Quickie with Patricia Rice

(September 26, 1997)

In Issue #33 and Issue #34 of Laurie’s News & Views, I wrote about the too stupid to live heroine. Patricia Rice, who is a longtime reader of (and early contributor to) The Column, wrote in with her comments:

I’ve actually got a few minutes to poke around on the web today and ran across your discussion of stupid heroines. Nothing will make me toss a book faster than a stupid heroine. I don’t mean a wide-eyed naive one who learns as she goes along, or even one who believes all the world is her oyster. I can read light romances and enjoy the tongue in cheek and liveliness without any problem, if the heroines learn from their mistakes. That’s the Big One, as far as I’m concerned. I never could watch Lucille Ball or Doris Day or any of their counterparts because they kept repeating their mistakes. Drove me insane. I want to knock their heads through the wall and tell them “Look what you’ve done, moron. Don’t do it again!” But of course, they always did. It’s the frustration of knowing they’ll keep on doing the same thing over and over that ruins the comedy or drama or whatever it happens to be.So, give me a wide-eyed innocent any day. Just don’t have her asking “Ooo, are you going to do that to me again?” after he’s pinned her to the bed every time they’ve met. If she doesn’t like it, she should punch him. And if she likes it, she could try initiating it, for a pleasant change.



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