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Today’s Steals and Deals!

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The Best of 2017 – Keira’s List

And it's that time of the year again, when I have to agonize over which books to remove from a list that started out as long as my arm. It's a good problem to have, meaning I read wonderful books this year. Other than romance, I read nonfiction, general fiction, literary fiction, and children's picture books. However, for the list here for AAR, I have included only romance and general fiction with a romantic subplot. So in no particular order, [...]

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Naya’s step-brother Lachlan has been absent from her life for a decade, during which he’s becoming a darling of the ...

War Games

Having thoroughly enjoyed Jess Anastasi’s Atrophy (book one in her Atrophy series), I’m keen to read more of her wor ...

Kiss an Angel (#43 on our Top 100 Romances List)

An AAR Top 100 Romance originally published on June 5, 2002 Kiss an Angel is one of my favorite comfort reads. I drag ...

How to Blow it With a Billionaire

Note:  If you haven’t yet read the first Arden St. Ives novel, this review will contain spoilers.  The series should ...

The Lady in Red

After years of reviewing romance novels, you become jaded about certain things. For myself, I’ve come to have somewhat ...

His Secret Son

I was so excited about this book you guys, so excited. I was expecting a fun, if cheesy, trope-romp - we have a secret b ...