Books by Katharine Ashe

I Loved a Rogue

I Loved a Rogue is the final book in Ms Ashe’s Prince Catchers trilogy, and it’s a fabulous end to what has been a very enjoyable series. One of the things I’ve very much appreciated about these books is the way each of them has a different ‘feel’ which is specifically related to the perso ...

My Lady, My Lord

I have to start this review by saying that, enjoyable though this book is, it’s definitely not one for you if you insist upon a certain amount of realism or historical accuracy in your reading. The story is, in essence, an enemies-to-lovers one, but the plot device Ms. Ashe has chosen to use in or ...

I Married the Duke

I Married the Duke is the first in a trilogy subtitled “The Prince Catchers”, in which three sisters – Eleanor, Arabella and Ravenna – attempt to discover the truth about their family and find love along the way, and on the strength of this one, I’d say it promises to be a very enjoyable t ...