Young Adult Fiction

Here is romantic love as it is found in the Young Adult Fiction section. These titles are either romances, or novels that contain strong romantic elements. While hero and heroine need not end up as a couple, an over-all happy ending is required.

(List begun 09/02, updated 01/14)

Classic Young Adult Romances European Historical Romances American Historical/Frontier Romances Contemporary Romances, 1970 to 1999 Contemporary Romances, 2000 to present Fantasy Fairy Tale Retellings Paranormal Historicals/Steampunk Paranormal Contemporaries Dystopia Science Fiction


Classic Young Adult Romances

  • Constance (1968) by Patricia Clapp
  • The Iron Peacock (1966) by Mary Stetson Clarke
  • Fifteen (1956) by Beverly Cleary (A at AAR)
  • Seventeenth Summer (1942) by Maureen Daly
  • Mrs. Mike (1947) by Benedict and Nancy Freedman (A at AAR)
  • Mr. and Mrs. Bo Jo Jones (1968) by Ann Head
  • Up a Road Slowly (1966) by Irene Hunt
  • Young Pioneers (1933) by Rose Wilder Lane
  • Betsy and Joe (1948) by Maud Hart Lovelace
  • Anne of the Island (1915) by L.M. Montgomery (set in Canada) (A at AAR)
  • The Blue Castle (1926) by L.M. Montgomery (set in Canada)
  • Green Grass of Wyoming (1946) by Mary O’Hara
  • The Sherwood Ring (1958) by Elizabeth Marie Pope
  • I Capture the Castle (1948) by Dodie Smith
  • The Witch of Blackbird Pond (1958) by Elizabeth George Speare
  • A Girl of the Limberlost (1909) by Gene Stratton-Porter (A at AAR)
  • Daddy-Long-Legs (1912) by Jean Webster
  • Dear Enemy (1915) by Jean Webster
  • These Happy Golden Years (1943) by Laura Ingalls Wilder

European Historical Romances

  • The Teeth of the Gale (1988) by Joan Aiken
  • Primavera (2008) by Mary Jane Beaufrand (set in 15th century Italy)
  • The Nostradamus Prophecy (2008) by Theresa Breslin (set in 16th century France)