Author Interviews

[fusion_tabs design=”clean” layout=”horizontal” justified=”yes” backgroundcolor=”” inactivecolor=”” bordercolor=”” class=”” id=””][fusion_tab title=”Full-Length Interviews (In alphabetical order)” icon=””] Shana Abe – 2007

Shana Abe Podcast – 2008

Catherine Archer

Keri Arthur

Jane Ashford

Adele Ashworth

Avon Romance

Mary Balogh – 2007

Mary Balogh – 1998

Jill Barnett

Beverly Barton

Elizabeth Bevarly

Jo Beverley

Jane Bonander

Joanna Bourne

Kate Bridges

Suzanne Brockmann

Connie Brockway Podcast – 2008

Connie Brockway – 2005

Connie Brockway – 2000

Meljean Brook

Meg Cabot – 2007

Meg/Patricia Cabot – 2001

Stella Cameron

Gail Carriger

Tori Carrington

Elizabeth Chadwick

Loretta Chase

Douglas Clegg/Andrew Harper

Holly Cook

Catherine Coulter

Jennifer Crusie

Michelle Cunnah

MaryJanice Davidson

Kathryn Lynn Davis

Christina Dodd

Elizabeth Elliott

Suzanne Enoch

Jane Feather

Joy Fielding

Neil Gaiman

Al Garratto

Julie Garwood – 2007

Julie Garwood – 1998

Roberta Gellis

Colleen Gleason

Jo Goodman

Erin Grady

Susan Grant

Rachel Gibson

Anne Gracie

Tracy Grant – 2005

Tracy Grant – 2003

Laura Lee Guhrke

Laurell K Hamilton

Danelle Harmon

Charlaine Harris

Karen Hawkins

Lorraine Heath

Kristen Heitzmann

The Highlander int.

Hist Rom Roundtable

Insp Rom Susp Roundtable

Linda Howard Podcast – 2008

Linda Howard – 2004

Linda Howard – 2000

Elizabeth Hoyt

Madeline Hunter

Judith Ivory – 2000

Judith Ivory – 1999

Trish Jensen

Michelle Jerott

Dara Joy – 1997

Dara Joy – 1998

Carla Kelly – 2005

Carla Kelly – 1998

Laura Kinsale – 2005

Laura Kinsale – 2003

Sandra Kitt

Lisa Kleypas Podcast – 2008

Lisa Kleypas – 2004

Jill Marie Landis

Laura Leone

Josie Litton

Merline Lovelace

Elizabeth Mansfield

Judith McNaught – 2006

Judith McNaught – 1999

Teresa Medieros

Jillian Medoff

Kasey Michaels

Lucy Monroe

Mary Alice Monroe

Christopher Moore

Marsha Moyer

Patricia Oliver

Paranormal Rom Roundtable – 2007

Paranormal Rom Roundtable – 2004

Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Jo-Ann Power

Mary Jo Putney

Julia Quinn – 2005

Julia Quinn – 1996

Francis Ray

Nora Roberts – 2007

Nora Roberts – 2001

Nora Roberts – 1999

Nora Roberts – 1997

Pam Rosenthal

Barbara Samuel/Ruth Wind

Kathleen Gilles Seidel

John Shors

Deborah Simmons

Paullina Simons

Donna Simpson

Julia Spencer-Fleming

Susan Squires

Nonnie St. George

Marianne Stillings

Anne Stuart – 2006

Anne Stuart – 2000

Katherine Sutcliffe

Louise Titchener

Sherry Thomas

Lisa Ann Verge

J.R. Ward

Susan Wiggs

Lauren Willig

YA Roundtable[/fusion_tab][fusion_tab title=”Quickies: Mini-Interviews (in alphabetical order)” icon=””] Quick Q&A with Michele Albert – 2007

 Quick Q&A with Illona Andrews – 2008

Quick Q&A with Keri Arthur

Catherine Asaro on Feminism & Romance

What about the new Blaze Line?

Suzanne Brockmann on Ageism in Romance

Quick Q&A with Connie Brockway – 2006

Quick Q&A with Sherri Browning

Quick Q&A with debut DIK author Nicole Burnham

Quick Q&A with Anne Chamberlin on History/Historical Fiction

Quick Q&A with Loretta Chase

 Quick Q&A with Christie Craig – 2008

Quick Q&A with Millie Criswell

(Another) Q&A with Millie Criswell

Q&A with MaryJanice Davidson

Quick Q&A with Sylvia Day – 2007

Katherine Deauxville on Mainstreaming

Katherine Deauxville on The Mid-list Crisis

 Quick Q&A with debut author Meredith Duran – 2008

Kathleen Eagle on “Indian” P.C.

Quick Q&A with Sherri Erwin -2007

Janet Evanovich on her Stephanie Plum series

Quick Q&A with Diane Farr

Colleen Faulkner on Mom-Daughter Authors

Connie Flynn on Tormented Heroines

Lori Foster on Criticism

Dorothea Benton Frank on Southern Literature

Quick Q&A with Patricia Gaffney

Quick Q&A with Tracy Grant – 2005

Quick Q&A with Diana Groe – 2007

Quick Q&A with Charlaine Harris: Vampires/Mystery/Romance

Quick Q&A with Diana Holquist – 2007

 Quick Q&A with Larissa Ione – 2008

Quick Q&A with Alexandra Ivy – 2007

Andrea Kane on Characters

Quick Q&A with Carla Kelly – 2005

Quick Q&A with Laura Kinsale – 2005

Quick Q&A with Lisa Kleypas – 2006

Lisa Kleypas on The Tormented Heroine

RITA winners for 2000 comment

RITA winner Lorraine Heath

Morgan Llywelyn chats with LLB about writing

Quick Q&A with Erin McCarthy

Quick Q&A with Mary Alice Monroe

 Quick Q&A with Cindi Myers – 2008

Quick Q&A with Julie Ortolon – 2007

Quick Q&A with Carly Phillips – 2007

Susan Elizabeth Phillips chats with LLB about Lady Be Good

Quick Q&A with by Mary Jo Putney about The Burning Point

A Quickie on the Regency by Mary Jo Putney

Alicia Rasley on Conflict

Patricia Rice on TSTL Heroines

Barbara Samuel on Women’s Fiction v Romance

Quick Q&A with Kathryn Shay – 2008

Quick Q&A with Linnea Sinclair

Quick Q&A with Eve Silver/Kenin

Quick Q&A with Nalini Singh – 2007

Quick Q&A with Deborah Smith – 2008

Deborah Smith on Writing a Special Book

Q&A with Joel Stein

Cynthia Sterling on Historical Accuracy

Quick Q&A with Marianne Stillings – 2007

Q&A with Anne Stuart on Heroes on the Edge

Katherine Sutcliffe on Sensuality

Susan Taggart on Religion & Romance

Quick Q&A with Melody Thomas – 2008

Quick Q&A with Sherry Thomas – 2008

Gina Wilkins on Being Plagiarized

Quick Q&A with Lauren Willig – 2008

Quick Q&A with C.L. Wilson – 2007[/fusion_tab][fusion_tab title=”Books with Buzz (in alphabetical order)” icon=””]Deanna Raybourn on The Dead Travel Fast

Kristan Higgins on The Next Best Thing

Connie Brockway on The Golden Season

Laura Kinsale on Lessons in French

Mary Balogh on A Matter of Class

Leslie Parrish on Black at Heart

Meredith Duran on Bound by Your Touch

Colleen Gleason on As Shadows Fade

Charlaine Harris on Dead and Gone

Elizabeth Hoyt on To Beguile a Beast

Lisa Kleypas on Smooth Talking Stranger

Sherry Thomas on Not Quite a Husband[/fusion_tab][/fusion_tabs]