2004 Annual Reader Poll

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Interim Results

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Best 2003 Romance Novels

  • Best Romance :- Gone Too Far  Suzanne Brockmann
  • Honorable Mention :- Cry No More Linda Howard
  • Favorite Funny  :-Take a Chance On Me Susan Donovan
  • Most-Hanky Read  :- Cry No More Linda Howard
  • Most Luscious Love Story :-  Worth Any PriceLisa Kleypas
  • Best Cabin/Road Romance :Beyond Sunrise Candice Proctor
  • Honorable Mention :- Gone Too Far Suzanne Brockmann
  • Best New Author :- Deidre Martin
  • Honorable Mention :- Nonnie St. George
  • Best Buried Treasure :-  Fallen From Grace  Laura Leone
  • Honorable Mention :- Still Life With Murder P.B. Ryan
  • Guiltiest Pleasure :- Standing in the Shadows Shannon McKenna
  • Author Most Glommed :- Mary Balogh
  • Best Medieval  :-Born in Sin Kinley MacGregor
  • Best European Historical :- Slightly Married Mary Balogh
  • Honorable Mentions :- Worth Any Price Lisa Kleypas , To Sir Philip, With Love  Julia Quinn
  • Best Traditional Regency  :-The Ideal Bride Nonnie St. George
  • Best Amer Hist/Frontier  :-Here’s to the Ladies Carla Kelly
  • Best Contemporary :- See Jane Score Rachel Gibson
  • Honorable Mention  :- Fallen From Grace Laura Leone
  • Best Series Romance :- Night Watch Suzanne Brockmann
  • Honorable Mention :- Some Men’s Dreams Kathleen Korbel
  • Best Romantic Suspense  :- Cry No More Linda Howard
  • Best Alternate Reality :- Portrait In Death  J.D. Robb
  • Honorable Mention  :- The Time Traveler’s Wife  Audrey Niffenenger
  • Best Chick Lit/Women’s Fict  :- The Last of the Honky Tonk Angels Marsha Moyer
  • Best Short Story :- A Tale of Two Sisters   Where’s My Hero?  Julia Quinn
  • Honorable Mentions :- Only Human  Lover Beware  Eileen Wilks , Kathleen Flaherty’s Long Winter  Here’s to the Ladies  Carla Kelly, A Family Christmas  Under the Mistletoe  Mary Balogh
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Best 2003 Characters

  • Most Tortured Hero (tie) :- Dance With the Devil  Zarek  Sherrilyn Kenyon , Fallen From Grace Ryan  Laura Leone
  • Honorable Mentions :- Born in Sin Sin Kinley MacGregor , The Devil You Know Bentley  Liz Carlyle , Bad Moon Rising  J.D.  Katherine Sutcliffe
  • Strongest Heroine  :- Cry No More Milla Linda Howard
  • Best Hero :- Portrait In Death Roarke J.D. Robb ,
  • Honorable Mention :- Cry No More  Diaz  Linda Howard
  • Best Heroine :-  Cry No More Milla   Linda Howard
  • Honorable Mentions :-  Portrait In Death   Eve  J.D. Robb , See Jane Score  Jane  Rachel Gibson
  • Best Couple :- Gone Too Far  Alyssa & Sam   Suzanne Brockmann
  • Honorable Mention :- Portrait In Death  Eve & Roarke  J.D. Robb
  • Best Villain :- Standing in the Shadows (unnamed to avoid spoilers) Shannon McKenna
  • Honorable Mention :- Slightly Scandalous (unnamed to avoid spoilers) Mary Balogh
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Worst of the Year for 2003

  • Most Annoying Lead :- Genevive  Nerd in Shining Armor  Vicky Lewis
  • (Dis) Honorable Mention  :- Charlotte Destiny  Thompson  Katie MacAllister
  • Author You Gave Up On  :- Stephanie Laurens
  • Author Others Love/You Don’t :- Nora Roberts
  • (Dis) Honorable Mention  :-  Suzanne Brockmann
  • Most Disappointing Read  :- Nerd in Shining Armor Vicky Lewis Thompson
  • Worst Read :- Gone Too Far  Suzanne Brockmann
  • (Dis) Honorable Mention :- Into the Fire  Anne Stuart
  • Purple-est Prose :-  The Prince of Pleasure  Nicole Jordan