Books by Hope Tarr


Hope Tarr was on the verge of something really great with her latest book, Tempting, but instead, she settled for something good. I'd hoped she would explore the problems the hero, Simon Belleville, faced being a self-made Jewish man in Victorian London, but she downplayed that aspect. While there w ...

My Lord Jack

There's a lot to be said for My Lord Jack, a romance that's well-written and features characters who are far removed from the usual romantic heroes and heroines. I was disappointed when these original and interesting characters started going through the motions of a very routine plot. ...

A Rogue's Pleasure

Hope Tarr makes an impressive debut with A Rogue's Pleasure. Normally I am not at all fond of the romping and feisty heroine who dresses up as a boy, but I couldn't help but like Chelsea Bellamy. She doesn't romp and posture because she is a little Miss Spitfire; she has a reason for her actions. As ...