Books by Sophie Jordan

One Night with You

I usually enjoy books modeled after fairy tales, but this Cinderella story didn’t live up to the ideal. While there were some parts that I enjoyed, there just weren’t enough to make One Night With You memorable. Lady Jane Guthrie is a widow still very much connected to her lat ...

Too Wicked to Tame

Sophie Jordan gives Too Wicked to Tame a strong opening. While the author has a smooth and enjoyable writing style, it's unfortunately not enough to make this book a success. Lady Portia Derring is on her way to meet a wealthy earl whom her family hopes will make a suitable match ...

Once Upon a Wedding Night

When your husband dies, leaving you responsible for dear old seriously ill dad and your roguish but lovable servants - when your husband dies and leaves you without funds and at the mercy of the male relative come to claim the estate, what's a virgin widow (come on, this is an Avon historical after ...