2002 Annual Reader Poll

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Interim Results

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Best Romance Novels

  • Favorite Romance  :- Over the Edge  Suzanne Brockmann
  • Favorite Funny :- True Confessions  Rachel Gibson
  • Honorable Mentions  :- Fast Women  Jennifer Crusie, This Heart of Mine  Susan Elizabeth Phillips
  • Most-Hanky Read :- One Good Turn  Carla Kelly
  • Honorable Mentions  :- The Bronze Horseman  Paullina Simons , Gabriel’s Woman  Robin Schone
  • Most Luscious Love Story :-  Suddenly You  Lisa Kleypas
  • Honorable Mentions  :- Beyond Innocence  Emma Holly , Gabriel’s Woman  Robin Schone
  • Favorite Medieval (Tie) :-  Danegeld  Susan Squires  , The Protector  Madeline Hunter
  • Honorable Mentions :-  By Design Madeline Hunter , My Lady DeBurgh  Deborah Simmons
  • Favorite Regency  :- One Good Turn  Carla Kelly
  • Favorite European Historical :-  Suddenly You  Lisa Kleypas
  • Honorable Mentions :-  An Offer from a Gentleman  Julia Quinn  , A Woman of Virtue  Liz Carlyle
  • Favorite American Historical :- The Outlaw & the Lady , Lorraine Heath
  • Honorable Mention :- The Fiery Cross   Diana Gabaldon
  • Favorite Contemporary :-  Over the Edge  Suzanne Brockmann
  • Honorable Mentions  :- Open Season  Linda Howard , This Heart of Mine  Susan Elizabeth Phillips
  • Favorite Series/Category  :- 0Taylor’s Temptation Suzanne Brockmann
  • Favorite Romantic Suspense :-  Over the Edge  Suzanne Brockmann
  • Honorable Mention  :- Darkling I Listen  Katherine Sutcliffe
  • Favorite Short Story (Tie) :-  Interlude in Death   Out of This World   J.D. Robb  , Luring Lucy  Hot and Bothered  Lori Foster
  • Honorable Mention :- The Demon’s Mistress    In Praise of Younger Men   Jo Beverley
  • Favorite Alternate Reality (Tie) :- Kiss of the Highlander  Karen Marie Moning ,  Ritual of Proof  Dara Joy
  • Honorable Mention  :-  The Star Prince  Susan Grant
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Best Characters

  • Most Tortured Hero :-  Gabriel’s Woman  Gabriel  Robin Schone
  • Honorable Mention :-  Darkling I Listen  Brandon  Katherine Sutcliffe
  • Feistiest Heroine:-  Dance Upon the Air  Ripley  Nora Roberts
  • Honorable Mentions :- Seduction In Death  Eve  J.D. Robb , The Bridal Season  Letty   Connie Brockway
  • Favorite Hero (Tie)  :- Over the Edge  Stan  Suzanne Brockmann , Betrayal in Death  Roarke  J.D. Robb , Seduction in Death   (ditto)   (ditto)
  • Favorite Heroine :-  Over the Edge  Teri   Suzanne Brockmann
  • Honorable Mentions :-  This Heart of Mine  Molly  Susan Elizabeth Phillips , Suddenly You  Amanda   Lisa Kleypas
  • Favorite Couple :-  Over the Edge  Alyssa & Sam  Suzanne Brockmann , The Defiant Hero
  • Honorable Mention  :- Betrayal/Seduction in Death    Roarke  J.D. Robb
  • Best Villain  :- Gabriel’s Woman Yves Robin Schone
  • Most Annoying Lead Character :-  Hide & Seek  Delanie  Cherry Adair
  • (Dis)-Honorable Mention :-  The Defiant Hero  Meg  Suzanne Brockmann
  • Favorite Cabin or Road Romance :-   The Indiscretion   Judith Ivory
  • Honorable Mentions :- Her Bodyguard Michelle Jerrott , This Heart of Mine Susan Elizabeth Phillips
  • Favorite New Author :- Anne Gracie
  • Favorite Discovery/Buried Treasure :- Suzanne Brockmann
  • Honorable Mention :- Carla Kelly
  • Author Most Glommed  :- Suzanne Brockmann
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Worst of the Year

  • Author You Gave Up On (tie) :- Jayne Ann Krentz , Amanda Quick
  • (Dis)-Honorable Mentions :- Johanna Lindsey ,Julie Garwood
  • Authors Others Love (You Don’t) :- Nora Roberts
  • (Dis)-Honorable Mentions :- Robin Schone, Dara Joy , Julie Garwood
  • Favorite Most Disappointing Read :-  Narcissus in Chains Laurell K. Hamilton
  • (Dis)-Honorable Mentions :-  Gabriel’s Woman Robin Schone ,  Ritual of Proof  Dara Joy , The Indiscretion  Judith Ivory
  • Worst Read :- Hide and Seek Cherry Adair
  • (Dis)-Honorable Mention :-Ritual of Proof  Dara Joy
  • Purple-est Prose :-  Gabriel’s Woman Robin Schone