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Coming Soon : July 2017

Heading into July, it’s time to take a look at what’s looking good in the next batch of upcoming releases.  Staffers have selected a couple of historicals as the most highly anticipated releases of the [...]

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Love With a Scottish Outlaw

I said, somewhere in a review in the dim and distant past, that I’m not a great fan of Scottish-set romances because t ...

The Captain's Daughter

Many historical romances are full of high drama and characters whose daring and tragedy flood the page with emotion. The ...

Every Last Lie

Some of us are old enough to remember the commercials and advertisements with the slogan, ‘Maybe she’s born with it; ...

Whitney, My Love (#99 on AAR's Top 100 Romances)

An AAR Top 100 Romance originally published on September 10, 1999   I've always liked Whitney, My Love. But re ...

Cocoa Beach

Some authors write character based stories, some write plot based ones. Beatriz Williams writes great characters and pla ...

Until It Fades

When I'm in the mood for a sizzling romance supplemented with nail-biting suspense, I know I can count on K.A. Tucker to ...
The Child by Fiona Barton
We all know the saying “Oh, what a tangled web we weave… when first we practice to deceive.” In Fiona Barton’s engrossing new thriller, The Child, that tangled web is spun around a single act. Like a stack of dominoes falling when just one is pushed over, it seems almost inevitable that when one string on that web is pulled, the whole construct is torn apart until a shocking secret is completely revealed. Like most buried secrets, its discovery was always a question of when, not if. A ...