Rogue’s Reform

I want to admit, rather sheepishly, that I bought this book by mistake. Over the summer I saw a new Stephanie Laurens’ title at and assumed, very illogically, that it was the new Bar Cynster romance. After receiving it, I beat myself up for not checking first, and headed right back to to order the book I’d thought it was – A Secret Love (a very hokey title for a pretty good book, in my opinion). I then forced myself to pick up Rogue’s Reform and read it before going into Stephanie Laurens withdrawal. It was worth it.

Rogues’ Reform is actually three full-length previously published Regency Romances in one volume. Three Regency Romances that manage to almost fit into a traditional Regency mold, yet pack the expected sensual wallop of a full length historical as set in the Regency period by Ms. Laurens. The three books are grouped well together, as each is about one of the three Lester siblings (the fourth, Gerald, is only 24 when these stories take place) and their stressful, difficult,and delightful paths to true love.