starting school 2Summer is unofficially over for me today.  While the kids and I go back to school today, amidst 90 degree temperatures I might add, I have to wonder what happened to the days of going back to school after Labor Day.   Does anyone even do that anymore?

Now is the time of year when we have to give up our weekday nights catching fireflies and letting them go.  We have to abandon our days at the lake and our frequent visits to the grandparents.  There will be no more staying up late and sleeping in during the week.  The boys have to go to bed when there’s still light outside.  Most importantly to me, today’s my youngest son’s first day of “big kid” school. My little boy is no longer my baby. 

While I’m sad that there is so much coming to an end, there’s quite a bit to look forward to as well.  The boys will have their school days with friends.  High school football will begin at the end of the month and college football won’t be too far behind.  I’m even looking forward to boiling peanuts.  And one day, though it seems like forever away, it’ll gradually get cooler.  I can’t wait for that!

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