Books by Connie Brockway

McClairen's Isle: The Passionate One

Connie Brockway books are like snowflakes. No two are ever the same. Her latest is another original love story, with intriguing characters and a compelling plot, yet shrouded in dark uneasiness. Many of the characters are capable of both great good and astounding evil, and prove it throughout the co ...

A Dangerous Man

A lot of books start well, sag in the middle, and get steadily worse. A Dangerous Man is exactly the opposite; it gets off to a slow start, gains momentum, and is pretty good by the end. The last quarter is so enjoyable that you can almost forget the tedium of the first part. Almost, but not quite. ...

As You Desire

When Harry Met Dizzy. Only better. My first Connie Brockway, and thank goodness, I have her others in my stockpile. This is a terrific book! Lovely Desdemona Carlisle is a young Englishwoman living with her grandfather in Victorian Egypt. Desdemona was a child prodigy, brilliant, reading twelve l ...