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Putting the Creativity back in Creative Writing: A Guest Post by Deborah Garland

It starts with the question “What inspired you to write this novel?” And the answer might very well be the author had a similar experience with one of the characters. Or used some personal feelings about a subject as a setting or the basis of the conflict. As authors we hear all the time, ‘Write what you know’. But eventually the topics you’re familiar with will run out. Or your work will start to sound redundant. Of course, other popular [...]

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That Last Weekend

I'll admit it. I definitely picked up this book because of its cover. Something about the large, creepy house on the fro ...

The Modern Woman’s Guide to Finding a Knight

Anna Klein pours on the charm with her The Modern Woman’s Guide to Finding a Knight, a goofy romantic comedy-cum-caper ...

Too Beautiful to Break

The description for Too Beautiful to Break was interesting enough for me to try it without having read any of the previo ...

Then Came You (#65 on AAR's Top 100 Romances)

An AAR Top 100 Romance originally published on November 6, 1996 I first read Then Came You in 1993, shortly after disc ...

Blood Guard

In Blood Guard, the first book in the two-book Mission series, author Megan Erickson introduces her readers to the vampi ...

Hamilton's Battalion: A Trio of Romances

It is rare when all the stories of an anthology please, but Hamilton's Battalion is one such collection. It's an ins ...