked off her series featuring men from a particular family and ranked fifth in our Y2K Top 100 Romances poll? Devil’s BrideHow many books have there been in this series so far, and what are their names (in published order)? Eight: Devil’s Bride, A Rake’s Vow, Scandal’s Bride, A Rogue’s Proposal, A Secret Love, All About Love, All About Passion, The Promise in a KissBefore turning to historicals set in the Regency period, Laurens wrote books in a certain sub-genre. What is that sub-genre? Traditional Regency RomanceLaurens has a Ph.D. in what field? BiochemistryWhat is the title of Laurens’ first single title historical? Captain Jack’s WomanLaurens wrote a Write Byte for AAR on what topic? The Hero as Pursuer

    (January 4 – 10 and 11 – 17, 2002) – Winner Denise Powers announced January 25 for Jayne Ann Krentz
    This author writes historicals under what name? How many books have been released under that name? There have been 17 Amanda Quick titles.Name two other pen names she’s been published under. Stephanie James, Amanda Glass, Jayne Taylor, Jayne Bentley, and Jayne Castle are her other pen names.In 1986 this author had a book published under a pen name. In 1996 the book was reissued in a double book with another author; Krentz’s pen name was not used in the reissue. The other author was Dara Joy. What is the original pen name Krentz used, what was the name of her story, and of Dara Joy’s story in the 1996 issue? Whirlwind Romance was originally published by Krentz as Jayne Taylor. Dara Joy’s story was High Energy.How many times has this author – under all her pen names – received DIK status from AAR? Seven times.Which Jayne Ann Krentz novel begins with the caterer heroine trying to get paid by the hero who’s just been left at the altar – for the second time? What is the year of this book’s release? Trust Me was released in 1995.This author wrote a series of single title releases set on an Earth-like planet. What is the name of this planet, what (in order) are the names of the books, and what was the pen name used for this series? Planet St. Helens is the world in which Amaryllis, Zinnia, and Orchid were set, and all were issued under the pen name Jayne Castle. (A short story entitled Bridal Jitters appears in the anthology Charmed, but it, as well as the single title After Dark, both set on the planet Harmony were not required as answers.)

    (January 18 – 24, 2002) – Winner Kim Westgaard announced January 25 for Flowers from the Storm
    Who is the author of this book, and when was it first published? Laura Kinsale, 1992What is the heroine’s religion in this book. She is a QuakerWhere is the hero confined during part of this book, and why? What is the real cause of his confinement? He’s been confined to a madhouse, diagnosed as suffering from the effects of a moral breakdown. Actually, he had a stroke.What is the hero’s nickname and why was it coined? He is known as the “mathematical Duke” because he is a brilliant mathematician.How many times has this author received DIK status at AAR? Six times.Lord of Scoundrels, Outlander, and Mackenzie’s Mountain were the first three books (in that order) to be part of our weekly trivia contests. And now Flowers from the Storm. Why have we used this order for these four books? They are, in order, the top four romances from our Y2K Top 100 Romances Poll.

    (January 4 – January 10, 2002) – Winner Jill Baird announced January 4 for Nora Roberts
    How many times has DIK status been awarded this author? 20What year was her first book published, and what was its name? 1981 – Irish ThoroughbredThis author writes under a pseudonym in a different genre. What is her pen name, and what is the genre? J.D. Robb – futuristic romantic suspenseWhat is the connection between “Melodies of Love,” written by Jill March, and Nora Roberts? Nora had a story published in a publication that was in the format of a tabloid newspaper under the name Jill March.What is the original order of the MacGregor books? These titles make up the contemporary MacGregors in release order: Playing the Odds, Tempting Fate, All the Possibilities, One Man’s Art, For Now, Forever, The MacGregor Brides, The Winning Hand, The MacGregor Grooms, The Perfect Neighbor. There are two historical MacGregor stories as well; Rebellion and the short story In from the Cold fall between For Now, Forever and The MacGregor BridesHow many times has Nora Roberts won the RITA from RWA? 14

    (December 21 – December 27, 2001) – Winner Sandy Creelman announced December 28 for Linda Howards’ Mackenzie’s Mountain
    When was this book first published? 1989In order, what are the sequels to this book? Mackenzie’s Mission, Mackenzie’s Pleasure, Mackenzie’s Magic, and A Game of Chance.Explain the title of the book. Wolf Mackenzie owns the mountain property and lives atop it; hence the title “Mackenzie’s Mountain.”What are the circumstances leading to the heroine’s meeting the hero? Mary, new teacher at the local school, wants to see why Wolf’s son Joe, a promising student, has dropped out. Her car cannot make it up the mountain and she tries to climb the rest of the way in the snow in clothing unsuitable for the weather. Wolf rescues her along the way.What two things about the hero make the town so suspicious about his every move? He is a “half-breed” and was once falsely accused, convicted, and imprisoned for rape.

    (December 14 through December 20, 2001) – Winner Anna Corra announced December 21 for Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander
    When was this book first published? 1991In order, what are the sequels to this book, and what is The Outlandish Companion? Dragonfly in Amber, Voyager, Drums of Autumn, and The Fiery Cross. The Outlandish Companion is a non-fiction compendium that contains all sorts of interesting bits of information regarding the books in the series.What and where is the ancient stone circle that transports people in time? Craigh na Dun is a prehistoric Stonehenge-like circle in the Scottish Highlands.How does the heroine determine others she encounters in the past are also from the future? They have the small pox vaccine “scar.”What is the heroine’s favorite expletive, learned from an American GI? “Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ!”What is the age difference between the hero and heroine? Claire is five years older than Jamie.Name two things about that hero that makes him different from most romance novel heroes? He is a virgin and he is younger than she is.

    (December 7 through December 13, 2001) – Winner Meg Pirkle announced December 14 for Loretta Chase’s Lord of Scoundrels
    When was this book first published? 1995What is the name of its sequel? The Last HellionWhy has the hero been deemed an “abomination,” and by whom? By his father, because he is ugly.What is the item both the hero and heroine want to possess? An antique Russian icon of the Madonna and child.Name two things the heroine does upon being compromised by the hero that sets her apart from other romance novel heroines? She shoots him with a gun and hires a lawyer so that she may sue him for damages.

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