Books by Sandra Brown

Above and Beyond

Several times during Above and Beyond, I wanted to dive inside the book and shake some sense into Kyla Stroud. Why did she stay with Trevor Rule? He indirectly caused her husband's death, lied to her about his identity and contemplated exchanging sexual innuendoes with her best friend. And that's on ...

Send No Flowers

I've read and enjoyed many of Sandra Brown's books, even some of her old Loveswepts. Send No Flowers is not the best example of her story-telling ability. Hot love scenes, yes. If you are a collector of Sandra Brown Loveswepts, this book is a re-issue a 1984 Loveswept of the same name. If you like S ...

Hidden Fires

Sandra Brown is well-known for her contemporary novels, but Hidden Fires is an example of one of her attempts at a historical romance novel. The characters, plot, setting, and conflict of the novel are very typical, nothing special or out of the ordinary. Not too complicated, not too sensual, and no ...