A Season for Scandal

A Season For Scandal is a reissue of two of Stephanie Laurens’ regency romances from early 90s. Sensually, they are much tamer than her later full-length historicals, but her prose is already polished and very readable.

I have the feeling that these books make it or break it depending on your taste in heroes. If you’ve read Laurens before you already know what to expect. The heroes are Cynsters in the making: rich, handsome, confident, decisive, arrogant, rakish, seductive. Both are described as “notorious” in the blurb. When a man like this decides he wants to marry the heroine it’s a done deal already; she has no chance whatsover to resist. He pursues her steadfastly and is very protective about her, even to the point of overbearing manipulation. In comparison, the heroines are relatively uninteresting, and the plots are standard Regency Romance fare, with all the scenes you would expect to find in one.