Books by Anna Campbell

Tempt the Devil

If I hadn’t needed to write a review for it, I probably wouldn’t have finished Tempt the Devil, Anna Campbell’s latest. Though it improves markedly from the first few chapters as it went on, it still has a number of flaws. Olivia Raines is London’s most famous courtesan. ...


Untouched, Anna Campbell's sophomore effort, is a flat-out terrific book whose leading man has just landed on my short list for Favorite Hero of the year. Widow Grace Paget wakes up from a laudanum-induced sleep to find herself strapped to a table and in the company of a madman. After wandering a ...

Claiming the Courtesan

First of all, there is no way for me to write this review without offering up major spoilers, so consider this fair warning. Based on this book, apparently the Powers That Be at Avon think we’re ready for a return to the bodice rippers of old, complete with a mean hero, a powerless heroine, and ...