Books by Laura Lee Guhrke

Not So Innocent

Not So Innocent takes place in London and its environs in 1897, the year of Queen Victoria's Jubilee. Mick Dunbar, a detective with Scotland Yard, is celebrating his 36th birthday when he meets Sophie Haversham. Sophie is psychic, and she comes to Scotland Yard to tell the police that she's had a ...

The Charade

The Colonial Period and the Revolutionary War are favorite settings of mine, but books set during these times are very hard to come by. I suspect this is because this time period is not really familiar to a lot of people; writing a book set in the 1700s requires some research. I'm pleased to report ...


Fans of small-town stories will love Breathless for its setting, while readers who like a good mystery will enjoy the courtroom scenes. Don’t worry - Breathless also has great characters, including a hero and heroine who often match wits with each other. Lily Morgan can't believe that Daniel Wa ...