Books by Marjorie Liu

Shadow Touch

Marjorie M. Liu made quite a splash with her 2005 debut Tiger Eye. I have to admit that while I liked the first few chapters well enough, the story didn't grab me enough to make me pick it up again after I set it down and I never finished it. Shadow Touch, the second book in the series, sounded so t ...

A Taste of Crimson

What a difference a book makes. Ms. Liu’s debut book Tiger Eye was a bit of a disappointment. Though many loved the shape-shifter/X-Men plotting, what I came away with was more akin to frustration than anything else. The imaginative storyline was appealing (indeed, it motivated me to read this sop ...

Tiger Eye

The cover blurb on this book says that fans of Christine Feehan are likely to enjoy it. For once, the cover blurb does not lie. Tiger Eye reads like the offspring of a Feehan novel and an X-Men comic, and it is loads of fun. It seems that there are people in the world with psychic powers, and the ...