Books by Tracy Anne Warren

The Wedding Trap

European Historicals are what hooked me on romance reading in the first place, but it’s getting to the point where I am afraid to try a new author. I guess I’ve just read one too many by authors who seemed to be trying (and failing) to be Julia Quinn. Relative newcomer Tracy Anne Warren seemed l ...

The Wife Trap

Tracy Anne Warren's The Husband Trap was a light and charming book. Its sequel, The Wife Trap is light as well, but the charm isn't there. The heroine is the spoiled sister from The Husband Trap, and in my review of that book, I said she'd have to undergo a lot of rehabilitation in order to make h ...

The Husband Trap

When I got The Husband Trap, I looked at the anachronistically coifed young lady on the cover and began to read, not expecting much. I was soon captivated, spent a dark and stormy night reading away and finished the book at one long sitting. It begins with one of the hoariest of plot devices (twins ...