Books by Shana Abe

A Kiss At Midnight

According to an ancient royal decree, the prosperous land of Alderich will be passed from the Rune family to their rivals, the Leonhart clan, in the year 999. Serath, the last direct descendant of Jozua Rune, lord of Alderich, is abducted two of months prior to the beginning of the new millenium whi ...

The Truelove Bride

An ancient legend, passionate emotion, and wonderful detail make The Truelove Bride a memorable tale. The climactic ending slips a bit into the unlikely, but the sheer power of the romance between two magnetic personalities left me sighing with satisfaction as I finished the last page. Lady Avalo ...

A Rose in Winter

The first chapters of A Rose in Winter held a lot of promise. The foundation was laid for a very interesting tale and I began to feel I had really found something. But as the story unfolded, the promise went unfulfilled. The final result is a good story that is flawed for three reasons: an inconsist ...