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Amanda Ashley on the Allure of the Vampire Romance

We asked author Amanda Ashley (aka Madeline Baker), about the allure of the vampire romance. The author, who has just released the vampire romance Deeper Than the Night, had this to say:

I guess I’ve always liked dark, dangerous men. I always loved Rhett Butler. Of course, he wasn’t a vampire, but he was mysterious and very sexy and reeked of strength and masculinity.

And then I discovered Lestat, and I loved him. And then I discovered Lori Herter’s vampire, and Nancy Gideon’s vampire. . . and I was mesmerized. I read every vampire book I could get my hands on and then came the urge to write a story of my own.

I am obsessed with the Phantom of the Opera, and my first vampire story, Masquerade, was heavily influenced by the play.

I watched Dracula with Frank Langella while I was writing. Wonderful inspiration. Tall, dark, sensuous. . . wow!

For me, the lure of the vampire hero is the darkness that surrounds him. He is mysterious, he is dangerous, he can be ruthless, but, for the woman he loves, he is tender, gentle, protective. To be loved by such a man, to be willing to risk the danger inherent in such a relationship, is exciting, thrilling, and a little scary.

In spite of women’s rights and equality, I think many of us harbor a secret longing to be dominated by a powerful male. Not in a cruel, sadistic way, of course. I’m not talking slavery or abuse. There’s also something appealing about being able to win the love of such a man, to know that he would sacrifice his life for yours.

Then, too, the lure of living forever has tremendous appeal.

The paranormal aspects make writing about vampires fun. I love a hero who can turn into mist, who can shape change into a wolf, who can read minds. . . the possibilities are endless. And always there’s that edge of danger underlying everything he does. . . .

I must admit, I am not a fan of vampire heroines. They lack the danger, the mystique, of the male. I’m anxious for my next vampire book (currently untitled) to be published. Rayven is a wonderful hero, and I immediately fell in love with him. He is a dark, dangerous, tortured hero who lives in a castle high atop a fog-shrouded mountain who lives in relative peace until he buys the heroine from her father and his life is never the same again.

Amanda Ashley

Amanda Ashley is the name Madeline Baker uses for paranormal romances; she writes historicals as Madeline Baker.

Amanda maintains a website at http://www.whittierca.com/mbaker.htm and welcomes all visitors.

Deeper Than the Night is the 2nd vampire romance she has written for Love Spell. Her first was Embrace the Night.

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