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Best 2004 Romance Novels

  • Best Romance  :- Bet Me Jennifer Crusie
  • Favorite Funny :- Bet Me  Jennifer Crusie
  • Honorable Mention :-  Undead and Unwed MaryJanice Davidson
  • Most-Hanky Read  :- When He Was Wicked Julia Quinn
  • Most Luscious Love Story :-  Duke of Sin Adele Ashworth 
  • Honorable Mention :-  Shadowheart  Laura Kinsale
  • Best Cabin/Road Romance  :- My Seduction Connie Brockway
  • Best New Author :-  Marianne Stillings
  • Best Buried Treasure :- Under a Lucky StarDiane Farr
  • Guiltiest Pleasure  :- Night Play Sherrilyn Kenyon
  • Author Most Glommed  :- Sherrilyn Kenyon
  • Honorable Mention  :- Mary Balogh
  • Best Medieval/Renaissance  :- Shadowheart Laura Kinsale
  • Best European Historical :-  Slightly Dangerous Mary Balogh
  • Best Traditional Regency :- Courting Trouble Nonnie St. George
  •  Best Amer Hist/Frontier  :- Foxfire Bride Maggie Osborne
  • Honorable Mention :-  Moon in the Water    Elizabeth Grayson
  •  Best Contemporary :- Bet Me Jennifer Crusie
  • Best Series Novel :- A.K.A. Goddess Evelyn Vaughn
  • Honorable Mention :-  Joint Forces  Catherine Mann
  • Best Romantic Suspense :- Kiss Me While I Sleep Linda Howard
  • Honorable Mention :-  Flashpoint  Suzanne Brockmann
  • Best Alternate Reality :- Undead and Unwed  MaryJanice Davidson
  • Honorable Mention :- Night Play  Sherrilyn Kenyon
  • Best Chick Lit/Women’s Fict :- Bet Me Jennifer Crusie
  • Best Short Story :-  A Hasty Marriage Wedding Belles Carla Kelly
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Best 2004 Characters Most

  • Tortured Hero :-  Allegretto Shadowheart Laura Kinsale
  • Strongest Heroine :-  Lily Mansfield  Kiss Me While I Sleep  Linda Howard
  • Honorable Mention :-  Sugar Beth Carey Ain’t She Sweet?  Susan E Phillips
  • Best Hero :- Wulfric Bedwyn Slightly Dangerous  Mary Balogh
  • Honorable Mentions :-  Cal Morrisey  Bet Me Jennifer Crusie ,  Vane Kattalakis  Night Play Sherrilyn Kenyon , Nate Burke  Northern Lights Nora Roberts
  • Best Heroine :- Min Dobbs  Bet Me  Jennifer Crusie
  • Honorable Mention :- Sugar Beth Carey Ain’t She Sweet? Susan E. Phillips
  • Best Couple :- Min & Cal Bet Me  Jennifer Crusie
  • Honorable Mention :- Christine & Wulfric  Slightly Dangerous  Mary Balogh
  • Best Villain :- (unnamed to avoid spoilers) Kiss Me While I Sleep Linda Howard
  • Honorable Mentions :- (unnamed to avoid spoilers)  Dream of Me Lisa Cach , Flashpoint   Suzanne Brockmann , My Seduction Connie Brockway
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Worst of the Year for 2004

  • Most Annoying Lead :- Aline Marsden Again the Magic Lisa Kleypas
  • (Dis) Honorable Mentions  :-  Theresa Falconetti  Fair Play Deirdre Martin , Daisy Lee Monroe Daisy’s Back in Town  Rachel Gibson
  • Author You Gave Up On :- Stephanie Laurens
  • Author Others Love/You Don’t :- Nora Roberts
  • (Dis) Honorable Mention :- Suzanne Brockmann
  • Most Disappointing Read :- Daisy’s Back in Town Rachel Gibson
  • (Dis) Honorable Mention :– When He Was Wicked  Julia Quinn
  • Worst Read :- The Real Deal Lucy Monroe
  • (Dis) Honorable Mention :- Forced Mate  Rowena Cherry
  • Purple-est Prose – tie :- Lord of Seduction  and Master of Temptation Nicole Jordan