Books by Lucy Monroe


Lucy Monroe has quickly made a name for herself in just a few years on the romance scene. I've been interested in trying one of her books, and since I have a fondness for characters who are mercenaries, Willing sounded like a good bet. I hoped to find a sexy, suspenseful read. What I got was a compe ...

Come Up and See Me Sometime

Prominent headhunter Isabel Harrison prefers to think of herself as a career guidance specialist, with successful placement only one aspect of her job. Her fulfilling career plays a much bigger role in her life than Isabel wants, however, since personal relationships are not her forte - especially ...

The Real Deal

Hands down, The Real Deal is my favorite book for 2004; it features so many of my favorite themes that I not only re-read the book immediately (and more than once), I also immediately wrote up an At the Back Fence column all about it. And did I mention the hero is scrumptious? Yum. ...