Books by Joanna Shupe


I read and enjoyed Joanna Shupe’s first historical romance, The Courtesan Duchess, and in my review, said that while it wasn’t without flaws, it was one of the strongest débuts I’d read in a while. I read or listened to the two books that followed it (The Harlot Countess and The Lady Hellion, ...

The Lady Hellion

This is the final book in Ms Shupe’s Wicked Deceptions trilogy in which the stories are linked by the three male protagonists, who are long-term friends. I enjoyed the first book (The Courtesan Duchess) and felt Ms Shupe was an author to watch. She writes well, her characters are strongly drawn an ...

The Courtesan Duchess

I have to confess that when I read the opening scene of this, Joanna Shupe’s début novel, I almost closed the book and picked up something else. In it, the heroine watches her long-estranged husband pleasuring (though not shagging!) another woman in the middle of a game of cards at a very debauch ...